The uterus is in good shape, what does that mean

Pregnant women often hear a diagnosis of «womb tone». In ordinary auditory perception, the phrase can become dangerous and cause irreversible consequences. One should be mindful of the doctor’s verdict, and ask the gynecologist important question: what does this phenomenon and whether you want to deal with it.

What is the tone of the uterus during pregnancy

The girl increased tone of the uterus

The uterus is a hollow muscle, to decrease its natural state. Consists of body layers:

  • the outer – perimetry;
  • the middle (muscle) myometrium;
  • internal – the endometrium.

When sneezing, coughing, medical gynecological examination or ultrasound of the uterus reduces, comes in tone for a short time. Prolonged reduction of muscle layer called «hypertonicity». This is a dangerous condition for pregnancy. You need time to recognize the symptoms and eliminate the causes.


The growing fetus stretches the tissue, in this period the muscles relax. To determine the tone of the uterus can be for a number of symptoms and instrumental examination by a doctor. At each stage of gestation baby reduction are manifested with varying degrees of intensity, have their own characteristics, consequences. The reduction can be local (the tone on the rear wall of the uterus) or shared. To understand that the uterus is in good shape, the woman would at inner feelings and some external signs.

In the early stages

At this stage, cases tone often observed. Main features:

  1. Aching pain in the abdomen.
  2. Drawing sensations.
  3. Cramps similar to contractions, or both during menstruation.
  4. Discomfort, pain in the lumbar region.

Pregnant girl

Sometimes increased tone does not manifest itself, so doctors recommend ultrasound. This procedure accurately determines the condition of the muscles.

Signs of tone of the uterus in the second trimester

At this stage (from 8 to 16 a week) the cases of hypertonicity occur much less frequently. They are no less dangerous than in the first and third trimester of the formation of the fetus. You should immediately contact to a gynecologist, feeling the appearance of:

  1. Pain in the abdomen.
  2. Tactile sensations «fossils» of the stomach.
  3. Bleeding.

The diagnosis is confirmed on physical examination. If the uterus is toned during pregnancy in the second trimester, it can cause improper development of the fetus or premature birth.

In term 3

Ultrasound of the abdomen

The most critical and difficult stage. The body prepares for labor, muscle contractions become more frequent. It is difficult to determine what it is: a manifestation of the familiar spasms or tone. Diagnose deviation from the norm can only be a doctor. If, upon inspection at 32 weeks the uterus is opened, and an ECG of the child inside the womb is unstable, the specialist will immediately understand the presence of the high tone. To prevent the risk of miscarriage should become more frequent visits to your gynecologist. In all cases, spotting urgent need to call a doctor.


To trigger a state of increased tone of the following reasons:

  • fatigue/slight discomfort;
  • stress/depression;
  • physical disease (underdevelopment of the reproductive body);
  • lack of the hormone progesterone;
  • rhesus-conflict support systems of the mother and child;
  • severe morning sickness with vomiting;
  • infectious diseases;
  • age peculiarities of the female organism;
  • chronic or acquired illness;
  • General psychological state;
  • the physical health of women;
  • load;
  • in special cases – sex in the tone of the uterus.

When the uterus is in good shape, what does this mean for women, eagerly expecting a child? Clinical implications, risk to mothers and newborns can describe experienced specialist. Wrong way of life and behavior of the pregnant woman can leave an indelible mark.

How dangerous is the increased tone of the uterus

No-Spa for the treatment of uterine tone

Increased tone affects the child and the mother. In the period of carrying a child hypertonicity refers to the risk of interruption of early pregnancy miscarriage, late – preterm birth. In the second trimester prolonged muscle contraction leads to a deterioration of blood circulation with the placenta, to the fetus not getting enough oxygen, causing hypoxia. Detachment of the placenta occurs as a result of the fact that it is not reduced along with geometricheskimi layer.

Be treated with medication, when the uterus is in a hypertonic, what does this mean? The condition involves the obligatory visit to the doctor who will correctly make the diagnosis, prescribe the necessary drugs. In the initial stages it can be antispasmodics: «But-shpa», «Papaverine», motherwort, Valerian. To prevent pregnant prescribe vitamins A and E, prescribe easy breathing exercises, more walks in the fresh air.

How to remove uterine tone at home

To remove the tone control is possible by resorting to simple methods:

  1. To get in the shower. After standing for 10 minutes under warm water, lie back, relax all the muscles.
  2. Take with food magnesium. Mineral-rich oatmeal or buckwheat, almonds, greens, beans, nuts (forest).
  3. Easy to do an external massage of the abdomen and back. To reduce muscle tension, ask family members to RUB your back before burning, to do massage of the head and neck region.
  4. To wear a jockstrap. It is used to reduce the load on the lower uterine wall. The bandage should not cause discomfort and be felt as something alien. How to wear, you can find out by looking at the corresponding photos.

A pregnant girl back pain

Too nervous before the birth necessary for every woman, it’s important to experience constant stress. A depressed mood negatively affects the duration of pregnancy. Remember: the welfare of childbirth and the health of the child depend entirely on the mother. Ideally, intervention in the natural process of pregnancy and birth should be minimal.

Video on hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy

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