The treatment of psoriasis folk remedies at home

Genetic factors and chronic form worsen the situation of psoriasis. The main cause of discomfort serve as scaly lesions redness on the skin of the scalp, the nails. With all the advances in modern medicine, to offer the perfect remedy for psoriasis science is not yet able, but there is an alternative – folk remedies.

The benefits of folk methods of treatment

Psoriasis on hands

Produced by the pharmaceutical preparations of psoriasis can not fully cure the disease. The majority of medicines containing hormones, which help eliminate only the outward signs. In this treatment of psoriasis folk remedies in the home is much superior to medical therapy because hormonal drugs may worsen the patient’s condition. Treatment folk methods helps to achieve long-term remission, with no side effects that will not say about pharmaceutical drugs.

How to treat psoriasis at home

The nature of this skin diseases medicine could not identify. Years is the search for a cure to permanently cure the disease, but effective remedy for psoriasis has not yet been found. At the disposal of patients are pharmaceutical drugs that relieve symptoms for a while, or unconventional therapies. The latter is a complex with various products, herbs, ointments that help to control the disease. To the treatment of psoriasis folk remedies at home was successful, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Time to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor, following the instructions.
  • For better absorption of ointments, creams, lotions need to remove the softened peel, but this should be done very carefully and only those that are loose to the top layer of the epidermis.
  • It is recommended to use one or two methods of home treatment to determine the level of efficiency.
  • Treatment of psoriasis on the head, body, legs must be held courses, and the interval between them must not last less than a month.
  • Stick to your diet, limiting the carbs, fats. Will have to abandon the use of alcohol, and proper nutrition which should not include spicy food.

Effective folk remedy for psoriasis

A folk remedy for psoriasis

The fight against disease should not be limited to use of drugs. In practice, an integrated approach with the treatment of psoriasis folk remedies at home helps faster and more efficient. To cure the disease fully not capable of neither one nor the other method, but get rid of the characteristic rash numerous folk recipes help very well. Home treatment involves the independent preparation of ointments, decoctions, tinctures also help compresses, lotions, baths.

Homemade ointments and creams

  • Whipped eggs. Effective ointment for psoriasis is well suited for the initial stage of the disease. Get unconventional remedy by mixing 2 eggs, a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, 10 ml of acetic acid. Mix well and add all the ingredients to smear the inflamed areas of the skin overnight. Apply egg cream or ointment should be until the disappearance of red scaly rashes. For the treatment of psoriasis folk remedies at home prepared ointment should be stored in a tightly sealed container where no light penetrates.
  • Fish scales. This recipe is based on ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals. For preparation of ointment suitable clean, dried and powdered scales of different fish species. To the main ingredient you need to add fish oil, keeping the ratio of 1:1. The ointment should be applied on the psoriatic spot, leave for a few hours and then wash off with baby soap. The duration of the course in the home depends on the result.

Compresses and lotions

  • The celandine. To prepare the mixture for the poultice, you need to take 300 grams of fresh celandine, 50 ml of red wine. Skip through a meat grinder vegetable ingredient, to translate the workpiece in cheesecloth, squeeze, then mix with wine. Take a cotton swab to put it in the mixture and then apply to the inflamed areas. If it’s Palmar, plantar psoriasis, it is recommended to use a bandage for the fixation of a cotton swab.
  • Soda lotions. This folk remedy helps to clean the affected areas, dries the sores. Soda mixed with water to make a thick mixture. A small amount applied to a cotton swab, then apply to the sore spot. Compress keep about 20 minutes. If you increase the proportion of water, using heated liquid, you can make hot soda compresses. Drying with the inflamed parts, they are very soft on the skin, and to keep such folk remedy should until cool.

Psoriasis on the hands

Decoctions and infusions of herbs

  • The marshmallow root. Chopped ingredient (20 g) pour 200 ml of hot water, give the medicine to infuse for about an hour. For the treatment of psoriasis medicinal infusion should take a tablespoon, spacing between public facilities should not exceed two hours.
  • A decoction of the herb mixture. Pour into a container grass series (30 g), chicory (20 g), grass celandine (10 g), Oman (10 g), pour 20 ml of boiling water, leave the mixture on a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Taken orally decoction can be half an hour after meal twice a day.

Therapeutic baths

  • During exacerbation of psoriasis. To prepare a solution consisting of walnut shell, need to take 0.5 kg of walnuts. Peel the fruit, removing the core, the shell, pour in a pot of boiling water, cook for half an hour. Then the resulting broth strain, pour into a bath filled with water to half. The duration is 30 minutes.
  • Coniferous solution. A great tool for the people’s prescription for psoriasis, which activates the protective functions of the body. To prepare the solution suitable pharmacy pine extract or decoction (50 g of needles per litre of water) which is poured into the bath water. The procedure lasts 20 minutes is performed for the entire body or to treat psoriasis on legs, hands, plunging a foot or elbow in a basin with a pine solution.

Bath for psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis on body in children

Reasons for the appearance of red plaques in children or adolescents may be weakened immunity, friction of clothes, change of season, emotional stress. To cure psoriasis in children, it is necessary to eliminate provoking factors.Therapy drugs include desensitizing, antihistamines and vitamins, and among the folk remedies: based ointment of tar, herbal medicine, baths with pine needles, starch (rice, potato) that are harmless to baby’s skin. To prevent remission need to constantly use moisturizers for the skin.

Prevention of the disease

It is better to prevent than to treat – that is how the principle must be respected to prevent the development of psoriasis. It is necessary to observe the correct mode of work, nutrition, rest, avoid nervous stress, take vitamin complexes to support the immune system. Homeopathy for prevention it also helps not to aggravate the disease. Applying folk remedies at home with psoriasis patients should not stop treatment immediately, as were rash. It is better to continue to use them some more time to secure the result.

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Reviews about the outcome after treatment

Glory, 35 years:I’ve had this disease for 3 years. That only did not try: ointments in pharmacies bought, reviewed food, tried less nervous, even take sedatives. Then I found a recipe with grease, which helped perfectly. Took the pharmacy, the price is cheap, but the result is. Advised a procedure with liquid nitrogen, but not yet decided to bake.

Elena, 24 years:I Have psoriasis since childhood. Hospital treatment did not help, the redness returned, it became even worse. I had to go to folk remedies. The house helped me well soda baths, Birch tar ointment, decoction of linseed, and fish oil and UV lamp is the best prevention of psoriasis for the whole year. Adhere to diet for a figure only a plus.

Natalia, 43 years:was Trying to get the dandruff, but I had no idea that you have to undergo treatment of psoriasis on the head. Got scared when on the photo to see red plaque, went to the doctor. Along with the medication applied a mixture of honey with egg white, wipe the plaque with the juice of a cactus. The peeling was fast, the skin began to look better already 8 months no these terrible rashes and itching.

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