The table of contents of cholesterol in food

Cholesterol may relate to useful or harmful fractions. The latter participate in the process of blood clots that narrow the lumen of blood vessels, and can completely block. Part of bad cholesterol enters the body with food.

Where contains cholesterol

To lower cholesterol if it exceeds the norm, there is a special diet. This allows to cope with possible disease without drugs. It consists of products that perform the reduction of this element. The high content of substances noted in:

  • meat;
  • fish;
  • other seafood;
  • eggs.

It is important not only to avoid foods that increase cholesterol, but also take into account the method of cooking the rest of the menu. It should not fry the meat and boil it or cook for a couple, to replace animal fats to vegetable. This treatment effectively to reduce cholesterol with a little excess baggage. Otherwise, it should be combined with drug therapy.

Vegetables, fruits and noodles

Table of foods containing cholesterol

Cholesterindegrading different products have their own measure of the amount of this substance in the composition relative to the weight. Depends on how much you need to cut consumption of certain ingredients or refuse to eat. The amount of substance is specified in mg per 100 g of product. It should be understood that the most harmful is fatty fried foods, and proteins and carbohydrates do not apply to increases cholesterol elements.

In a large number

Foods high in cholesterol
Product name In 100 grams mg
Brains 800-2300
Kidney 300-800
Beef liver 280-400
Atlantic mackerel 360
Stellate 300
Carp 270
Quail egg 600
Chicken egg (whole) 570
Melted butter 280
Butter fresh 240
Chicken liver 492
Pork loin 380
Shrimp 144


Products with low content
Product name In 100 grams mg
Margarines based on vegetable fats 0
Vegetable oil 0
Homemade cheese — 0,6% 1
Homemade cheese — 4% 11
Serum 2
Low-fat cottage cheese 1
Cheese 20% 17
Yogurt о6ычный 8
Milk 1% 3,2
Fish low-fat varieties (2 — 12%) 55
Cod 30
Cooked sausage 40
Turkey Up to 60
Chicken Up to 60
Broilers 1 category Up to 60
The language of pork 50
Cream 10% 30
Fat 70-100

Diet to lower cholesterol

When preparing lowering cholesterol diet should be guided by the list from the table of contents of cholesterol in food. The essence of this diet is to replace saturated fats for unsaturated. Cook meals – while respecting the fundamental rules: a minimum of salt, sugar, to eliminate spicy seasonings, do not cook. When drafting diet, consider the following guidelines of healthy eating:

What can I eat on a diet

  1. Increase intake of nuts. They contain a lot of calories and if 20% of the total caloric intake obtained in this way, the content of harmful cholesterol to fall by 10% for the month.
  2. To decrease by 3-8% the level of cholesterol will help avocado and salmon.
  3. Avoid all fatty dairy products.
  4. Try to completely avoid butter.
  5. Eggs is possible, if to get rid of the yolk.
  6. Replace the fatty foods for foods rich in complex carbohydrates. A lot of them in bakery, pasta, peas and beans.
  7. Be sure to include in the diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, which not only will allow you to increase cholesterol, but also rich in vitamins E, C, beta-carotene.
  8. The best Breakfast is porridge. Buckwheat, wheat, oat, but not necessarily cooked with water or milk low fat.
  9. Not use the diet against cholesterol with a sharp restriction of fats. In their observance of the body leaves to the essential elements, the balance of power is disrupted, which could trigger the development of other gastrointestinal diseases.
  10. Eliminate any alcohol except dry red wine. It does not change the «bad» cholesterol from low density lipoproteins that cause blockage and narrowing of blood vessels.

Many people wonder how you must follow that diet to achieve the desired effect. Typically, the effect occurs within 8-12 weeks of dieting. It is possible in 3 months to repeat the blood test on cholesterol, to monitor the effect. At this stage it needs to be visible. Based on this, should be decide to adhere to such a diet further.

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