The symptoms of high cholesterol

Normal cholesterol is the key to heart health. Not many people know how to determine that this figure exceeded the limits and required treatment. What level is considered normal and which symptoms you can identify outliers, you will learn from the presented review.

Symptoms of high cholesterol in the blood

Blood cells

The substance similar to fat (lipophilic alcohol), part of the cell membranes of living organisms. With food a person receives only a small part of it, another part of cholesterol is synthesized in the internal organs. Without the participation of this component will not be possible such important processes as digestion, hormone production, synthesis of nutrients. If the LDL cholesterol is elevated, it increases the risk of developing serious heart disease (atherosclerosis, heart attack, ischemia).

The symptoms of high cholesterol the following:

  1. Violation of lipid metabolism.
  2. The appearance of specific nodes on the tendons.
  3. The deterioration of memory.
  4. Thrombosis of blood vessels.
  5. Education corneal lipid arc (if exceeded the rate of blood cholesterol in women after 50 years).
  6. Xanthelasma (nodules of dirty-yellow color under the top layer of the epithelium of the eyelids).
  7. Angina.
  8. Soreness of the lower extremities during intensive exercise.

The cholesterol test

Laboratory studies tests

Many people have an idea about the consequences of symptoms of high cholesterol: among them are diseases dangerous to life. Low density cholesterol is the most harmful because of its ability to penetrate easily into the arteries and form plaques on the walls. For taking normal different levels, it depends on the age of the patient. Some people mistakenly think that the less level of this substance, the better for human health, but this statement is not entirely true, because HDL-cholesterol is involved in fat metabolism, normal sexual organs, building membranes.

Do not mindlessly try to reduce the content of the substance in order not to cause new problems. Better to think about how to bring cholesterol to normal: for this purpose appointed a General analysis of blood. It should be noted that cholesterol in pregnant women may be higher than normal doubled, that does not mean the deviations. The body of the mother works harder to provide the baby with essential nutrients. In such circumstances, breakdown of blood cholesterol should not frighten the patient.

Signs of high cholesterol, having a lipid profile that shows the following:

  • low density lipoproteins (LDL);
  • high-density lipoproteins (HDL);
  • triglycerides (TG).

In addition to special studies to find out the level of cholesterol, glucose, bilirubin, protein, electrolytes and enzymes in blood by biochemical analysis. In old age, a norm of bad cholesterol (ldl) increases and good decreases. If there are good reasons to worry, patients assigned to the drug normalization of this substance is a statin, in addition, reduce the daily amount of products with its contents.

How to donate

Blood sampling

To determine how much of the substance contains the blood of man, helps the laboratory method of research of a famous scientist Abel. To obtain reliable information, the patient should prepare for the exam:

  1. To avoid intense physical exertion.
  2. Do not eat fatty and heavy food.
  3. To donate blood from a vein on an empty stomach.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to incorrect analysis, incorrect diagnosis and other problems. Fraction determined by photometry and deposition. This is a very time-consuming, but sensitive, specific and accurate method of laboratory research. However, the standard indicators differ in each laboratory, therefore it is not possible to give figures which can be.

What is the normal cholesterol in human blood

There are average rates that do not change with age, for example, hemoglobin, or blood sugar. Normal cholesterol levels are constantly reviewed by physicians that do not provide specific numbers, because research cardiology progressive and constantly give new information. If 30 years ago the norm was 6-6,5 mmol/l, now no more than 4.5.


age parameters (mmol/l)
up to 25 years 3,2-5,5
25-35 years 3,4-6
35-45 years 3,8-6,5
45-55 years 4,2-7,4
55-70 years 4,4-7,7
over 70 4,5-7,2


age parameters (mmol/l)
up to 30 years 3,6-6,6
30-40 years 3,8-7,0
40-50 years 4,0-7,2
after 50 4,1-7,3

Video about the symptoms of high cholesterol

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