The snake massage

The snake massage

Today the price list of many Spa salons came a rather exotic treatment – a snake massage. And this procedure has become popular not only because of its exoticism, but also high efficiency.

A bit of history

Very long being used in medicine snake venom. But the snake massage appeared just a few years ago. The therapeutic effect of communicating with snakes was noticed by the lover of these exotic reptiles Ara Barak. She lives at home snake, and she noticed that after a certain time of stay of a pet on her neck, she got rid of the headaches. She decided to test this effect on your guests. All confirmed that after talking with the snake they have improved health, they relaxed and mentally calm. Ara Barak opened the snake therapy, and her Israeli salon has gained worldwide fame.

What is snake therapy?

The snake massage helps with nervous disorders and stress. This effect is achieved by using a slow uniform movement of snakes that are transmitted to humans by relaxing his muscles and making a more even heart rhythm. According to serpentbloom snakes are very sensitive to pain points in the muscles, and on the area affected. Also this therapy can help men to increase their potency.

Who is snake therapy?

The snake massage is best for people who suffer frequent headaches, who suffer from depression, insomnia, nervousness and chronic fatigue. Also snake massage is shown to all those who frequently puts your muscles with physical exercise. The snake is able to completely remove muscle tension from the shoulders, neck and back. Snake massage is completely safe and painless, because it does not involve poisonous snakes. The only obstacle may be your own fear of these creatures.

How is the snake massage?

The snake massage can be divided into two stages.

1.Psychological. At this stage, there is a psychological adaptation. Because on the third place among all phobias is ophidiophobia or maebayashi, so you will need to prepare mentally for this procedure. Specialist snake massage will introduce you to the therapists» and will answer all your questions and can set you on the right way.

2.Massage. Most often, treatment involves three or four snakes. Depending on the readings or from the desired effect, snakes can be a variety of sizes. For a relaxing massage using small snakes, such as snakes. But if you need a therapeutic effect, you will need to work with a Python or a snake.

This procedure can last from an hour to two hours. Everything will depend on the effect you want to achieve. During the massage you will feel only pleasant movements of snakes on your body. Maximum worryingly, could be the result of this procedure is easy to be tickled. In this case you will not need to be afraid of anything, because a specialist will be nearby and will control the movements of snakes. He will be able to answer all your questions that will arise during the procedure.

Unfortunately, this procedure though is already quite familiar, but not all salons offer such services. Therefore, the cost of this procedure is still quite high. However, the effect worth snake massage money.

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