Smell of acetone from the mouth of a child

You know what to do if the smell of acetone mouth of the baby? What causes the strange symptom and the first medical action when it is detected? The body of the small patient this smell indicates that health has failed, identify the associated symptoms.

Causes of smell of acetone from a baby

The doctor examines the oral cavity girls

If it smells of acetone, then pay attention to its food, lifestyle. Common causes of occurrence of alarming symptoms are:

  1. Failure to follow the correct principles of nutrition. Children’s unbalanced diet often a problem. The reason is a dramatic starvation or excessive number of days of discharge. Children need more carbohydrates per day than adults. If the body lacks in the blood excessive amounts of ketone bodies, other secretions, which provoke the appearance of unpleasant smell of acetone from mouth.
  2. The liver. If the observed disorders of the functioning of the liver, and the processing of fats and proteins to carbohydrates may not be partially exercised by the liver, so the glycogen stores are reduced. Additional symptom is fever.
  3. Dysbacteriosis. Pathological response of the intestine, which is accompanied by a lack of carbohydrates. It happens later irregular breakdown of carbohydrates in the intestines, where part of them is not useful.
  4. Pancreas. Violation of the blood sugar level, systems of processing of carbohydrates. Additionally, sores can develop in the oral cavity, mucous membranes, developing acetoneiso syndrome.
  5. The voltage of the adrenal glands. Uncontrolled stress hormone provokes the use of body fat instead of useful carbohydrates.

At a temperature of

Often, when the poisoning of the child, there is a strong smell of acetone breath, fever. In such a situation it is considered necessary colonic cleansing enema. Liquid enemas can be: simple cool water or sodium bicarbonate solution (1-2%). Decrease body temperature only when the acetone is not removed from the body.

The boy measures the temperature

Acetone smell with vomiting

This symptom provoked by a violation of the metabolism of the body. Vomiting and acetoneiso the syndrome can appear in case of: current or previous diseases of ENT organs, acute respiratory viral infections, poisoning, intestinal infections, concussions, diabetes. Eating disorders are the causes of nausea in children:

  1. If the little patient is observed vomiting and the smell of acetone, the consumption of food is strictly limited. The child starts to give light foods only if the vomiting has stopped.
  2. Children cannot give too much fatty food for the day.
  3. Not only excess food, but her «flaw» is a major cause of the syndrome. Fasting should be avoided, every 3-4 hours, baby should eat healthy food. A special diet should be observed in the infant.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Powerful stress, fatigue, hypothermia.


The doctor examines the throat of a boy

Even the kids, even the teenager, disease, provoked acetoneiso syndrome must be diagnosed and treated immediately. Watch the food of the baby, focus on eating properly. The patient should eat small portions but often. Irritants of the mucous membranes in the food, should not be, the same as animal fats. An excellent prevention will reduce the level of fatigue in the late afternoon game should be calm, not too agile, so as not to excite the nervous system.

If the patient stays at home, then you need to drink sweet tea or carbohydrate drink. To drink clean water patient must often, as during vomiting, the body loses large amounts of fluid. If you wish to eat, you can feed the baby a small portion of light food. Drug treatment involves sorbents and antispasmodics. A colonic helps to reduce the temperature, the smell of acetone. If vomiting, unpleasant discharge does not stop, the father should call an ambulance or to go to the doctor, so as not to aggravate the problem.

Video: Komorowski about the smell of acetone breath in a child

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