The first signs of childbirth, sensations, contractions, discharge of water

The first signs of childbirthCloser to 38-39 weeks of pregnancy signs of an approaching birth can easily be confused with the precursors. If you are just beginning to be interested in prenatal activities in a woman’s body is probably the terms you have nothing to say. But if you already know some information, you probably know roughly what are the signs of approaching childbirth differ from the harbingers of birth. In any case, in this article we will describe the differences between them, as well as answer the many other questions on this topic.

How to understand that soon the birth?

Late in the third trimester of pregnancy in the female body flows a number of changes that are impossible not to notice the attention, even if this is your first pregnancy.

Such gradual transformation is not yet talking about the need to rush to the hospital. They can last a week, and for two, especially if we are talking about women who give birth for the first time. Signs of labor in multiparous can take a little while and start literally 3-4 days before the appearance of the baby born. In any case, while it is only the harbingers of birth, it is necessary to notice them, but not to panic. It is very important to distinguish them from the more intense signs that give birth to start that process of bringing a child into the light doesn’t catch you by surprise.

First, there is hormonal changes. If during all 9 months the power was in the hands of progesterone (no wonder it is called the hormone of pregnancy), every day that passes its value decreases, and the importance of estrogen. When the estrogen level becomes the maximum, you show signs of imminent birth, and soon starts labors.

Second, the woman’s stomach begins to change. This is due to the movement of the baby, who is already preparing to be born.

These two internal process determine a significant change and help to understand the woman that occurs before birth.

  1. Lowered belly

This sign, a medical fact. Of course, you want to know how the child behaves before the fights. He was drawn to the outside world and is as low as possible to the pelvis women. In fact, his head is already fixed in the pelvis. With it lowered and the upper part of the uterus. Now she’s stronger than pressure on the downstream bodies, but the woman becomes easier to breathe, which usually does not disappear without attention.

  1. Discharge from the genital tract

Daily selection, which you accustomed to watch will probably increase in volume. Some women mistakenly believe that in this way the waste water. The characteristics of these phenomena are slightly different, and to reassure yourself, do the rapid test, which detects the presence of amniotic fluid in the secretions.

  1. Reducing weight

If you are anxious to follow the numbers on the scales, most likely you will not miss the fact that before birth the body weight is reduced on average by 1.3 kg. This is the easiest method to understand that labor will start soon. Lost weight due to reduced fluid in the tissues, that is, the reduction of swelling. It can be noticed without weighing less swollen feet and hands.

  1. Gait changes

This item can be linked to open abdomen and uterus. These movements provoke the displacement of the center of gravity of the body. As a result, the woman walks as if his nose up, duck gait.

  1. Discharge of mucus plug

Optional such allocation are signs of labor in nulliparous. They can occur 7-10 days before the «day x». It is important to know what the mucous plug looks like a pretty thick, transparent or with a little blood splashes, but should not be of a blood clot. If you see rich red or a water allocation, you should consult a doctor.

  1. Nagging pain

Symptoms before birth also include discomfort in the abdomen. This is a logical manifestation of a sprain. If a woman had given birth before, pain may be absent.

  1. Frequent urinating

As the SAC presses on the underlying organs particularly hard, the woman feels the urge to frequent trips to the toilet. Experts attribute frequent urination, and weakening of the chair to the harbingers of the imminent birth, in contrast to all the factors mentioned above that can be stored for days and weeks.

  1. The training bout

Because during childbirth the female body imposed a huge burden, he begins to train more in advance before the main race. The first signs of contractions differ irregular occurrence and of unequal duration. Besides pain will not be too noticeable. The doctors say that if the hospital is calling a woman that «I’m not sure that this is the fight», it is likely that it wasn’t them. Moreover, it is senseless to raise the question of how to feel contractions. Even if you have a high pain threshold, you will not miss and will not mix with exercise.

How to understand that labor is close

The first signs of the emergency of labor, as already mentioned, can vary in time and intensity. But it is also important that they may not attract obvious attention. Women who are preparing to leave for the first time, can feel only part of these symptoms and may not associate them with birth, thinking on physical illnesses.

There is an opposite picture, when every unfamiliar symptom is regarded as a signal to take decisive action. There is a risk of a large number of false alarms, so it’s important to know how to understand that she was in labor in nulliparous. But the ideal situation is when a woman is able to clearly capture the moment when you need to pack in a hospital, does not occur very often. So don’t be afraid once again to bother the midwives, to worry before childbirth, especially if they are first, it’s absolutely fine.

Pregnancy is considered full term from 37 weeks, so this period, the woman should more careful to listen to him, and so you need to know reliable signs of labor during the first pregnancy. Women who have already had a chance to become a mother and experience all the most tender and anxious feelings need to refresh their knowledge. It should also be noted that each of the next pregnancy may present differently. Consider specifically the major signs before the birth.

  • Labor pains

Contractions called periodic painful uterine contractions that are accompanied by disclosure of the uterine cervix. The first fight remind dragging pain in the abdomen that resemble feelings in the second day of menstruation. It is extremely important to learn to distinguish the preparatory into labor from these, those that signal the beginning of the culmination process.

In these collisions, the baby’s head and an amniotic bubble exerts strong pressure on the cervix, causing it begins to unfold. At first labor, the fight lasts about 5-10 seconds. and the interval between contractions is approximately 20 minutes. In the future, the contractions increase in frequency, becoming longer and more intense. While increasing lower back pain is another sign of contractions before birth.

False contractions are of short duration, they are not regular. If you experience false alarms, very soon feel normal, just a little lie.

  • Discharge of water before birth

Sometimes a generic process begins with depart amniotic fluid. This liquid, rich, bright or cloudy discharge from the genital tract. The fetal bladder may rupture on their own, while for women it is not accompanied by some painful sensations, cramping or sudden urges to urinate. Just one «welcome» the moment you can feel from the vagina in a large quantity of fluid is released. It really is a great help in the question of how to understand what went into labor in multiparous, because the discharge of water you will never miss it.

Normal in pregnant women in SAC contains about 0.8 litres of water. However, this figure may reach higher values of 1.5-3 l, for example, when polyhydramnios or multiple pregnancy.

It should be noted that by themselves, receding waters do not mean the beginning instant of the generative process, as many inexperienced moms. Starting birth they can be considered only if then began a regular scrimmage. If contractions do not exist, we can firmly say that after the separation of water in the next 24 hours the baby will be born.

There is also a view about the existence of the psychological signs of contractions during the first pregnancy and subsequent. Intuitively, a woman knows that soon gives birth. While she can appear the symptom homemakers: she begins to put things in order everywhere, seeks to complete the repairs. All this, of course, is accompanied by a change of mood with a flurry of activity on apathy. People close to her need to exercise the utmost care and understanding, without disturbing the pregnant woman in detail.

  • Attempts

And that’s when the cervix is fully revealed, there comes the most responsible moment — the emergence of a child into the world, and the main symptom is the appearance of attempts. These sensations can be compared with a tireless desire to empty the bowel, while the vagina may be a burning sensation. And most importantly, women have a second wind, because about the finish line. In the future, it is better to act on the instructions of the obstetrician and his advice.

That’s all we wanted to tell you about the signs of the upcoming delivery. Leave comments if you have questions and comments on this topic. And if you already have given birth, tell us how you felt the day before delivery.

Be healthy!

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