Recovery after childbirth

Recovery after childbirthChildbirth is the culmination of a pregnancy and a stressful situation for the female body, when raging hormones and muscles and all the systems. Of course, to keep an attractive appearance after childbirth is labor and usually, a lot. A lot depends on genetics and source data, but this is not a cure-all after pregnancy. How to recover quickly after childbirth, without hurting yourself and your child, and describe in order below.

Two stages of recovery

Time restore emotional and physical balance in women after childbirth usually takes 42 days. This term is divided into an early recovery: the first two weeks after the baby is born, and late period: from the 15th-42nd day.

  • Informed recovery

In the first two weeks of newfound mom should pamper and delight yourself. Its main concerns ideally should not go beyond swaddling, caring for herself and her child. If a husband and loved ones, better household Affairs including cleaning and cooking, to temporarily pass on to them. In this case, the recovery stress will be the most comfortable.

But meeting with friends and festivities on the birth of a new baby should be postponed at least a month. For others, these sessions were a great joy, and mom and baby can be a challenge. It is best if the meeting is combined with something useful for the family. For example, a young mother to abandon home help from a friend.

  • Later recovery

2 weeks after childbirth the woman’s body begins to get used to the new status which he had prior to the birth of a new life. Begin to vary the sex organs, postnatal discharge are reduced to a minimum. At the end of the late period you can gradually introduce into your life gymnastic exercises for recovery after childbirth. Best suited to yoga, Pilates, stretching. But with weights and cardio loads better to wait.

Restore the figure after childbirth

Any recently gave birth to the woman wishes as soon as possible to regain the shape she had before pregnancy. It is clear that the maximum effect can be achieved, only by adhering to a comprehensive approach.

  1. Nutrition

Young mom, especially if she is breast-feeding, must have a balanced diet. It is advisable to split meals 5-6 times in small portions. After giving birth, I advise you to drink more fluids: water, fruit drinks, fresh pressed juices, fruit drinks, etc. to maintain your shape, you should limit the consumption of starchy and fatty foods. But to rape your body with prohibitions and rules, of course, is not worth it. Here is the rule: if you can not but really want, you can. Read more about nutrition nursing moms, read the article «What can and cannot be after childbirth breast-feeding».

  1. Postpartum bandage

And while the brace doesn’t replace physical exercise after giving birth, wearing it can greatly facilitate your task. Postpartum bandage keeps the skin toned and prevents sagging, there is also a brace that is worn on the legs and prevents varicose veins.

The brace should be worn daily for 2 months 10 hours a day. At night it can be removed, because the skin droops especially during the day during activity. As postnatal bandage will become your long companion, choose it carefully. It is important that the bandage was a suitable size, were made of hypoallergenic and comfortable materials, and was invisible under clothes and did not bring discomfort to the girl.

  1. Self-massage

New moms after giving birth is not much time left over. But if you have a husband or relatives who can watch the baby for an extra half hour-hour, recommended for firming skin care treatments. It promotes emotional and physical recovery from childbirth.

For example, during showering or bathing a few minutes pass, massage anti-cellulite brush problem areas, apply to the skin scrubs or peels, after a shower to lubricate the body and the problem areas fat cream, olive oil or special tools after childbirth.

  1. Gymnastics after childbirth

Of course, the most significant engine weight loss after birth not only is a sport. However, after the birth of the baby the woman has many risk factors that should be considered when carrying out physical exercise. Before you recover from childbirth, you should consult a doctor because only he can tell you how the condition of your joints (if the birth took place by caesarean section) or your organs (with the natural appearance of a child into the world.

Exercises after childbirth

Excessive workload after childbirth are excluded. First, the body is still too weak for them.

Second, if you stick with breastfeeding, the baby may refuse milk, because strength training promotes the release in the body of lactic acid, which affects the taste of milk.

Third, unaccustomed to the sport for 9 months, the body should be gradually prepared for the stress, otherwise you may be disappointed in the physical exercises and to spit on everything, or to «earn» his injury.

Finally, the child must have priority in front of a beautiful figure, at least in the first months of life, and exhausting yourself workouts, you are unlikely to find the strength for anything else.

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So, by how much the body recovers after giving birth to readiness for physical activity? Usually this period takes 2 months after the baby is born. But until 2 months of age, you have a win-win postpartum recovery: walking outdoors with the stroller. If you walk every day for an hour, you will spend more energy than from a half-hour grueling workout.

Recovery of the uterus after childbirth

Especially difficult after childbirth the uterus is necessary. Immediately after birth, it has large dimensions and weight, after 6 weeks she reduced several times, but in order that the uterus has dropped even further with the necessary assistance.

Accelerates the process of reducing the uterus in size massage performed through the anterior abdominal wall.

After the birth process is applied cold hot-water bottle on your stomach, but before to cut the uterus after birth with her help, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Sometimes the contractions of the uterus are popular tips and recipes. For example, it is recommended to drink a decoction of nettle in the amount of half a Cup three times a day. Also valuable are the flowers of white dead-nettle, also need to brew and drink fractionally during the day.

Exercises for the contractions of the uterus should not be too heavy and long. Complexes can be performed the day after the birth of the child and continue until the end of the recovery process or until 12 weeks. Exercises for uterine contractions after birth can be performed sitting or lying, and standing.

  1. Lying on your back, with your feet on the floor with your hands lower on the abdomen. Breathing in slowly inflate the abdomen, exhaling and pronouncing the sound «x», relax and lower belly, just helping hands. The arms should not press on your stomach, stroking himself in the direction from the pubis to the navel. Repeat the breathing cycle 10 times.
  2. Then turn your head to the side so that head, chest and thigh lay on the same line. Under the head can put a pillow or cushion. Repeat breathing exercises with step two 10 times, accompanied by hand movements from the pubis to the navel.
  3. Lie on your stomach, leaning on elbows. Under the chest and abdomen it is possible to put something in order to avoid unnecessary pressures on these body parts. Take a slow inhale – exhale with the sound «down», notice how the pelvis moves forward a bit. Repeat 10 times.

In addition, to reduce the uterus after childbirth, it is still important to know that after childbirth the woman observed allocation is lochia – uterine secret, full of bacteria, and in the first days of blood, this is not the same as menstrual discharge. These days it is very important to monitor the hygiene and prevent any contact of the child or breast lachemi. Restoration of menstruation after delivery is usually 6-7 weeks after the baby is born, nursing mothers these terms are even more increased. A full recovery cycle after birth suggests that a woman’s body is returned to the previous mode, and this happens usually 3-4 months after the birth of the baby.

Reconstruction of a breast after childbirth

The shape of the breast after pregnancy is influenced by many factors: genetics, feeding, selection of bra, etc. We suggest you to do exercise in order to reduce the number of problems with the figure in the first month after birth.

  1. Simple pushups

Kneel in front of low support (e.g., the edge of the sofa), put his hands on her, apart on shoulder width. Bend your arms, seeking the bosom of the anvil, and straighten, not bending at the back. The upper half of the torso should be as straight as possible. Repeat 8 times.

  1. Ball game

Stand straight, legs apart at shoulder width. Take the ball at chest level and throw it to a partner or against a wall. With elbows bent and unbent, but does not rise above chest level.

  1. The lesson of Zen

Exercise can be done sitting or standing. Put your hands together with each other at chest level, elbows are arranged in different directions. Push the palms with each other for a few seconds (up to 30), while not shifting to the center of the chest. You should feel tension from the chest muscles and arms.

In addition, as to restore the figure after childbirth sports exercises, cannot be neglected masks, massages, peels, etc.

Restoration of the vagina after childbirth

The muscles of the genitals, you can start to train still lying in the maternity ward of the Department. For this there are the famous (in narrow circles) Kegel exercises. They lie in the compression and relaxation of the genital organs. If you have little idea how to do it, remember the reflex that girls use to hold back urination.

Such training may be alternating for 5 seconds, the moments of tension or relaxation, or to reduce the time to 1 second. There are methods by which muscles need to strain the «floor» bottom-up, and in reverse order to relax.

I must say that the sexual organs are recovered after the birth easier, if you clean up the uterus and press.

As long as the body recovers after childbirth is individual and can depend on age, health and heredity of a woman. But in your power to reduce this period to a minimum and to return to his former or a better figure in a short period.

Leave comments and share tips where to start recovery after childbirth, in your opinion?

Stay beautiful!

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