Swollen hands and fingers: symptoms and causes

why swollen handsSuddenly there was swelling of the limbs often is a sign of any abnormalities in the body. Swelling of the feet and hands will never appear for no reason, so I can’t leave this fact without attention. If you notice that you have badly swollen hands, fingers, or feet, to go and see a specialist, because maybe you had a failure of a specific internal organ, it can be heart, kidneys, liver, etc

Most frequently swollen hands in the morning, because the body does not have time for the night to bring the water, and it accumulates particularly in the limbs and soft tissues, thus there is swelling. Therefore, examine yourself is in the morning, at this time, it is easier to detect any changes and deviations.

Today we will discuss the main reasons why swollen hands in the morning, what kind of pathology can signal swelling, and what actions can be taken upon detection of edemas.

Swollen hands and feet why?

To each reader correctly interprets the essence of the problem, in a nutshell describe what is the swelling of tissues. Swelling is the enlargement and tension of the tissues, often accompanied by pain, discoloration of the skin. The swollen limb is more difficult to manage, such as wiggling toes or moving a brush.

Anyway, the swelling is most likely to occur on the background of certain diseases or disorders. And before you diagnose the patient, you need to carefully analyze all the possible circumstances and find out what could be the triggering mechanism of this disease.

Consider the basic, the probable reasons why swollen hands.

  1. Hampered venous outflow associated with deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, leukemia, tumors, etc. leads to local seals and swelling of the limb where the affected Vienna or shortness of blood circulation.
  2. Disorders of the Central nervous system sometimes resulting in paralysis of any part of the human body. So, in paralyzed limbs can be edema due to violation of the basic function of muscle — contractile.
  3. The effects of trauma and surgery. One of the most obvious reasons for the emergence of a strong swelling, there are all sorts of injuries, wounds, fractures. Therefore, if swollen wrist and sore, this may be an understandable reaction to the trauma.
  4. Inflammatory processes in bone tissues, cartilages and joints. The inflammation usually occurs where there is an impressive infection. With the defeat of bone tissue (eg. osteitis), and the inflammation goes to the surrounding soft tissue, creating severe swelling.
  5. Malfunction of the kidneys leads to disruption of water balance in the body. Hepatic edema occur because of the shortage of protein and albumin. Also swollen fingers and brush through cardiovascular failure, it happens because of the shortage of organs and tissues of nutrients and oxygen, so they are not able to pump blood in full formed blood stagnation and swelling.
  6. Lymphedema (cancer disease) is generally characterized by edema of feet and shins, to the advanced stage can swell to the thigh. Affected more often one side, at advanced stages swelling of highly compacted, and the skin there are fibrous growths and ulceration.

In addition to the above pathological diseases, there are some other reasons why swollen fingers in the morning, or hands, feet and face.

For example, excessive consumption of alcohol the night before can lead to such unpleasant consequences in the form of raised, tender parts of the body, this occurs since alcoholic substances are actively delaying the normal outflow of fluid from the body.

swollen fingersAnother reason is more physiological, is stagnation of blood during sleep. It happens if your limbs were in awkward position, was something pinched and limited. As a result, the morning you can get swelling of the hands.

Swollen hand? In some people, this may be the first sign of allergic reaction. If we are talking about hands, then perhaps it allergic to different detergents or cosmetics with harsh chemical. components in the composition.

Also, we should note that swollen hands, feet, fingers women during pregnancy, usually for violations of metabolic processes or high load on the kidneys.

Many people wonder why swollen hands and feet in the heat, even in those for which this principle is not peculiar. This has a reasonable explanation. During the summer heat and the scorching heat, the person is delayed and accumulates in the body water, due to the strong expansion of the blood vessels. Especially the situation may worsen if the person is a long time in one position in a hot and stuffy room. So, more liquid is deposited in the extremities.

Myxedema is one of the reasons why swollen fingers

swelling of the fingersA lot of people often linked to the swelling of the fingers with insect bites or excessive exercise the day before. Of course, this is the place to be, but when you see too often that swollen hands in the morning, the reason may lie in such a hidden disease such as myxedema.

Diagnosing this disease is quite difficult to detect it only after giving blood on hormones. The fact that the myxedema is the result of a sharp decline in and cessation of the production of thyroid hormones. This disease can be either congenital or acquired, respectively, to be ill of any person at any age. But should be especially careful to women in menopause, and carefully monitor the level of their hormones.

In addition, when the myxedema swelling of the fingers, the disease is characterized next to certain related symptoms, such as:

  • puffiness of face;
  • swelling of the vocal cords, rough, hoarse voice;
  • brittle, dry, thin hair;
  • dry skin;
  • bags under the eyes.

Still, it is not necessary to draw conclusions on their own. If swollen fingers, the reasons should be found out by the doctor by conducting surveys and research. If you are diagnosed with myxedema, the patient is individually prescribed hormonal therapy, reception missing thyroid hormones and iodine.

Your body does not present an unexpected, unpleasant surprises, always careful to themselves and to their health and promptly contact your doctor for qualified advice.

Take care of yourself and don’t forget about the full and healthy holiday!

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