Why swollen Breasts

why swells the chestBreast tenderness causes may be very different from regular ovulation to serious oncological diseases. If you notice breast swelling, it is important to use several basic principles: to pay attention to other symptoms, do not panic, but not to sit idly by, and upon the slightest suspicion of disease, refer to physician for consultation and inspection. Why swollen and sore Breasts, now tell.

Why engorged Breasts

Leans, swells, swells – these are all different ways to say, the size and volume of the Breasts increases. In healthy women, the breast size usually increases slightly. Swelling at 2 and 3 in size is a reason to visit a doctor.

In General, all the reasons why swelling Breasts can be grouped in two groups: healthy and sick.

Normal physiological factors that Breasts are swollen

  • Hormonal changes

The breast responds to the menstrual cycle in women, which is associated with the production of estrogen and progesterone. Conventionally, the cycle can be divided into periods «before menstruation», «menstruating», «after menstruation».

the structure of the female breast

The most active estrogen produced in the middle of the cycle. Can stipulate that swollen Breasts in the middle of the cycle, because at this time breast feeds and increase ducts, and connective and fat tissue to grow that can cause discomfort in women.

Breast swelling before menstruation occurs until the change on 1 size. This may experience sensitivity and soreness of the breast. Before the onset of critical days in the woman’s body with the greatest intensity is produced by the progesterone, resulting in lobules of the breast are filled with cellular fluid, aching and swelling Breasts before menstruation. Thus, the body prepares for pregnancy, but since it often does not occur, with the appearance of menstruation the symptoms gradually disappear. It hormonal fluctuations that recur every month and is aimed at readiness to bear a child is a major factor why before menstruation swelling Breasts.

If you notice that swollen Breasts after your period, this is the reason at least for the pregnancy test, because some women menstruation continues in the first months after conception, and the only symptom that indicates the carrying a child can remain swollen Breasts.

If pregnancy is excluded, the reason why the Breasts swell before menstruation, and after them, may be hiding in one of the diseases, described a little further.

  • Pregnancy;

The exact period from the moment of conception, when it begins to swell Breasts during pregnancy is difficult, because all the girls are individual, and some the chest doesn’t bother until birth. But in most cases, breast swelling is one of the primary signs of pregnancy that appear in the first days after conception. In General, as already stated, when the Breasts swell during pregnancy, depends on the intensity of hormone production.

breast tenderness during pregnancy photos week by week

Among other symptoms, in addition to increasing breast size, are the following: darkening of the nipples, increasing nipple, the deterioration of the breast, the appearance of the nipple areola tubercles, and on his chest, spider veins, due to enhanced blood circulation.

If you are very worried about what has caused the swelling of the breast the time before menstruation or pregnancy, do a pregnancy test. Even though it is inaccurate, but quick and inexpensive way to clarify the conception.

In that moment, when the delay of menstruation of up to two weeks or more, and you doubt the presence of pregnancy, try pressing on your nipples. If conception occurred, with a high probability of them, a small quantity of liquid – colostrum.

  • Playing sports to strengthen chest muscles;

There is a complex of exercises for the muscles of the chest, through which you can not only visually to tighten and lift the breast and increase its size due to the accumulation of fat mass under the muscle. The Breasts may «whine» as other muscles from playing sports, but not anymore. If you feel a sudden deterioration, severe pain or other suspicious symptoms, discontinue exercise and contact your doctor.

  • The increase of mass;

Some women can boast that when weight they gains weight in the first place chest, while the rest of the mass usually begins with the hips, buttocks and abdomen. If you notice breast enlargement in parallel with a weight change, without the other unpleasant symptoms (e.g., heterogeneity of the breast), don’t worry because of this: Breasts are mainly composed of adipose tissue, the amount of which is proportional to the total change in body fat.

Morbid factors, that the breast hurts and is swollen

  • Breast

This disease does not depend on the cycle and could be the reason why breast gland swollen in the middle of the cycle, at the beginning or the end. However, it is also associated with hormones, but rather with the violation of their balance and the formation of benign tumors.

Signs of mastitis: swollen breast and hurt, feel the weight, the pain may radiate to the arm and axilla, there are seals in the mammary glands, the nipples may begin to stand out the fluid (clear, yellowish or bloody), nipple surface changes (cracks, retracts), inflamed lymph nodes in the axillary region.

  • Hormonal disruptions

As you know, almost all causes, swollen and sore breast of iron, rests in the balance of hormones in a woman’s body. Crazy (that is not a scheduled cycle) hormonal failure can be caused by severe stress, hormonal therapy, menopause, infection of the breast infection or parasites, sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis), a genetic predisposition.

  • Oncology

The worst factor that can cause chest pain is it a tumor, especially malignant, that is cancer of the breast. He is accompanied by some peculiar symptoms, such as probing in breast lumps and nodules, heterogeneity of breast volume, skin peeling, appearance on chest red dimples, the absence of cyclicity and regularity of chest pain.

Not much touch your chest, lifting the hand of the same side up, and the other hand to check the homogeneity and the absence of seals in the chest.

Seeing one, especially as many of the listed symptoms, immediately consult a doctor-mammologist. But do not torture yourself in advance by thinking about the worst: often the tumors are benign.

Breasts are swollen and no menstruation

This can occur in one of the following situations:

  1. Crick

Remember, you had recently exercise. It’s not necessarily training in the gym, we can talk about lifting.

  1. Pregnancy

And normal and not ectopic

  1. Breast

Considered a disease of the 21st century, because found more than half of women of childbearing age.

  1. Inflammatory processes in the breast

Why swell nipples

Swelling of the Breasts and nipples can occur both simultaneously and separately from each other. The reasons for the increase of the nipples lie in the following factors:

  • Puberty

Teenage Breasts are growing strongly, and its shape is modified, so there is nothing wrong in the fact that the nipples swell.

  • Weight;
  • Medication

Some medical treatment can cause swelling of the nipples, it’s kind of a defensive reaction, you need to specify your physician for this symptom.

  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic disease

Sometimes the fact that swollen breast and sore nipples can be a reason to go to the doctor, where it turns out that the real reason lies much deeper in the body. However sometimes the reason to wear uncomfortable or poor-quality clothes, which causes breast and nipple defensiveness and pain.

As you can see, there are many reasons for the growth of the Breasts as well as discomfort in it, it is important to distinguish the line of healthy processes in the body and deviations from the norm. In any case, better to play it safe and visit the examination.

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