Why constantly have a headache. What to do?

my headacheDaily headache occurs in a large number of residents of the metropolis who call this symptom even disease of the 21st century. But how to distinguish caused by pain in the head of an ordinary fatigue or a serious disease? About what could a headache and how to effectively deal with it will be discussed today.

Reasons why constantly have a headache

Factors causing headache. Here is an incomplete list of them:

  • Stress and depression;
  • Overwork, lack of sleep;
  • Constant eye strain;
  • Enhanced mental activity with insufficient rest;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • Hormonal disruptions;
  • Neuralgia is big or small occipital nerve;
  • Problems with the cervical spine;
  • Intoxication (including food additives);
  • Analgesics – pain medications;
  • Mechanical trauma to the head;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Overweight;
  • Infectious disease;
  • Eye disease (e.g. glaucoma);
  • Diseases of the brain;
  • Pathology of the face and skull (nose, mouth, teeth, eyes, neck);
  • Mental disorders;
  • Cancer.

And how to sort out this huge list of deviations? Ideally, of course, to be examined by a doctor. If you have all the time headache, he may prescribe the following procedures:

  1. MRI of the brain;
  2. EEG;
  3. General analysis of blood;
  4. Doppler ultrasound of neck and head vessels;
  5. Examination by an ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, neurosurgeon and other specialists;
  6. Etc.

But actually the character of headache may differ in various diseases, and some reasons from what is constantly a headache, you can eliminate, for example, sleep and refusing drugs, «discharged» themselves. Consider the types of headaches, depending on location and character.

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Pain in the back

Causes of pain in this head can be increased blood pressure, neuralgia of the occipital nerves, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the cervical spine and strain the back and spine.

In the case of vertebral artery syndrome, which occurs when the low back pain, a dull point of pain in the neck join dizziness, return to the neck and eye socket, as well as the noise in my head.

If the morning headache, with pain localized to the neck, it may indicate abnormalities in the adrenal glands. The bursting pain, usually lasts no longer than twenty minutes.

But also poor circulation and incorrect posture during sleep can be the reason why in the morning headache.

The pain in his temples

Pain in the temporal lobes is the most common symptom of a migraine is also often accompanied by nausea, sweating, increased heart rate, the appearance of spots before the eyes, noise and light sensitivity. Migraine prevents to live normally to about 15% of the population.

Another reason, which may have a headache in my temples have already been named, but it should talk more. This intake of painkillers. Excessive use of analgesics no prescription is the so-called Ausonia pain that can last more than two weeks.

Temporal pain may be accompanied by infectious and viral diseases: flu, angina, meningitis, Lyme disease, etc.

Pain in the frontal lobe

This pain is most often characteristic of the people of intellectual labor, those who have most of the day to strain your eyes or communicate with people. But not as strange as the impossibility of making any life decisions and constant pondering, casual and more high-minded issues may also be a factor, causing a headache.

Vascular diseases including artery or vein can cause severe pain in the frontal lobe of the head.

To determine why a bad headache in the forehead, will help the neurologist.

Localization of pain is quite conditional, we can say that the reasons given in the beginning of the article, can cause pain in any part of the head, often just some of the factors to choose a certain percentage of the brain.

The different types of headaches

In medicine there are 4 main types of headaches:

  • Sharp neuralgic

Clicking on the source of the pain, feel the pain spreading to nearby areas. Also accompanied by dizziness.

  • Muscle tension

The most common type of pain that occurs due to prolonged contraction of the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders, which resulted in the reduced blood and tissue oxygen obitnytsya. The pain is accompanied by tension in the temples and forehead, and muscles.

  • Liquorodynamic

High blood pressure pain is determined by the position of the body, with reduced increases in the standing position.

  • Vascular

Throbbing headache accompanied by dizziness.

In most cases the reason why every day headache is associated with degenerative disc disease or depression. The sore it hurts to bend over, comb your hair, wear a hat, he feels dizzy, and active movement relieves the pain, which can stay the night.

On the question of why sick and dizzy every day, can be answered by MRI. It will detect the presence or absence of tumors and cancer. The pain may radiate to one side, does not always coincide with the localization of the tumor, and the patient is experiencing nausea.

In people older than 45 years, the pain may be due to arteritis, they are combined with the joint and muscle pain, visual disturbance, fever, dizziness.

Intense headaches every day the reasons may be in the form of benign diseases, paroxysmal hemicrania. In this case the patient is not sick and is not «cool», instead it suffers seizures and sudden pain in the head, repeated up to 40 times a day, and persist for months.

What to do if every day a headache?

First, do not abuse painkillers and alcohol. They can temporarily act on the headache, but after a while it will only intensify. Smoking causes more dizziness and the risk of spasm of blood vessels, so if possible from him, too, should be abandoned.

For starters, you can attach to the head a cold compress, but it is not recommended to do if chronic pain, that is, every day headache. Otherwise, the procedure is not only not help, but worsen the patient’s condition with the help of muscle strain and spasm of blood vessels.

Can’t hurt and will help to cope with some types of pain such funds:

  • Compress

Pour into any container the water is a comfortable temperature, add a few drops of lavender or peppermint, soak in a solution towel, and put on the forehead, wet with whiskey.

Another option compress is an ordinary cabbage leaf applied to the forehead.

  • Grass

Replace the bedtime tea at the reception of decoction of herbs: chamomile, lavender. It will soothe and relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

  • Massage

Take short breaks at work if I got a headache. Movement should be directed from front to back, from the nape to the neck, from the skull to the ears. The massage should be pleasant and easy. Massage your temples and relax your neck, head bowed.

  • Oxygen enrichment

Don’t forget that in most cases the cause of headaches is lack of oxygen. Even if you have no opportunity to go for a walk, ventilate the room several times a day.

  • Watch your diet

To reduce the risk of headaches, try to limit yourself to Asian cuisine, soy products, nuts, chocolate, spices, sausages, sugar substitutes, etc.

Cheese can cause chronic pain in the head due to the content of tyramine, a substance that appears due to aging of the product and decomposition of protein. As a result, after drinking a significant amount of curd in the body increases pressure and headache.

If you already week a headache, what could it be, you will have an experienced doctor. If not severe fatigue, eye strain or stressful experiences, necessarily refer to a medical facility. But even if you feel that the whole day headache due to psychological, physical or emotional stress, direct your attention on getting rid of him. Take a vacation or time off and get some rest. Don’t sacrifice your health and well-being for short-lived values and work.

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Be healthy!

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