The rate of blood platelets in women

The blood called platelets plate – they do not have a nucleus involved in the clotting process. The tests are labeled PLT. These cells are designed to ensure the regeneration of damaged tissue, nutrition of the vessel walls. The number of platelets, which is manifested in humans is the norm, and for women this figure may deviate.

What is the normal platelet for women

Blood cells

The function of these plates is very important for proper functioning of the human body. Their life expectancy in women and men – about 7-10 days. If this cycle is broken, and the PLT are not disposed, accumulated, it leads to thickening of the blood, formation of blood clots. Normal levels in a healthy person is in the range of 200-400 thousand/µl. Their volume may drop due to menstruation, during pregnancy, therefore the female figure is slightly reduced – 150-400 thousand/MCL.

Such a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood in women occurs during blood loss, but at the next analysis level should come to the previous value. In healthy female body average should be:

  • up to 1 year – 120-300;
  • 1-4 years – 150-300;
  • 15-18 years – 180-340;
  • 18-69 years 180-320.

In the General analysis of blood

A lab technician takes a sample

For counting platelets, as a rule, hand over the General analysis of blood. In the results the amount of platelets will be denoted by the acronym PLT. During pregnancy girls are, as a rule, koagulogrammou. A recent study has purpose to determine the level of PLT and a General analysis of the is elements. For coagulation, the blood is drawn from the vein. To pass both tests should be fasting in the morning.

By Fonio

There are several options of tests that help to determine the amount of platelets. One of them is the method by Fonio, which provides the ability to use automated counters for counting PLT. It is only necessary to use such reagents:

  1. dye Romanovsky-Giemsa;
  2. 14% magnesium sulfate;
  3. the retainer Mein-Grunwald or Leishman.

On the finger-women make a puncture, a drop of blood is mixed with magnesium sulfate. The resulting mixture is prepare smears, which are then dried and painted. Further, the counter counts 1000 red cells in a smear for a certain period of time and reflects the relative amount. Absolute platelet count in women deduce so – obtained result is multiplied by the rate of erythrocytes in 1 MKL and divide by 1000.

The rate of platelet aggregation

The study samples

These blood cells – the smallest in the human body, but serve one of the most important functions. If platelets less than normal, it affects clotting, which leads to heavy blood loss. Helps to avoid this process of aggregation (adhesion) of cells between them that form a «plug» (thrombus). However, if there is a high rate, this leads to thickening of the blood, formation of blood clots inside blood vessels, which causes negative consequences for human health. In the results of the likelihood of such a process is called thrombocrit.

The normal women measured by the rate of formation of large aggregates on the stopwatch, as a rule, this occurs after 10-60 seconds. This figure may be different in pregnant women. State of reduced aggregation caused by low platelet count in the blood of women, this factor must be taken into account when preparing for childbirth. The rate may be increased toxicity, loss of fluid through diarrhea, frequent vomiting. With a further increase possible blood clots that in early pregnancy leads to miscarriage.

The norm in women when gestation is considered to be the aggregation at the level of 30-60%. Your doctor may order the study at:

  • infertility treatment;
  • before a planned pregnancy;
  • reception of contraceptives.
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