The pimples on the ass: causes, how to remove and treat

pimples on buttocks causesAlmost every girl is faced with the problem of acne. Alas, this phenomenon is a normal part of our lives, and therefore require proper and effective skin care. To help girls (and guys too) modern manufacturers offer many kinds of tonics, creams, and other means. In addition, there are many other ways of dealing with acne, so that they can be quickly addressed. But what if there were pimples on the ass?

Of course, we don’t show the ass to everyone you meet, and with the onset of autumn-winter season and it will be hidden under the tights, long skirts, trousers. But still the phenomenon is very unpleasant, in fact quite often the pimples on the ass accompanied by burning, itching and painful sensations. For this reason, a perfectly understandable desire to know why pimples on their butts and learn the methods of getting rid of them.

What causes pimples on buttocks?

There were pimples on the ass from women cause justifiable concern and a desire to quickly get rid of them. But in order to cure the pimples on the ass, you need to understand why they appeared.

So, there are the following causes of pimples on the buttocks:

  1. how to remove pimples on the buttocksPrimarily, acne occurs due to excessive dryness of the skin. The fact that the sebaceous glands on the buttocks do not exist, except for a small number of them, emit very small amounts of fat. Therefore, the skin becomes inflamed pretty quickly, especially when interacting with external stimuli, that is, when contact with underwear or during the friction of the furniture;
  2. Another cause of acne is a violation of the process of self-purification of the skin – the so-called keratinization. As a result of the imbalance, dead skin cells do not leave the surface and clog the pores;
  3. Of course, more susceptible to acne office staff and all persons leading a sedentary life – large pimples on the priest, unfortunately, is guaranteed in most cases.;
  4. Hormonal disturbance so helps to ensure that appear purulent pimples on the buttocks. This phenomenon, in turn, can be caused by many reasons, ranging from taking different hormonal preparations and ending with the lack of vitamins in the body;
  5. Among the reasons you need to call and allergic reactions to used hygiene products (shower gel, powder, soap);
  6. Red pimples on the ass causing high temperature. We are talking about the hot days when the skin sweats and the result is covered with a rash;
  7. Pimples on buttocks can be due to hypothermia;
  8. Finally, on the buttocks acne may appear with colds, as an appropriate reaction to the virus.

How to remove acne on buttocks?

how to treat acne on the buttocksHaving studied describing the pimples on the ass of the causes, you can try to get rid of them.

Attention! Purulent reddened pimples and pimples, jumped on the priest, the child, in any case can not be removed without prior consultation with a doctor.

In other cases, the first step should be the revision of the diet. Why do it? Unfortunately, «junk food consumed by us almost daily that contains sufficient amounts of toxins. These toxins entering the body, leave traces that manifest in the form of pimples on the ass and other parts of the body. So the answer to the question «how to get rid of pimples on the ass» at times it may be a simple change in the consumption of fatty and spicy foods.

Another step on the road to smooth the skin on the priest is a careful study of the wardrobe. The reason is that a number of products, especially synthetic, can cause pimples on the butt and legs, even in the absence of observed allergic reactions. Therefore, you should carefully examine the labels attached to things. In addition, acne on buttocks can occur due to all sorts of narrow pants. The design of such clothing items, of course, emphasizes all the charm of the lower half of a female body, but it limits the number of entrants to the skin air. So try to provide your skin with sufficient oxygen supply.

How to treat acne on the buttocks

If the cause of buttock acne is not associated with these factors, it is possible to use and reliable ways of explaining how to treat acne on buttocks at home. So, it is an effective salt bath for the buttocks:

  • you should take a shower and flowing movements of the washcloth to RUB the buttocks;
  • in a bowl, you need to dial warm water, then dissolve it in 3-4 tablespoons of salt;
  • to sit in this solution need 10-15 minutes. During this time, the skin of the buttocks soften and get rid of harmful microbes;
  • when complete, the priests on the skin apply antibacterial cream.

Another way is to apply on the buttocks mask of blue clay. Here everything is even simpler:

  • the buttocks should be well steamed, for this is taken the hot bath;
  • for a skin mask is applied and held for 20-25 minutes;
  • after washing off the mask buttocks are handled lotion;
  • repeat the procedure for 4-5 days.

Instead of blue you can use green clay. The recipe is as follows:

  • once again, it must be steamed buttocks;
  • the clay should be diluted with warm water, to this mixture, add 4-5 drops of oil of wheat germ;
  • the mask is applied directly on the pimples for 30 minutes;
  • to use this mask for months once a week.

Also useful is to appeal to the beautician. Modern beauty salons offer their customers a special program aimed at finding out why pimples on ass arose and to deal with them. These programs consist mainly of wraps, massages, peeling.

Very good help salicylic ointment, especially if the pimple on the ass hurts. It is applied to the cotton swab and swab the pimples. It is important not to burn the skin surface excess ointment. It is recommended to smear the pimples twice a day, but a small amount of ointment.

Will help to remove a large pimple on the Pope and decoctions of medicinal herbs, particularly chamomile, succession, or celandine. Daily 15-minute bath with the addition of broth will quickly relieve skin irritation

Finally, we will call the known and the simplest remedy for the pimples on the ass is iodine. It’s a simple cotton swab to moisten with solution of iodine and lubricate sore spots.

Being treated by a doctor

But if the above methods do not help or are suppurating pimples on the ass, what to do? Immediately need to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. He will examine your skin and prescribe, depending on the causes of acne, ointments (gels) or pills and even injections.

Do not allow acne

There are some rules, observing that you can prevent pimples on the buttocks in women:

  • first, avoid excessive drying of the skin on the buttocks, use nourishing creams;
  • second, wear only underwear made of natural cotton.

These simple tips will help you not only to get rid of acne on the priest, but did not allow the Pope a new zit.

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