The inflated abdomen before menstruation, increasing, pull, ache

why before menstruation stomach acheWhy the inflated abdomen before menstruation? This question is raised by many women. And for those who want to lose weight this phenomenon acts as a kind of tragedy. And someone sees that swells the abdomen before menstruation, a serious threat and in a panic runs to the doctor. To avoid all possible reactions, stress, emotions, you need to decide once for all characterize bloating before menstruation causes and also set all related phenomena.

The stomach swells and increases

It is no secret that all changes in the female sexual sphere are somehow connected with the activity of hormones. The entire menstrual cycle is tied to it. Women’s hormonal balance – the phenomenon is dynamic, constantly changing. There can not be such that the level of hormones is clearly established on the same level and does not wobble. Accordingly, an increase in the abdomen before menstruation may be caused by a specific indicator of a particular hormone, then, of course, affects the health of women, the condition of her body.

why inflates and increases the abdomen before menstruationWhat kind of hormones are we talking? First of all, the bloating before menstruation is called by a jump in the level of progesterone. The fact that the entire second half of the cycle, the level of this hormone is constantly increasing, however, immediately before menstruation has been a sharp decline in progesterone. This jump causes the so-called PMS – premenstrual syndrome. In such a situation there is a lack of energy, depressive mood, aggression, pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation, lower back pain, nausea, bloating, and finally the heaviness in the lower abdomen before menstruation. Sometimes before menstruation hungry, why there is a feeling here.

Why inflated abdomen before menstruation? Due to the fact that the body retains a large amount of fluid. It is obvious that the liquid affects the volume of the stomach and weight women. Normal woman can before menstruation weighed several pounds more than usual.

Another reason why an increase in the abdomen before menstruation, is waiting conception from the body. The uterus before menstruation increased, it is edematous and filled with all the required nutrients to the embryo. Hence, in addition to bloating, the feeling of hunger before your period starts.

The body is not enough of another hormone – serotina. Therefore, the woman feels an urgent need to level serotina to recover. And for this I want more sweet and starchy foods. That’s because of this and increasing belly before menstruation.

Now let’s talk about something else. Find out why before menstruation stomach ache.

bloating and an increase in the abdomen before menstruation causesMenstrual pain generally accompany most women. The difference is found only in intensity: some are observed almost unbearable pain in the abdomen before menstruation, and some only experience mild discomfort. And that stomach ache before my period, nothing bad and terrible: this phenomenon is typical for half of the women. And again the reason lies in hormones. See the separate article «Why when menstruation stomach ache.

Pain in lower abdomen before my period due to prostaglandins. It is found, as already mentioned, 50% of women, but only 10% there is a sharp, strong pain. In a previous article we described how to reduce pain during menstruation. The reason lies in the uterine contractions, and the presence of harmful habits: Smoking, alcoholism. If pain woman loses consciousness, she has low blood pressure, then it is a bad sign – so declares itself pathological algomenorrhea. You should immediately consult a doctor.

In conclusion, I would like to talk more about why pulling the belly before menstruation. Well, in this case we are talking about a much more pleasant – about a possible pregnancy. How do you know for sure? Women’s body hard tells us about her pregnancy, there are a huge number of various signs. It is clear that a high probability exists when observing the delay. But, as a rule, women begin to assume the presence of pregnancy even before a possible delay. And here, among all the signs, is this, when pulling the lower abdomen before menstruation. why pull the belly before menstruation

So, this phenomenon is typical for early pregnancy. The reason was already mentioned above: the body stores nutrients for the future of the embryo. Accordingly, they accumulate, and as a result, the stomach pulls as before menstruation, but periods not come then. It is clear that to ascertain the pregnancy after a delay, but, at least, in advance to talk about it with such emotions.

Now you know the reasons for the inflated abdomen before menstruation, causes pain in the abdomen and causes swelling. That’s why, when you see with the experience, increases the abdomen before menstruation, you should remember: it is not dangerous and does not threaten the phenomenon, it will not spoil your figure and will not harm your body. We wish you good health!

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