The flowering of female beauty — face care after 30

The flowering of female beauty — face care after 30

After 30 a woman has usually taken place. Often at this age already have a family, husband, children, stable job. But psychological problems, fatigue, and the perpetual hurry of life, tension at work greatly Deplete the woman, which affects her skin. And age is still little, but takes its toll.

The face is not hidden under clothes like other parts of the body. It is visible and is exposed to various influences: the weather and climatic conditions, hard water, dust and dirt of the city and many other effects. To keep the skin in good condition for a long time to nurture her and care for her.

Skin care face: 30 years – all only begins

If you started to take care of your skin from an early age, to 30 years you have developed the habit of cleaning and moisturize the skin every day. If not, you need to start your care for the skin. After 30 years, the regeneration of the skin start to go much slower. And this happens from the fact that the synthesis of collagen and elastin slows down. Thus you can observe at still shallow wrinkles.

What you did before, namely, moisturizing gels and mousses, is not enough. The skin needs to restore and protect. And it should be done constantly and without any gaps, because the wrinkles are already there, and you don’t want them spreading further. For the comprehensive care of skin after 30 years you only need 15-30 minutes in the morning and evening, and the result will surprise you.

The flowering of female beauty — face care after 30

The problem of swelling of the skin

If you notice swelling of the face morning, this may be an indication that the fluid drunk at night, no time to get out of the body completely. Suggest you to consume less fluid before bed. Generally drink plenty of water throughout the day is very useful at any age, but only at least 2 hours before going to bed.

It would be really good if you get in the habit to visit the beautician at least 1 time per month.

And once a year after 30 years need to undergo lymphatic drainage massage. It consists of seven sessions, as a result of the excess fluid from the body is removed. By the way, body weight is also reduced. In General, lymphatic drainage massage you will have an effect on the capillaries and vessels that removes excess and unwanted fluid from the body.

Visiting beautician and massage course the above will optimize the movement of blood through the vessels. As a result, your skin will come in tone and will look much fresher and younger. And wrinkles, by the way, some time will disappear. You will be able to notice the nose and lips.

If you are unable to go to the beautician, to get massages, then do it at home, but before you start check out massage lines of the face.

The flowering of female beauty — face care after 30

Rules of freshness and beauty

It is important after the age of 30 years to care for the face using masks. Masks deep clean the skin. To make a face mask yourself, it is enough to buy at any pharmacy or store dry clay, dilute it with water to a thick cream and apply up to 15 minutes on the face. When you wash off the mask, massage your skin at the same lines.

What should be the cream, if you’re over 30 years? Cosmetics of this age should have a SPF filter. Because ultraviolet radiation, especially from a monitor that has a very negative impact on the skin condition.

It is very important to pay attention to skin care around the eyes. Because there skin is very thin and delicate. That’s what means can be applied to the eye area of the products that you have in the fridge. To three teaspoons of fat cottage cheese (excellent cheese if you take home), add the yolk of 1 egg. On the face and leave for 25 minutes.

Take care of your skin in 30 years and at maturity you will look chic woman which envy and admire.

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