The delay period for a month

mesyachnie-tsiklWomen’s menstruation is always the abode of mysteries and oddities. One of the main issues. Which bothers women is a missed period. Delays are different (short (1-2 days) and long).

Delay of menstruation and occurs at any age – in girls at puberty, in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding in women of advanced age when changing their cycle. Delay of menstruation up to 5 days – this is normal, but it happens that menstruation does not appear at the woman for a very long time (sometimes up to several months) – it is a pathology. Usually menstrual cycle is 20-30 days, and passing directly from of menstruation 3 to 7 days.

There are many reasons for the delay menstruation. And what caused the delay menstruation for a month?

  1. The first reason may be the delay period for a month need to consider pregnancy. During pregnancy, the process of rejection of endometrium in the body falls into a stupor, which in turn does not begin menstruation.
  2. Various hormonal failures can be the consequence of gynecological diseases and delayed menstruation. Delay in menses can be caused by inflammation of the appendages or of the ovaries.
  3. Also, the delay period can be caused by inflammatory processes in internal organs.
  4. Women’s diets can also cause delays in menstruation. During the diet in the body receives fewer beneficial nutrients, it makes a woman into a state of stress, also there is a sharp weight loss and the body fights with itself to make up for the missing elements. All this affects the endocrine system, and its health as an indicator of the health of the whole organism. In addition to crash diets the menstrual cycle can lead to overeating.
  5. Birth control pills can also contribute to a delay menstruation for a month. After receiving such funds egg women frozen in time, and to restore them to a certain time. More information about the use of contraceptives can be found here.
  6. Artificial termination of pregnancy (abortion) may be the cause of the delay period. When cleaning the cervix is cleaned, the part that usually comes out during menstruation, when pregnancy termination period can only stay for 30 days.
  7. Postpartum period is also not immediately begin. For several months a woman’s body is rebuilt and restored.
  8. The least problematic reason for the delay menstruation for a month may be a change of climate. Most often this occurs during flights over long distances. For example, a trip abroad or to another part of your country. During these trips, a woman experiences stress, and stress affects the menstrual cycle.

Pay attention to your body. If you are having a delay period for a month or more – do not delay addressing this issue. You must immediately contact a doctor who will prescribe a comprehensive examination, identify the causes of delay and commence your treatment.

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