The effects of surgery to remove the thyroid gland

thyroid salosaThe thyroid gland is the right person for the storage and production of iodine and hormones containing iodine. Clearly, there is nothing superfluous in the human body can not be. But there are times when the thyroid gland should be removed. In this article you will learn in which cases authority should be removed, what to do if you removed the thyroid gland: implications for health and that life after surgery.

Before you make a decision about the necessity of a surgical removal of the thyroid gland, the doctor should very carefully weigh all the «pros» and «cons». Comparing the risk of disease with possible complications after thyroid removal surgery, choose the least harmful outcome, because it often happens that after removal of thyroid the consequences can be bigger than the original disease.

If there is suspicion of thyroid disease, treatment at home is unacceptable. To self-medicate the patient can only worsen the situation, and if in the early stages of treatment it was still possible to exercise after a long period of inactivity, or damage without removal is not enough.

When the thyroid gland (or part of it) you need to remove:

  • Complete destruction. This can happen after a hard (mechanical) injuries and in rare cases.
  • Malignant tumors in the tissues of the body.
  • Acute and severe disease.
  • When the patient is not amenable to medical treatment in view of its intolerance to the drug or group of drugs.
  • When the size of the thyroid gland to increase to the extent that compress adjacent organs.
  • Disease with thyrotoxicosis.
  • When after an operation to remove the thyroid gland, the consequences are less dangerous than the course of the disease.

The effects of surgery on thyroid gland

If you and your doctor decided that it would be better to remove prostate, the doctor needs to warn about possible complications and consequences.

After surgery to remove the thyroid gland the body with the help of therapy and care can be restored and function properly. But it is necessary to follow all advices of the doctor to monitor hormone balance and to take medication as directed. Otherwise, surgery to remove the thyroid gland can bring a lot of trouble to the patient.

After removal of the thyroid gland in women the effects can be even more dangerous. There can be a lot related «female» diseases that affect the reproductive system.

However, even with the right approach and patient complications can arise, which make up only a small percentage of the total number of cases, but still there.

Complications after removal

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  • Damaged recurrent nerve. This is the most common and least dangerous complication after surgery. Under the supervision of an experienced physician it is successfully overcome.
  • Disturbed functionality of the parathyroid glands. In this case, the doctor may prescribe medical therapy, which may have to stick with throughout life.
  • Bleeding or suppuration of the joint. This is the most rare.

Surgery on the thyroid gland — postoperative period

The majority of patients safely undergo rehabilitation after the surgery. The acceptance of synthetic hormones, the production of which answered the thyroid gland, can last a lifetime, thus, the hormonal balance will be maintained artificially. The main task of the doctor is most competent to select the dose of the hormone in question – thyroxine. Then, a synthetic hormone used perfectly compensate for a deficit that may occur in the body after removal of the thyroid gland.

In addition, the doctor may prescribe extra vitamins like magnesium, calcium, etc

If the voice began to change, unable to implant in the larynx Teflon.

surgery on the thyroid gland
In General, if the operation is successful and the rehabilitation behind, except for the constant reception of thyroxine and other essential vitamins, visit an endocrinologist at least once a year, life after thyroid surgery does not change.

If the thyroid gland was removed due to malignant tumors, among other things necessary to visit a doctor to identify the risk of recurrence, especially in the postoperative period.

Patients themselves after removal of the thyroid gland, reviews leave a variety. Someone postoperative period passed quickly and smoothly, someone after surgery problems, to put it mildly, has not diminished. Remember that every body is different and what happened to one will not necessarily happen to you. The main thing – to entrust yourself to an experienced doctor and do not start the disease.

I think many would agree that if possible treatment with medicines and drugs, resorting to surgery pointless. After the consultation with the doctor can adjust the way of life and nutrition and to try the popular treatment, if it can help get rid of the disease. In the case where these methods do not work, remains the operation on the thyroid gland, the complications can be varied, but do not tune it for the worst. Most people after surgery are not experiencing discomfort and live a full life.

Therefore, before you consent to surgery to remove the thyroid gland, think about the possible consequences, weigh all the pros and cons and consult your doctor.

Be healthy!

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