The best tools from the weather

Winter is not only the new year holidays, but also darkness, greyness and cold. And because people do not hibernate, we need to adapt with these realities. Because the autumn Blues to win we are with you under force.

Fragrant bath

Probably the most difficult thing about winter is waking up in the morning. Because the window is still dark, and the body perceives it as night. In order to cheer up, you can make yourself a citrus bath with essential oils of rosemary, bergamot and grapefruit, and slices of lemon. Ten minutes of this bath will cheer you up, but it takes time. If you don’t, just take a shower.

Winter shower gel

Ideally, you should have a few shower gels. Aromas of citrus will help you to defeat negative thoughts, anxiety and sadness. They will also help keep you warm. The scent of rosemary the mood is your mood, because it is a great antidepressant. It invigorates and can even give you determination. Lime or lemon, increases vitality, improves mood and calms the nerves. Also, lemon can improve memory and concentration. The mint flavor will ease your tension, restore energy and calm you. Bergamot is able to remove apathy and depression, and energize you. Tropical and fruity aromas will remind you about vacations and summer and increase your mood. And the best winter scent is, of course, ginger. It will help you fight colds and improve your memory.

A little sun

Another reason for the winter Blues is the lack of sun. This is due to the fact that under the influence of UV rays in our body begins to produce endorphins – hormones of pleasure. The lack of these hormones in the body can lead to apathy and even boredom or depression. Yes, and important for our skin, vitamin D3 is produced only when exposed to ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, the short summer could not provide us with the necessary all over the winter quantities of this vitamin. So you can safely go to the Solarium, but don’t overdo it. You will only need five to seven minutes once a week.

Winter scents

In winter, our sense of smell diminishes, so we seem inexpressive fresh, light flavors. In order to successfully overcome depression and colds, use a special warming flavors. These include spicy, warm, Oriental or tropical, fruity, exotic and pronounced floral aromas. They will create around you an aura of security and comfort. In order to extend the action of your favorite flavor, put on wrist cream and then a DAB of perfume. Cuddle up in your desired flavor to winter seem not so cold.

The best tools from the weather

Healthy sleep

Scientists have long proven that healthy sleep is the source of beauty and good mood. Sleep is especially important in the winter. For adults need eight to nine hours of sleep. It is very important to go to bed no later than midnight, because the most productive sleep from eleven at night until four in the morning. It is called beauty sleep. If you’re going to fall asleep later, you may have bags under the eyes, gray complexion, extinct look and a bad mood.

Proper nutrition

In the winter I want to eat constantly. However, if you do not want to buy a whole new wardrobe, you should eat properly and on time. Hunger try to eat fruit, and generally add to your diet more fruits, vegetables, berries, legumes and cereals.

More bright colors

You must have noticed that in winter most people prefer the gray and black colors in clothes? You can become a bright spot, if you dress in bright clothes. If you are not yet ready for such fundamental changes, add bright accessories.

The best tools from the weather


Learn winter sports, and then you’ll forget about the Blues and other expenses this time of year.


And stop, finally feeling sorry for yourself! After all, you are all well, and a sad song on the radio is not about you. Smile and change the radio station. Unable even to wriggle in front of the mirror. And you can call me to visit my nearest friend or to revise once again your favorite movie.


Shopping is undoubtedly a win-win option in the fight against melancholy and even depression. While you don’t have to spend on the purchase of his entire salary, because the acquisition of any little thing can cheer you up.

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