Breastfeeding a newborn

Breastfeeding a newbornPerfect food for a newborn baby, it is, of course, mother’s breast milk, because it contains all the essential nutrients, adapted for quick and easy stave off hunger.

Breastfeeding a newborn baby the last time is very important, because all parents are interested in the health of your baby. For newborn children the mother’s breast milk protein are most suitable, there are essential amino acids, globulins and bulimina required concentration. For anybody not a secret that mom and baby are the only biological structure, and therefore the absorption of proteins from the milk of the mother they are better absorbed. In cow’s milk useful amino acids is much smaller and it has more protein casein, which are not so easily digested in the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn. The fact that the normal intestinal flora is formed of a newborn until about three months of the baby, and at this time you may experience cramps, very bother many babies, so why to this trouble to add one more.

It is believed that infants, breastfed a year, have a good immune system, calm. Breast milk retains a certain amount of hormones and immunoglobulins. And for the kid in the first months is very important to protect, because of their immunity they have is not enough for combating various infectious diseases (scarlet fever, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough).

Breastfeeding provides lots of vitamins A, b, C, D, E and vitamins of the group PP. Moreover, note that during heat treatment these vitamins lose their beneficial properties, and in breast milk, they come in its original form, and by the way, the temperature of mother’s milk is ideal for use. Also note that breastfeeding of infants, provides them with necessary trace elements such as iron and copper, and cobalt, that are essential for the hematopoietic process, and this prevents the development of the baby anemia.

Breast milk mother is coagulation in small flakes, and cow, on the contrary, large, which hampers its rapid digestion.

When breastfeeding, the baby meets his sucking reflex, and gets the milk at any time, without delay sterile and the right temperature. Feeding baby breast beneficial effect on the psychological state of the baby, however, he feels the mother’s scent, warmth, touch and is a calming influence.

Of course, breastfeeding has its own rules. At first, the mother should follow a special diet in order not to cause the child colic, and rashes, consume more fluids to maintain the desired level of lactation, and it is important to properly latch the baby to breast. The baby must fully cover the area around the nipple, to move while sucking needs chin. Poor attachment to the breast threatens to crack on them. What to do if sore nipples while breastfeeding, click here.

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