The actor’s diet: lose weight very fast

Recommended by many dietitians to lose weight gradually and without using crash diets. However, there are some things, some moments and desires, when there is not enough time, and 100% of the results must be achieved in a short time. We certainly don’t suggest to starve your body, but it will largely have to limit myself.

In order to achieve positive results and changes in your body will need a little patience. Such methods should not be abused, however, in the case of emergency, in a critical moment from time to time such methods may be used, of course, if you have no diseases of the stomach.

We offer to your attention four ways in just four days to quickly and efficiently lose weight.

The Actor’s Diet

Method 1. «Actor’s Diet». This method is often used by actors, dancers, dancers in those cases when the performance is very soon and need to lose weight tomorrow. The diet itself is very simple.

First day. Throughout the day you should eat only boiled rice and wash it down with tomato juice, and you can not add sugar, salt, pepper or other spices. Salt retains water excretion from the body. During the day you can eat boiled rice and drink a tomato juice in any quantity.

The second day. Throughout, you must only eat yogurt and cheese without any restrictions. You need to eat as much as your body requires. When I felt hunger, then eat immediately. No need to go hungry, go to meet your body — it will tell you the same.

The third day. It should start with tea. Tea you need to drink until the evening. There can be only boiled meat. It is better to use green tea with any additives: petals of rose, Jasmine, etc. the Basic rule — the tea should be drunk without sugar! And the meat should be fatty, and pork is eliminated immediately. It is advisable to use white meat chicken, rabbit, Turkey. Fourth day. For this, you will need a bottle of dry red wine, 200 grams cheese. During the fourth day you have to drink dry red wine, snacking on cheese. During the fourth day refrain from drinking water — the less you drink water the better, but it is better not to drink the water.

Four day diet

Method 2. «The four day diet»that helps you to lose 4-5 kgs of excess weight.

First day. Breakfast: an orange of medium size, two hard-boiled eggs, one Cup of fragrant black coffee.

Lunch: 8 soaked in warm water prunes.

Dinner: 1 hard-boiled egg and again 1 orange, medium size.

The second day. Breakfast: slice of low fat cheese with a Cup of black hope.

Lunch: 1 orange and 1 chicken person, hard-boiled.

Dinner: 1 Cup of milk and 1 ripe pear.

The third day. Breakfast: on this day, it is limited to only tea is allowed up to two cups.

Lunch: one cucumber and tomato, a piece of no fat cheese. Dinner: the day ends with a glass of milk.

Fourth day. Breakfast: muesli, bathed in warm milk or juice. Lunch: one fresh tomato and cucumber, which should be consumed without salt.

Dinner: two ripe orange of medium size.

The actor's diet: lose weight very fast

Cheese and bananas

Method 3. «Cheese and bananas». This diet is the most delicious. It allows you to get rid of three kilos overweight.

First day. Breakfast: one grapefruit and 120 grams of cheese.

Lunch: 120 grams of cottage cheese and a small piece of melon.

Dinner: same as Breakfast: one grapefruit and 120 grams of cheese.

The second day. Breakfast: a glass of skimmed warm milk, one ripe banana.

Lunch: one banana and a hard-boiled egg.

Dinner: two bananas and 200 grams of meat.

The third and fourth days, again similar to the first and second.

Grapefruit diet

Method 4. «Grapefruit diet»that allows you to get rid of 3 kilograms of excess weight. This exotic fruit, like grapefruit, have a wonderful ability to break down fats. Here only those people who have stomach problems: ulcers, gastritis or other illnesses, this diet is strictly contraindicated.

Breakfast: boiled egg, half a grapefruit, a piece of rye bread, a Cup of coffee or tea with lemon.

Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs, a choice of lemon tea or coffee.

Dinner: cooked in any way (not fried), two eggs, half grapefruit, Cup of tea with lemon. Thus the need to eat all four days.

It is necessary to follow the most important rule for getting rid of excess weight simply to diet, little or no is not enough.

You need to play sports with which you approach the desired result, as well as to the ideal figure. You need to be careful when you are offered diet, especially hard and long.

When you use the diet in your lifestyle, you need to eliminate physical exertion; eliminating diet, leading to weakening of the body and reducing muscle mass.

It should be wary if you are offered a diet with absolutely no bread, pasta, greens, fruits or meat. This range of products needed by the body in varying proportions.

To exclude diet pills, food substitutes, energy bars, liquid protein, not known to substances, food supplements, creams, and even deodorants that promise that with their help you can burn fat almost during the day.

Good luck to you!

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