That shows an MRI of the brain

Headache — complaint, which often turn to doctors people of all ages. Recently this problem was considered to be purely age-related disease, but now the headaches are increasingly complaining about teenagers and middle-aged people. To determine the cause, the doctor may prescribe such examination as MRI.

What is MRI of the brain

Scanner in the office

Transcript of the brain MRI: magnetic resonance imaging or non-invasive examination of the head, helps to establish the diagnosis and to appoint correct treatment. That shows an MRI of the brain? With this survey we can estimate the state of the nervous system, structure of matter, and vessels. MRI — a fast, secure method of research. Medical practice considers it to be the most sensitive and accurate method for viewing of the bodies which can give detailed information about the disease.

The essence of the survey with the help of the scanner is to use powerful magnetic fields and ultra-precise pulses which are transmitted to the PC. The screen goes accurate volumetric picture of all the parts of the brain. The result of this analysis can be displayed on the big screen, send by e-mail. The method is safe. What will an MRI of the brain? Image detail of detail helps doctors to detect abnormalities in organs, arteries and tissues.

How is an MRI of the brain

Patient before and after examination of the brain is allowed to lead a normal way of life without restricting food intake. Immediately before the procedure you should tell the radiologist about all operations, diseases that the patient ever endured. It is also important to talk about allergic reactions to medications, especially when contrast MRI. All metal and jewelry should be removed. The woman in the appointment of a study by the imager should inform the doctor about a possible pregnancy. You should also inform your doctor or radiologist about the presence of:

  • of prosthetic joints and limbs;
  • artificial heart valves;
  • metal plates, etc.

The procedure

The MRI procedure takes about an hour:

  1. A patient is placed on a movable table. The body is fixed bolsters and straps.
  2. Around the head the device is located with wires that send and receive the radio waves.
  3. The patient in the study is one study, but the radiologist sees and hears.
  4. To reduce agitation of the subject, the doctor can include relaxing music.
  5. The radiologist full control of the whole process. It can:
  • to adjust the quality of the pictures;
  • to change the frequency of radio waves;
  • to make more images;
  • to record a photo of the slices on a USB flash drive.

What pathology reveals a head CT

Tomogram head

Magnetic resonance method is the most popular in modern medicine. With the help of MRI can early detect diseases of the brain. The scan is of high quality, showing even the smallest details. When issuing a direction for examination by the imager, the attending physician may indicate a preliminary diagnosis and on what the divisions should pay special attention. Here’s what shows MRI of brain vessels:

  • encephalitis;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • meningitis;
  • injury;
  • defects in the development;
  • tumors;
  • pathology of blood vessels;
  • the causes of epilepsy;
  • blurred vision;
  • hemorrhage.

Brain MRI with contrast

The nurse prepares the patient for examination

Diagnosis of head MRI is most informative in cases of suspected metastatic or malignant formation of the tumor. Brain MRI with contrast helps to increase the accuracy of diagnosis in identifying diseases of the CNS. Usually, examination with contrast is performed in the following indications:

  • traumatic brain injury;
  • suspected vasodilatation;
  • pituitary adenoma;
  • tumor;
  • cysts;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • metastases.

Used contrast (a special substance) before the examination is administered intravenously, the quantity is calculated based on the weight of the patient. In contrast, when entering the blood is accumulated only in areas with tissue changes, enabling them to Express vividly on the CT scan, improving image quality, creating a precise projection of the tumor. As paramagnetic substances are often used the drug, which is based on gadolinium. This agent improves the visibility of all structural changes during scanning.

Imaging of the brain without contrast

Type of test MRI usually depends on the patient’s complaints. If there are no obvious pathologies, the patient complains of loss of coordination and pain first comes the overview imaging without special substances. Procedure without contrast, the patient almost does not feel. Can be unpleasant the fact of the premises in a closed small space and loud rhythmic sounds. That shows a brain MRI without contrast? Imaging of head tomography without the use of substances may show:

  • organ or tissue suffered upon impact;
  • the presence of cysts;
  • bruising and other problems.

When you need a brain examination by MRI

The survey process

Indications for examination with magnetic resonance:

  • frequent dizziness;
  • headaches of unknown origin;
  • speech disorders;
  • the suspected cancer;
  • movement disorders;
  • intracranial pressure;
  • dysfunction of cardiac activity, respiratory;
  • condition with loss of consciousness;
  • head injury;
  • impaired memory, orientation;
  • the suspected tumor;
  • stroke, suspected him;
  • parasites in the brain.

Video: why to perform MRI examination of the brain

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