Than to whiten the teeth at home

A variety of cosmetic and therapeutic agents allows you to choose many products for teeth whitening. However, not all these tools can help to return teeth to a pearly white Shine. «Fashion» presents an overview of natural and pharmaceutical products created to whiten your teeth at home.

Homemade natural remedies for bleaching

Not everyone knows that the products we use almost every day in the kitchen, can be used as tools for whitening teeth.

Baking soda is the best remedy for teeth whitening, which is very affordable and inexpensive. To use soda you need at least once a day, preferably at night. Then the majority of stains on teeth from coffee, tea and other food products leave. To brush your teeth with baking soda, you need to squeeze out a little toothpaste in a small container and add a pinch of this magic solution, mix well and brush your teeth. Recommended well rinse your mouth to avoid the taste of soda.

Another natural home remedy for teeth whitening is the mixture of baking soda, Apple cider vinegar and salt. For the preparation of this agent using equal proportions of each component, then carefully brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and brush again with toothpaste. To resort to this method of cleaning is once a week.

The tools and pastes for teeth whitening contain hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it can also be used in the home by taking 1 tsp soda and ½ tsp of peroxide (3%) and water. However, we must remember that such a mixture greatly affects the enamel, therefore, to resort to this method of purification is not more than once a week.

It is known that acid is good for the enamel. One of the representatives of acid in the house is Apple cider vinegar, which can make a great rinse for your teeth. In order to use it properly and do not hurt in 6 tablespoons of water diluted with 2 tbsp of vinegar. This homemade conditioner can be carried around in a jar and use throughout the day, such as after a meal. If daily rinsing of the teeth this means the effect will be very noticeable.

Pharmacy remedies for teeth whitening

All of the modern remedies for whitening teeth are composed of as active ingredients hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which penetrates the hard tissue of teeth, separate the oxygen, thereby bleaching the colored substances on the surface of the enamel. The external view of the teeth along with their structure changes, they become brighter and white.

1. One of the proven ways of whitening teeth at home are the strips for the whitening (for example, Crest 3D White Whitestrips) – a thin transparent strips that are applied for 30 minutes at the front upper and lower teeth. A shorter version to use after Breakfast, while make-up and hair styling. After the first set of strips, the result is obvious and will last up to a year.

2. Visible results can be achieved after two weeks of using Rembrandt whitening toothpastesuitable for sensitive tooth enamel. This tool can easily become a favorite for teeth whitening at home. The price of pasta in the range of 500-600 rubles.

3. For teeth whitening use also liquid for deep whitening Rembrandt, in addition to the main action – removal of stains and plaque because it strengthens the enamel. The tool is especially useful if you use different products with abrasive particles, injure the enamel.

4. For sensitive teeth the perfect toothpastethat strengthens the enamel softens and temperature sensitivity. After a few days of using the paste, the teeth will become stronger and more white, and the temperature difference is to be transferred easier.

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