Temperature before menstruation

temperature-before-mesyachnyimiThe basal temperature before menstruation is a key method that has long been used by gynecologists. For decades, they know that sex hormones affect the temperature fluctuations in different periods of the cycle. In addition, it is known that the importance of temperature before menstruation. The indicators expert are able to tell about many things: pregnancy, the presence of certain gynecological diseases, the onset of menses. Today basal temperature does not falls into oblivion and is widely used by doctors. Talk about what the temperature is before your period starts should be the norm, and if there are any disorders in the body.

So, the body temperature before menstruation in the rate should be slightly lower than rectal temperature in the luteal phase. The latter has the indicators at the level to 36.7-37.6 degrees. So what is basal temperature before menstruation? Immediately before menstruation (one or two days before) the temperature becomes a little lower.

what is the basal temperature before menstruation. schedule

During the monthly temperature, of course, is normal, should be no more than 37 degrees. In this and only in this case it is possible to speak with confidence about the normality of the index, and, consequently, on the standard functioning of the body. However, it is not always important specific temperatures in different phases, of greater significance is the difference between the temperatures.

the temperature increase before menstruationBut back to the performance. Therefore, with the norm, we decided. And what does the temperature increase before menstruation? Again, in some women the increase in body temperature before menstruation may be a normal reaction. The fact that immediately after ovulation in the female body is increased, the production of progesterone. This hormone has a strong impact on the temperature center of the brain. The latter, in turn, gives the command to increase in temperature. Therefore, some women may experience increased body temperature before menstruation (approximately one week before the start). Immediately after the beginning of the month the temperature is normalized.

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Also, the basal temperature increases before menstruation can be caused by pregnancy. The reason for such a reaction are hormonal changes. It is obvious that to accurately determine the presence of this factor only after delay and after the pregnancy tests.

But it is the temperature reliably diagnose pregnancy. This requires a rectal temperature measurement. If before menstruation fever, but the day before the start of menstruation, all is back to normal, no pregnancy occurred. The assumption that conception occurred can be done if there is a delay and body temperature 37 before menstruation, but not more than 37.5 degrees.

Finally, about the pregnancy shows and the basal temperature of 37 before menstruation, observed more than two weeks. Here it is necessary to pay special attention: if the temperature is maintained, but the beginning of a selection, a possible threat of miscarriage.

Unfortunately, the temperature of 37 before menstruation and higher can indicate a number of pathologies, among which:

  • before menstruation the temperature rises to 37 endometritis. Indeed, inflammation of the uterus is characterized in that just before menstruation the temperature drops and the day before and throughout menstruation the temperature drops below 37 degrees;
  • lack of progesterone. It can also be determined by temperature, specifically, at the changing speed. If between phases there is a slow (over three days) temperature increases with a very small difference, we are talking about this phenomenon. Accompanying signs is to reduce the second phase to 10 days. Then my period comes much earlier period;
  • inflammation of the appendages. In this case, in the follicular phase, the temperature during several days slowly rises to a value of 37 degrees. Saved indicators and during the second phase, and remain during menstruation.

That’s why before menstruation fever. Each reason can only be installed by an experienced technician. Setting, temperature rises before menstruation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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