When there are baby teeth in children

the order in which baby teeth appearFirst milk teeth, usually start to appear in 6-7 months, but since 3-4 months the process starts in the course. The baby begins salivating, he’s cranky, trying to bite hard objects, and occasionally crying. Sometimes the first milk teeth appear earlier, for example, in 2 months. Cases are known when the baby is already born with them. Nothing terrible and unnatural in this, the timing of eruption of primary teeth is very individual. If to 8 months the first tooth has not appeared, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This may be due to incorrect nutrition, lack of certain vitamins or heredity.

The order of appearance of milk teeth in a child

The order of eruption of primary teeth clear and here surprises parents expecting less.

  1. The lower Central incisors, about 6-7 months.
  2. Upper Central incisors — 8 to 9 months.
  3. Upper lateral incisor — 9 to 11.
  4. Lower lateral incisors – 11-13.
  5. The upper crankshaft (small molars) 12-15.
  6. Lower crankshaft (small molars) 12-15.
  7. The upper canines and 16-18.
  8. The lower fangs and 18-20.
  9. Lower crankshaft (large molars) 24-30.
  10. The upper crankshaft (large molars) 24-30.

The growth pattern of deciduous teeth in children in the photo

The growth pattern of deciduous teeth in children photos

Many people wonder how many milk teeth in children. To 2, 5 years the child should erupt, all 20 deciduous teeth. The ones that will appear later, no milk, and regular.

cavities and need to treat milk teethThe first dentition, though joyful process that causes the family affection and many other positive feelings, is a serious test for the baby and parents. The child has pain, very often fever, and sometimes stomach upset. To ease the poor guy’s life. It is very important to surround baby with care, it is very hard, the love and gentle patience is simply necessary. In a previous article we described how to help baby when teething, read.

Severe itching in the gums can be muted with a special gel, which is sold in pharmacies. If the temperature rises above 38 °C, you must give the child an antipyretic and to go to the doctor. If the baby refuses to eat during this period – don’t force it, the child’s body at such moments, wiser parents.

You need to treat milk teeth?

Milk teeth caries in children is, unfortunately, very common and can start very early. The enamel of the deciduous teeth have very thin and it rapidly lactic acid produced from plaque or sweet liquids in the bottle, left to sleep. Often in the seemingly small hole or hiding spot completely destroyed the inside of the tooth.

To treat caries of deciduous teeth in children is necessary. Untimely appeal to the doctor is fraught with very serious problems. The excuse that the baby teeth will fall out by itself, irresponsible. They fall out and permanent will grow in an infected environment and healthy too, will not.

Treatment of milk teeth depends on the depth distribution of dental caries. At the initial stage, applied silvering milk teeth, but removal of infected tissue and filling the kiddies do too. Which method of treatment you choose and your doctor will recommend.

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