Tattoo: to do or not to do?

Now is the time to do tattoos. First, bacteria in the cold season breed more slowly, and secondly, by the time when you will be able to demonstrate that it is already time to heal and will look great. After all, tattooing is a complex process both for masters and for those who does.

In fact tattoo is a wound that heals long enough. About two weeks it must not be wet.

Tattoos have started to do quite a long time, they often noted the royals. For example, on the hand Peter was a tattoo battle-axe, and Catherine the great tattoo was intimate. On the shoulder of the king of Yugoslavia was represented by an eagle in the crown, and on the body of the Spanish monarch Alfonso and the Danish king Frederik IX was depicted coats of arms.

Besides the coats of arms of kings loved dragons. George V, for example, during his trip to the middle East adorned her body with the image of the Jerusalem cross, and in Japan known master gave him a tattoo of a dragon. The Russian Emperor Nicholas II on his chest was a picture of a sword, and then the yellow dragon, which he did in Japan. Although Japanese custom yellow dragon could lead him to suicide.

Tattoo: to do or not to do?

However, the most tattooed king was the English king Harold, who ruled for almost a thousand years ago. His body was almost completely covered with scenes depicting military battles. Rumor has it that Prince Charles on his body were tattoos, but before the wedding with Princess Diana he brought her.

Recently there was a possibility a tattoo removal. Often, however, the master is statement recommended to score this picture to others. So, for example, did singer cher, which disguised the names of their ex-lovers with rose-buds. So now she jokes that a real rose garden in her back yard, because on the buttocks it these tattoos done. If you decided to get a tattoo, it must be remembered that the skin may remain scars. Therefore, before any manipulations with your skin, you should think very well.

Moreover, it is now possible to make a temporary tattoo. Most salons can offer you or henna tattoos or body art. Other tattoos are permanent.

Tattoo: to do or not to do?

There are, however, inks which are designed for application tutu on the face. The fact that facial skin twenty times faster updated than on the body, so these colors can go faster. If you apply these paints a tattoo on your body, then after a few years the picture will begin to blur, and he would need a correction.

The same thing can happen with tattoos, which are made with a pen or on non-professional equipment. Most of these tattoos on the area, in the army, as well as on the flats. Often the desire to save money will lead you to the salon more expensive master, that he corrected the flaws.

If you now want to keep up with fashion and make a tattoo, think about the consequences. For example, Hollywood actress angelina Jolie, many makeup artists refuse to make up, as her body painted with tattoos.

In addition, often even the stars get trapped, making tattoos with inscriptions, which were incorrectly translated. For example, Britney Spears got a tattoo which translated from Japanese means «strange», though she hoped it translated as «mysterious.» And the famous tattoo David Beckham, decided to immortalize his wife’s name in Hindi, got a tattoo that says not Victoria, and Victoria. Although they did tattoo is not exactly in underground salons.

Even Paris Hilton recently brought a laser from their buttocks tattooed with the name of a former lover. What do you plan to do if your tattoo you get bored or cease to be relevant? After all, today is not possible to completely take out the tattoo from the body. Can block? Then to what state? While on your body will show off the square of Malevich? However, to do or not to do a tattoo is your personal choice. Just think very well before to take this important step.

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