Symptoms before menstruation

symptoms before menstruationSymptoms before menstruation or infamous PMS firsthand knowledge on every woman. A rare woman can boast of that month come quickly. Pain before menstruation – it is so special and sad topic that can be understood only by the fairer sex. Of the doctors considers the symptoms before menstruation disease, their opponents call it the natural physiological feature of the female body. There is an opinion that in this way we are paying for a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Signs before menstruation is quite varied, some greatly complicate the lives of women, in violation of the health and mental condition.

Why before menstruation nausea?

Nausea before menstruation can occur for several reasons.

why before menstruation sick

  1. The contraceptive pill can cause hormonal imbalance and menstrual disorders. In this case, the cause of nausea is too much hormones. The way out of the situation one is to consult a doctor who will recommend another method of contraception. To eat in those days, you have less to give up alcohol and cigarettes, more walk in the fresh air and drink plain water.
  2. Individual features of the structure of the uterus. Uteruses before critical days, it begins to push on the nerve centers.
  3. Professional athletes and women who work physically are also included in this risk group. Nausea is a symptom of menstrual disorders, which when non-female occupations are not uncommon.

This symptom is associated another nuance. Not the fact that my period will come. Maybe sick due to the pregnancy. When you consider that in recent years significantly increased the number of women with the so-called «color» pregnancy, which is accompanied in the early period of the allocation, reminding monthly, then consult a doctor can recommend virtually every. Learn more about what are the selection before menstruation read in this article.

Why hungry before menstruation?

The other side of the coin. Some representatives of the human race on the eve of the critical days in their early ready to eat a herd of mammoths. To resist the temptation is incredibly difficult, and, as a result, another increase in weight.

The cause of the symptom lies in the biochemical processes occurring in the brain. Hormonal changes bring about a scarcity of serotonin, to fill it can only saturate the body with carbohydrates. Starve yourself, especially in these days, not worth it. Eat less but more often, drink more water, increase your diet of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Very good to take for PMS calcium and magnesium, but first consult your doctor.

Why before menstruation abdominal pain?

why before menstruation sore lower back and stomachThis symptom is directly linked to the main task which is performed monthly. The essence is to purify the body from all unnecessary and harmful. The uterus, pushing out all this mess, rhythmically shortened, that it causes discomfort.

If you pull the lower abdomen before menstruation, but it’s tolerable, then do not worry. Minor pain that is easily removed painkillers also, in principle, not terrible. This situation is the norm, you can try to eliminate, leading a healthier lifestyle.

But in the cases when stomach pain before menstruation unbearable and it becomes necessary to use analgesics in large quantities, you need to go to the doctor. This symptom can indicate serious health problems. It can be a strong hormonal disorders, gynecological infectious diseases. The sooner you found out the cause of the pain, the faster and more successful treatment. Modern medicine is able to cope with this symptom, you do not need to mock his body.

Temperature before menstruation

Many women before menstruation body temperature rises. What is the basal temperature before menstruation, should I be concerned or this is normal in this situation? A small increase is normal. This is due to the predominance in the body of the hormone progesterone, which affects the thermoregulation center. The temperature of the 37 before menstruation is considered normal if 38 or above, you can start to worry and take action. More information on this issue read the article «What is basal temperature before menstruation is normal.»

Acne before menstruation

This problem is more prevalent in teenagers and associated with hormonal changes. But adult women, too, sometimes before menstruation pimples. The reasons for this are several:

  1. Hormonal drugs.
  2. Diseases of the digestive system, disorders of lipid volume.
  3. Endocrine pathology.
  4. The weakening of the immune system and nervous system.
  5. The use of poor-quality cosmetics.

It is necessary to eliminate causes, then the acne will disappear by themselves and with proper skin care will not be disturbed.

signs before menstruation: sick, pimples, headache, and chestOlder women often complain that they have a headache before menstruation. Again, blame the hormones. In this case, they change the water balance that the delay fluid in the body and causing swelling, including in the brain. Here will only the doctor who will pick up the drugs.

Many before menstruation sore back. If it’s a minor discomfort, nothing terrible happens. If the pain is severe, it is possible there is inflammation of the urinary system or serious hormonal shifts. Again, let your doctor will do an exam and decide how to deal with it.

Almost all women before menstruation swelling Breasts. This is due to the increase in the ducts and lobules of the breast epithelium, in other words, to your chest getting all flushed. Nothing wrong with that, everything is fine and after the critical days will return to normal. I recommend to read the article «Why before my period my Boobs hurt».

Sometimes before menstruation itching in the vagina. This can be a symptom of gynecological or extragenital diseases. Anyway, not worth the risk, should be examined to look for the cause.

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