Swelling of feet during pregnancy

Swelling of feet during pregnancy causes and treatmentSwelling of feet during pregnancy, unfortunately, is not uncommon. In addition, in the period of carrying a child fluid can accumulate not only on the feet but also on hands and face. Swelling of the legs brings the woman’s physical and often psychological discomfort. About what is causing this phenomenon and what to do if your legs swell during pregnancy, will be discussed today.

Causes swelling

Edema is characterized by fluid accumulation in the tissues, so most often the reason which causes them connected with kidney, violation of water-salt balance, circulation problems, etc are Often the reasons why swollen feet during pregnancy, due to physiological changes in a woman’s body, but there are pathological factors that need to be cured in the near future.

  1. Physiological

Starting with the 20th week of pregnancy the size of the fetus and the uterus becomes so large that increasing blood pressure in the blood vessels and organs. The resulting discharge of the processed fluid. This contributes to increased salt intake.

The changes that naturally occur during pregnancy, it is possible to Express the following reasons why pregnant women have swollen feet:

  • High blood pressure, including chronic hypertension present before pregnancy;
  • Weight;
  • The overlap of the venous lumen in the pelvis;

The physiological causes are usually treated on an outpatient basis.

  1. Pathological

This group of factors due to the presence of any disease caused by pregnancy or available to her.

  • Renal pathology

swelling of feet during pregnancy photo

Usually, that with the kidneys have problems, pregnant known even before conception. But sometimes it happens that the swelling of feet during pregnancy indicate the disease for the first time. Developing this pathology of glomerular nephritis, which combines a number of kidney disease. The swelling starts from the face, then touches his hands, then his legs.

  • Cardiovascular disease

Usually after kidney diseases do not pay enough attention, there is a violation of the functionality of the heart. It appears that the cardiovascular system is unable to cope with the withdrawal of fluid from the vessels. In addition to swelling patient complains of heart pain, shortness of breath, bouts of weakness. In this case it is not necessary to reflect on the theme, what to do if you have swollen feet pregnant, because such symptoms require hospitalization.

  • Varicose veins

Most often swelling of feet during pregnancy is accompanied by varicose veins. This phenomenon can be very dangerous and can cause thrombophlebitis, skin ulceration. The woman feels heaviness in the legs, he has pronounced veins on the legs and thighs, sometimes itchy.

  • Preeclampsia

Swelling of feet during pregnancy in the later stages is very often associated with the phenomenon, which is also called late toxicosis. It combines the functionality of the violation of the blood vessels due to spasm. This causes a weakening of the heart muscle and decrease blood volume circulating through the vessels. While pregnant there is an increase in blood pressure as the body tries to narrow the lumen of blood vessels, that though thus to accelerate the movement of blood. Change blood viscosity. Major organs and systems begin to experience a shortage of blood supply and hence oxygen starvation. The placenta can not cope with the baby of nutrients and oxygen from mother, as it is also effected by blood flow.

Preeclampsia is a very dangerous phenomenon, it should be treated immediately, with a preliminary series of examinations and tests.

How to deal with leg swelling?

To detect the swelling by pressing on the area of skin. If the skin quickly and elastically returns to its original form, the reasons for concern. If on the surface while still there remains the hole, it indicates the presence of swelling of feet during pregnancy. What to do in this case?

Let’s talk first about what you can do yourself.

  • Drink water

Replace other drinks to pure water, maybe with a small slice of lemon. Stay away from coffee, at least for the period of pregnancy and anti-swelling.

  • Refrain from salty food

Before how to treat leg swelling at home remedies from the pharmacy, you must change your daily intake of salt and sugar. Discard sauerkraut, pickles, salted fish, canned food, dark bread, lots of spice, sweet carbonated water. Frying and Smoking prefer boiled, steamed food and the food prepared on pair. Read more about how to eat pregnant read the link /pravilynoe-pitanie-dlya-beremennh-women/

  • Arrange fasting days

why pregnant swollen feetIn the second trimester shows one fasting day per month in the third trimester is recommended at least once a week to arrange your body and digestive tract discharge. There are many mono-diet that allow only one product, such as Apple or kefir diet more various variants of discharge. This will allow you to keep the weight under control, regularly get rid of accumulated toxins and prevent the emergence of factors, from what swollen feet during pregnancy.

We urge you to read «Diet during pregnancy from swelling and excess weight».

  • Walk

Physical activity and enriching the body with fresh air are perfectly combined in the walk. In this heat be not recommended, and also not to force yourself, forcing to walk. If today you are tired or feeling ill, stay home. Walking will have a beneficial effect if they will bring pleasure.

Long stay in the same position, especially if it prevents normal blood flow in the lower extremities (e.g., legs crossed, in Turkish), if not is the main reason why during pregnancy swollen feet, it certainly worsens the situation. Try not to stay too long in one place, and periodically to warm up, even if you have a sedentary job and lifestyle.

This is regarding the basic principles, how to remove swelling in the legs during pregnancy and how to prevent them.

Relieve already appeared swelling to help:

  • Foot massage;
  • The taking a cool bath for the feet;
  • Decoctions of herbs for the feet;
  • Receiving a decoction of dried apricots inside.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine, which come to the rescue when a young woman doesn’t know what to do if feet are swollen during pregnancy. But common sense and the opinion of all the experts said that they do not need to use without consulting a doctor.

Among the pharmaceutical agents can distinguish the cream from swelling of feet during pregnancy. On the market there are many types and brands of such creams. The first thing, of course, need to pay attention to is the fact that the tool should be designed on a pregnant woman, contain natural ingredients that you are not allergic. This:

  • Mama care;
  • Mama comfort;
  • Sanosan;
  • Guam DUO;
  • And others.

Ways of dealing with edema, which we have described in this section are suitable, if it is edema, caused by physiological causes, that is, a consequence of normal healthy pregnancy. If it comes to late toxicosis, diseases of the internal systems and organs, it is necessary to act under the strict guidance of a doctor. It is possible for a more rapid and effective treatment require hospitalization.

To summarize, we can say that the swelling of the legs is typical for almost all the girls in the later stages of pregnancy. But it is possible to reduce, prevent, or time to notice and fix. To do this is to see your doctor regularly, to listen carefully to your body and track your weight. Of course, the set of kilos during pregnancy is required for each term there are certain standards which you should meet.

So, if you have very swollen feet during pregnancy, what to do, is to ask at the antenatal clinic. Perhaps the situation is much more complicated than you think, and inaction or wrong decisions you will only worsen the current situation.

Leave your comments with questions and personal stories. If you liked the information presented here, share it with your loved ones.

Be healthy!

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