Overview of creams for stretch marks during pregnancy

how to choose a stretch mark cream for pregnant womenPregnancy for women is always a happy and welcome event. In the period of happy days, a not very pleasant appearance of skin defects, which are called stretch marks or striae.

Red or bluish bands on the body women are no threat, they also do not cause any pain or discomfort, but the fact that they are present, bring negative emotional state. How to get rid of this trouble?

The most popular remedy is a stretch mark cream for pregnant women. Their specific distinction widely. Cream do not bring side effects as it is made on a natural basis. Moreover, regular and prolonged use contributes to the reduction or complete elimination of stretch marks.

During pregnancy the woman always there is a rapid increase of body weight, as a result, the skin is unable to cope with increased tension and beginning to tear. The main cause of this disease during pregnancy — a violation of the elasticity of the skin. To get rid of this trouble it is necessary to use multiple methods of struggle. Someone uses the cream, and some butter on the stretch marks. Along with the use of different external remedies for stretch marks, a pregnant woman should fill their diet with foods that fill your body with essential components. Necessarily in this case to eat meals filled with vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids (sea fish, vegetable oils, a variety of vegetables).

The use of cream for stretch marks in pregnancy must meet certain requirements. Purchased the tool strictly in pharmacies, and to purchase it is advisable to consult a doctor. If the use causes a negative response, for example, irritating odor or redness occurs on the skin, the cream is prohibited to use in the future. In addition to getting rid of stretch marks, the cream should have soothing and moisturizing properties.

Cream stretch marks after delivery also applies on the specified conditions. Woman, it is important to remember that «young» weaknesses cured much easier than old, so when a minor breaks, you need to act immediately.

From a huge variety of tools which stretch mark cream to choose? What is a stretch mark cream the best? Consider the most popular and effective versions of these drugs.

    • cream from extensions sanosanSanosan cream for stretch marks. The tool, which has 2 active ingredients — olive oil and wheat used in the early stages of pregnancy. Sanosan cream for stretch marks has a miraculous moisturizing properties and is therefore used not only during pregnancy, but with weight fluctuations or when stretch marks in athletes. Sanosan is the most effective cream for stretch marks, as it made only from natural ingredients. The tool never cause negative reactions on the skin and is used simultaneously with the massage action.
    • A stretch mark cream Mustela. This tool has many advantages. Apply the cream as a preventive remedy for the initial stretch marks, and is also actively addresses chronic tension. In addition to natural active ingredients, Mustela stretch marks cream has in its composition other compounds, for example, humidifiers and electroguitar. This tool has excellent structure and is often used for massage of problem areas providing soothing, regenerating and restorative action. Moms like to use this tool because it is hypoallergenic and leaves no greasy marks on clothing after application. Many medical tests proved that the use of the cream for several months in a row helps a woman to resolve even the most long-standing stretch marks.
    • cream against stretch marks aventAVENT, a stretch mark cream. This tool is one of the most effective fighters against stretch marks and other skin flaws. The cream, stretch mark consists of active ingredients — algae extract, almond oil, extract of sea lettuce, butter papaya. Regular use of this drug contributes to the complete disappearance of the stretching on the skin, at the same time the effect of the elasticity. Natural ingredients perfectly nourish and tone the skin. Most often cream AVENT is used for getting rid of stretch marks after a rapid drop excess weight or after delivery. Double action will have the tool if in addition to the lubricating action, to use and massage with cream. Important advantage of the drug and that it has virtually no side effects, on the contrary, it has the ability to deal with the itching and burning sensation on the skin.
    • Klirvin cream for stretch marks. Quite a good cream for stretch marks, it consists of herbal extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Using course taking helps the skin to regain elasticity, and at the same time nourish the skin with nutrients. The cream has no contraindications and consumer reviews, never causes adverse reactions.
    • The Vichy cream for stretch marks. Some pregnant women should be wary of using this cream. Specificity means that it is not for every person. But, nevertheless, Vishi a stretch mark cream can give the skin elasticity in a short number of treatments. The cream is used as prophylaxis against the appearance of stretch marks visibly smoothes the top layer of skin, hide old stretch marks.
    • Mama comfort cream for stretch marks. Due to the content of the active ingredients (extracts of chamomile and tea tree, olive oil, horse chestnut) tool effectively treats new and old stretch marks. Comfort Mama stretch mark cream if you use to penetrate the deepest skin layers, bringing the necessary effect. This tool is recommended for owners of dry and sensitive skin thanks to natural ingredients, the skin is moisturized, stretch marks are reduced and the top layer of the skin becomes supple and elastic. The recommended use of the cream twice a day.
    • The cream for stretch marks Our mom. Tool is ideal for people with dry aging skin, it moisturizes the skin, giving it a lightness and tenderness. The cream is well used for massage, it is also suitable for the prevention of the emergence of new strains.
    • Chicco stretch marks cream. The hypoallergenic product, it safely and effectively. A stretch mark cream Chico improves skin elasticity, promotes its moisture, brings the protective effect. Natural substances and vitamins PP and E nourish the skin, leaving it velvety soft and healthy.
    • Bubchen cream for stretch marks. This tool is one of a series of baby creams, therefore, in its manufacture are used only natural ingredients. The cream is an oily liquid, which penetrates deep into skin cells, creating the effect of elasticity. An important property is that the cream perfectly moisturizes and cares the skin.
    • Green Mama cream for stretch marks. This cream against stretch marks during pregnancy used for pregnancy, it consists of numerous essential oils and extracts of marine algae. The tool is used as a massage treatments, and quality care products.
    • Cream of stretch marks, Clarence. This cream against stretch marks for pregnant women has a triple effect: it is an excellent preventive remedy for new stretch marks, effectively eliminates stagnant skin changes, plus has a wonderful cosmetic effect, which actively nourishes the skin. Use twice a day for several months in a row helps to eliminate all visible defects on the skin.
    • Pregnacare cream stretch marks. Quite effective cream for stretch marks. The main advantage of the means that he possesses a wonderful fat-burning effect. Natural components included in the active ingredients of the cream and save a woman from various types of stretch marks. Vitamin substances perfectly restore the skin regenerate dead cells with new, creating the effect of elasticity of the cell vessels.
    • The cream Helps stretch marks. Means perfectly regenerates skin cells, giving the top layer firmness and elasticity. Quite effective use of this cream for old sprains.
    • Cream stretch mark Lierac. Tool is ideal for figure correction and get rid of various defects on the skin. Cream for stretch marks Lierac has the property to break down excess fat, this action helps the skin regain firmness, elasticity and tone. The tool copes with deep stretch marks and cellulite on the skin, but the treatment in this case should last more than 3 months.
    • Cream for stretch marks Weleda. This tool is recommended for the second trimester of pregnancy. The stretch mark cream-Weleda used twice a day, it has a pleasant smell in its composition, in addition to the active substances contain and natural ingredients — Arnica oil, vitamins, healing oils. The tool can be used after childbirth and during lactation.
  • Baby cream stretch marks. There are many different creams for children, which have the properties of skin care. Expectant mothers use baby creams due to the fact that they are absolutely harmless and help to cope with various skin flaws.

Asking yourself the issue, what cream helps with stretch marks, it is important to be based while on the reviews of young mothers who have already used these tools. In addition, after the application of the chosen tools need to carefully monitor the reactions of the body. If there is even slight changes in the negative direction, then the cream should not be used.

Write in comments your reviews about used creams for stretch marks during pregnancy.

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