Sore throat without fever

In spring and autumn, people are more susceptible to acute infectious disease. The most common is angina. There are several types of this disease, one of which is distinguished by the absence of high body temperature. To get such a sore throat easily because it is transmitted by airborne droplets way.

Types of angina

The girl has a sore throat

Given the depth of the lesion of the tonsils is customary to distinguish several varieties of the disease:

  1. The follicular. This type may be accompanied by the presence of abscesses on the tonsils in the form of yellow bubbles. When swallowing there is a strong pain that radiates to the ear.
  2. Lacunar. The source of the disease become the objects of a sick person. Symptoms is severe pain in the throat, fever, swollen lymph nodes and white patches in the mouths of the gaps.
  3. Necrotic. Pathological changes in most cases affect only one tonsil (mostly the right), although it may meet and bilateral necrotic angina. The reasons for this disease are carious teeth and genetically in the mouth.
  4. Catarrhal sore throat. The most common type of infectious disease, is considered easy to process behavior and symptoms. A blood test may not give any changes, though the disease can last up to two weeks. The main danger of this disease is the development of laryngitis. Typically, this subspecies is a sore throat without fever.

Causes of angina

A lot of specialists, the main causes of sore throat without fever consider:

  • hypothermia;
  • transmission through the air, through food, through direct contact with the patient;
  • ingestion of streptococci;
  • chronic tonsillitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • immunosuppression
  • patients teeth;
  • allergies;
  • various irritants (dust, smoke).

The doctor examines the throat of the patient

Severe pain in the throat when swallowing no fever

The first alarming symptom that should always be paid attention to is severe pain in the throat. Typically, discomfort when swallowing – a sure sign of tonsillitis or its complications. In addition to cramps, sometimes nausea, General malaise, headache, feeling of weakness. Sometimes when the disease is greatly increased body temperature, although common, this type of angina (catarrhal), during which the factor remains unchanged, i.e. the temperature will not be here to act as indicator of the onset of the disease.

The symptoms of catarrhal angina

People who have problems with the nasopharynx, frequently unilateral sore throat without fever. Typically, these problems include rhinitis and sinusitis, other diseases that contribute to the accumulation of pus. Much depends on the inclination of man to disease. There are people who, even wet feet, sore sore throat, immediately a sore in your mouth and dryness. In addition to these, symptoms of the catarrhal type of the disease are:

  • the appearance of the chills;
  • a slight increase or no temperature;
  • constant headache;
  • the discomfort in the throat;
  • constant dry mouth, drowsiness;
  • General malaise;
  • a sharp breath;
  • sore nose;
  • redness of the throat;
  • it hurts to swallow;
  • lack of appetite;
  • cough;
  • pain in muscles and limbs;
  • regular saliva;
  • yellow tongue coating;
  • heavy head;
  • the presence of mucus in the throat;
  • swollen lymph nodes (right and left).

Treatment of purulent angina

The girl has a sore throat

Inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis in the acute form is accompanied by a weakness, so you need to be on bed rest. The patient in the diet should include foods rich in vitamins and do not injure the tonsils – cereal, applesauce, and broths. It is important during pregnancy to drink plenty of fluids (not cold). It is better to choose fruit drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water. To treat the disease should:

  1. Antibiotics (drugs erythromycin, amoxicillin, penicillin, ampicillin). Must appoint the attending physician according to the variety of angina and the individual patient.
  2. Rinsing with calendula or propolis.
  3. Treatment of tonsils antiseptic preparations (hydrogen peroxide, «Iodinol» 1%).
  4. Compresses of a mixture of alcohol and Novocaine.

How to get rid of purulent tubes

The causative agents of tonsillitis are streptococci, so it is necessary to begin treatment with doctor prescribed antibiotics. Treated pellets is necessary, even if traffic jams in the tonsils will disappear in a few days. Otherwise, do not exclude the resumption of the disease. The course of treatment, as a rule, is 5-10 days. In combination with antibacterial action apply local procedures:

  • purulent tube well washed away by gargling. For this use of antiseptic solutions (Chlorhexidine,, «Furatsilin) or herbal teas with eucalyptus and chamomile. Copes well with traffic solution of iodine with salt;
  • use special spray irrigation of the throat with the name of «Ingalipt» speed up the recovery;
  • to fight with purulent you can contact the audiologist who in his office will perform the procedure lubrication of the tonsils with a solution «Lugol»;
  • if jams occur frequently and are difficult to treat, it is possible to resort to surgical intervention (removal of tonsils).

Inflammation of the tonsils in a child

A doctor examines a child

The body of an adult differs from a child strong. The child is very sensitive to influence of adverse factors of internal and external environments that provoke many diverse diseases. The most frequent diseases in children are of ENT-organs pathology, with poor treatment can lead to complication. One of the common diseases in children inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis, tonsillitis.

The basic cause of this condition is the infection caused by the bacteria streptococci. The number of sick children increases in autumn and spring when immune system weakens The disease can also be caused by allergies, cold or adverse conditions. Treatment of children should only be doctor. The child in the acute period of the disease is appointed by drinking plenty of fluids, bed rest, inhalation, rinse. The specialist will prescribe antibiotics that will help eliminate the cause of the disease.

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