Why sore nipples in women and girls

sore nipples when pressedOften, each woman noticed a painful, unpleasant sensation in the nipples and mammary glands. The character of the pain varies from a slight stinging sensation, felt only when touching the sharp intense pain that sometimes radiates to the forearm, shoulder and shoulder blade. Reasons why sore nipples breast women can be quite different, some of them can be fixed easily, others require timely expert intervention and appropriate treatment. Try to find out and understand why sore nipples from girls and how to deal with this disease.

Why sore nipples

The most common causes of discomfort in the nipple area:

  1. Periodic premenstrual syndrome. Better known as PMS. Phenomenon when before menstruation sore nipples familiar to the vast majority of the female population. Usually unpleasant sensations appear a few days before the arrival of menstruation. The breast swells, becomes more sensitive, the nipple swells and ogrubevaet. Each of us, suffering the lingering pain, questions why sore nipples before my period? This happens due to the fact that in the last days before the onset of significantly increased production of hormones, namely progesterone and prolactin. With the onset of menstruation hormonal surge going back to normal, and as a rule, the pain in his nipples became less sensitive and soon disappears. In this situation, we’ll just have to come to terms with his feminine fate. The female body is unpredictable and special, and some during ovulation sore nipples, in others, after ovulation.sore nipples when breastfeeding
  2. Disturbed hormonal balance. Malfunction of the thyroid gland, dysfunction of the adrenal glands, or trouble with the nervous system can lead to the failure of hormone production. Any hormonal changes in women can lead to violations of the cycle, and to painful sensations, nipples including. If sore nipples after your period it could be a symptom of a hormonal failure, observe their feelings and, if necessary, consult a doctor.
  3. Wrong selected hormonal contraceptives. This type of contraception must be selected individually and after passing the relevant tests, to prevent hormonal imbalance in the body. But if the hormonal birth control drugs that you are still feeling pain or breast is swollen and sore nipples, and a number of other unusual symptoms, you should consult a doctor gynecologist. Maybe these drugs don’t work for you or you need to change the dosage.
  4. A pregnancy. Answering the question whether the nipples hurt when pregnant, of course the exact answer cannot be given, because every woman is individual and unique. But we can say that in the event of pregnancy, a woman’s body gradually prepares for the upcoming breast-feeding a baby. Because of this training and restructuring of sore nipples during pregnancy. If you are not previously familiar with such feelings, do not exclude this option.
  5. Mental disorders, stress, depression, emotional turmoil. For women are very important psychological comfort. If the last time you was worried and nervous, and were in a stressful tension, it can affect your body and cause pain in the nipples.
  6. Uncomfortable bra. This cause can be ignored. Correctly chosen lingerie is often the cause of unwarranted pain in the chest. Should more carefully treat this issue, delete the close and tight jeans. Itchy nipples and sore? Possible allergic reaction to the fabric of underwear or irritation and damage to the teat.
  7. Pain during breastfeeding. This reason is almost inevitable for each newly moms. Why sore nipples while breastfeeding? On this question there is more detail.

Sore nipples when feeding

Breastfeeding is the moments of happiness that should bring joy to the mother and the baby. But, unfortunately, most women experience pain of nipples when feeding and after it, sometimes she can be too unbearable. This is the explanation. The most common causes described below.

  1. Poor attachment of the baby to the breast. The most common reason among young mothers, which can hurt the nipples. When feeding it is necessary to closely monitor how the child takes the breast, except the nipple it must capture the areola (areola), the mouth should be well opened, otherwise the mother this process will bring discomfort, and the baby will be unhappy. That is why you should refuse pacifiers and bottles during breastfeeding, as they differ from the mother’s breast.
  2. Damaged and cracked nipples. Injury to nipple happens if the child cannot correctly grasp the chest, jaws damaging it. While mom is very very sore nipples, bleeding and inflamed. In women with hot you may receive the thought of the rejection of breastfeeding. But do not take such decisions, soon nipples even more zarubey, and you and your baby will adapt to eat right. If sore nipples after a feeding, it is recommended to lubricate the nipples with his milk and after feeding to handle a wound-healing creams or oils.
  3. Stagnation of breast milk (lactose). If the baby completely empties the breast, the milk accumulates and stagnates. Sore nipples and Breasts fully formed seal it. The solution may be frequent applying of the child to the breast. If the child fails or refuses, you will have to Express milk to prevent infection.

What to do if sore nipples

When you are not clear or unusual for you chest pain, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause. In your power to prevent pain of nipples, if you follow preventive measures:

  • to observe the rules of hygiene of the breast;
  • do not use alcohol funds and Soaps for the care of breast;
  • if sore nipples when touched, get comfortable, seamless bra that doesn’t push the Breasts;
  • breastfeeding wash your Breasts before and after each feeding;
  • use breast pads if leaking a lot of milk, to prevent the breeding of bacteria;
  • do not give your child pacifiers in breastfeeding.

Pain in the nipples is not always a sign of disease or pathology, but is more likely to listen to yourself and in case of deviations from the usual rules not to delay the trip to the doctor. Love yourself and be healthy!

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