Signs of ectopic pregnancy

About the dangerous disease know a lot of women, because according to statistics ectopic pregnancy catches up with 10-15% of the female population. To avoid complications, you need to know about the reasons for which there is threatening to the health of the fertilization.

What is an ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

For girls who want to be mothers, this diagnosis sounds like a death sentence. But even if disaster happened, it does not mean that the dream to have children to forget. Time recognized the pathology will help to avoid the consequences. If earlier the only option for saving the life of a patient with an ectopic pregnancy was removal of the organ (fallopian tube), now modern medicine offers a gentle method: extraction of the fetus to restore integrity of the organ.

In natural fertilization the egg leaving the fallopian tubes enters the uterus and develops there until the birth. When the ovum to the place of destination does not reach due to certain reasons, it attaches in the fallopian tube, the ovary or below the diaphragm (the abdominal cavity). This pathology is called an ectopic pregnancy, the gestation at which it is impossible.

Delay egg – it is a sign of low patency of the tubes. If not get a fertilized egg, then a month, an increase in size, it will split ‘ em up. In this case, the risk of heavy bleeding with blood in the stomach, which leads to unpredictable consequences, including death.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Abdominal pain at an early stage the first signs of ectopic pregnancy. They arise usually from the side of the affected fallopian tube or other location of attachment of the fetus (abdominal cavity, ovary). Another sign of a dangerous disease is bleeding. When the fertilized egg attaches in the area with the blood vessels, it often leads to profuse blood loss that is dangerous to a woman’s life. The main symptoms of disease:

  1. Delay of menstruation.
  2. Spotting.
  3. Painful and enlarged mammary glands.
  4. Pain of varying intensity, radiating to the lower back, the rectum.

To secondary signs of ectopic pregnancy include the following symptoms: increased basal body temperature, sudden drop in blood pressure, reduced hemoglobin levels, low levels of HCG hormone. If any of the above-mentioned indicator, the consultation of a gynecologist for women is vital. The consequences of undiagnosed pathology in time – it’s an operating table, remove the tube or ovary, the risk of infertility and even death.

The woman has a stomach ache

How to identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Ectopic (ectopic) pregnancy in the presence of the ovum is divided into tubal, abdominal, ovarian (proximal) and cervical (distal). Independently suspected ectopic attachment of the egg is quite real. In normal pregnancy you should only pay attention to whether my period on time or delayed. To avoid the risk of ectopic attachment of the fetus, should record any unusual condition of the body.

If toxicity, psycho-emotional irritability, lack of menstruation and other traditional pregnancy symptoms added abdominal pain of various locations, then you need to immediately contact the medical facility to pass inspection. Gynecologist palpation of the appendages define an enlarged ovary or tube, will detect the softening of the cervix with indistinct contours. After inspection the doctor will appoint additional researches:

  • Ultrasound of internal genital organs;
  • analysis of the blood concentration of progesterone and HCG.

If test show ectopic pregnancy

To recognize the development of disease the test can not always. A characteristic feature of the ectopic pregnancy is an indicator test, which can be both positive and negative. Two stripes are displayed on the test, if in the body of a woman has the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin HCG. Its elevated level may be found in the body and in non-pregnant women.

To avoid doubt, it is better to pay attention to the manifestation of other signs of ectopic pregnancy and have an ultrasound examination. In the ultrasound diagnostic pathology looks like an oval bubble, attached in an atypical location. The uterus remains empty in this case, but a live embryo develops usually in the fallopian tube, not having any chance of survival.

The girl has abdominal pain

How to identify an ectopic pregnancy at home

If a pregnant woman is to ignore the characteristics inherent to the condition of the body, even the doctors will not be able to diagnose the problem. To avoid complications, it is important to listen to your health. A pregnancy test does not specify an ectopic pregnancy, so pay attention to isolation and pain, control body temperature.


The menstrual cycle is coordinated by hormones that prepare for conception and carrying a baby women’s body. Period – is the flow of blood due to the rejection of the endometrium that lines the uterine cavity, if there is no fertilization. According to gynecologists, spotting, and pregnancy are incompatible. If fertilization has occurred, but you go monthly is a disorder which has several causes and the main of which is ectopic attachment of the fetus.

Basal temperature

Define ectopic pregnancy at basal temperature, but not always, because it may remain normal or fluctuate towards smaller or larger values. The symptoms of ectopic fertilization occur at the stage when the ovum is peeled or there is a break on. The basal temperature in this case rises above all of the indicators that characterizes normal pregnancy (37,2-37,3 °C). The reason for this state of inflammation that is accompanied by tearing of the fruit.

The girl in the hospital

Pain ectopic pregnancy

Any discomfort in the initial period should alert the mother. Painful sensations arise when the change in position during fast walking, or sudden movements. In terms of timing, everything is individual and depends on the location of attachment of the fruit. When a child develops in the ampoule of the fallopian tube, the pain occurs on the 8-9 week. If the fertilized egg is implanted in the isthmus, the pathology will manifest itself in a month.

Sometimes unpleasant paroxysmal pain localized in the stomach, then smoothly into the lower extremities, the rectum. Often this anomaly is a sharp pain arise instantly from any awkward movement. It is not necessary in this situation to panic. Wait until the symptoms pass, take a comfortable position and call an ambulance.

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