Selection before menstruation

Selection before menstruationPerhaps, every woman known discomfort before menstruation, when slightly stiffen the breast and dull pain in the abdomen. These symptoms, whatever it was, accepted it quietly, just as the constant companions monthly. But what if the «misses» before menstruation? And anyway, spotting before menstruation is something dangerous, bad? And who would think that heavy discharge before menstruation is the norm, as it should be. As you can see, there is a sufficient number of questions. We will try to answer them.

transparent and mucus before menstruationObjectively speaking, the so-called «spotting» before menstruation in certain situations can be quite normal. Secret vaginal clear discharge before menstruation are directly dependent on specific hormone levels. And this level is constantly changing and, in turn, depends on the corresponding phase of the cycle. Normal allowed the observation of abundant secretions viscous. For the analogy can be compared to the egg white. Typically, these mucus before menstruation odor. Even yellow discharge before menstruation, in some cases, are a normal manifestation, but on the condition that they are observed immediately before and – very rarely – during menstruation. All other options will testify about violations in the body.

Spotting spotting before menstruation can occur in women who use contraceptives like spirals. Then, there is really spotting before menstruation and this is the norm. But just to be sure it is still recommended to visit a gynecologist. The doctor can accurately establish the absence of any inflammatory processes, as well as pathology of the internal structure of the uterus and simple shear spiral.

Now let’s talk about what the selection before menstruation should be considered pathological. In other words, we can specify such allocation. This is very important because, for example, brown discharge before menstruation on many occasions indicate a serious disease.

So, white discharge before menstruation, the consistency of cottage cheese, is a vivid sign of fungal infections. So you need to respond immediately to this manifestation, because the fungus can be very unpleasant and even painful sensations. Should pay attention to the intensity of the are liquids. Allocation may be abundant flocculent. Then they cover the vaginal walls and labia a kind of white bloom. As can be observed the liquid milky-white discharge that have a sour smell.

If we talk about discharge in fungal infection, i.e. thrush, it is worth noting that they are accompanied by a strong burning sensation, itching and inflammation of the external genitalia.brown and spotting before menstruation

Could be spotting before menstruation, which are often described as red or deep red. They, like the allocation of mucous character with streaks, in some cases, talking about the erosion of the cervix (including directly after intercourse). It is possible that selection may be an external manifestation of serious disease – cancer of the cervix. These mucous or bloody discharge before menstruation red meet on the eve of menstruation, as the cervix softens, and when intrauterine pathology.

Brown discharge before menstruation can be a symptom of a number of diseases. And selection before menstruation brown color in combination with the blood, which tend to be spotting, may indicate diseases such as myoma of the uterus (endometrial hyperplasia), polyps of the uterine body. If they are accompanied by quite severe pain, it is likely that the selection signal on endometriosis.

Already considered yellow discharge can be a symptom of a number of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, these allocations indicate a dysbiosis of the vaginal area.

If you experience dark discharge before menstruation, accompanied by a sharp unpleasant odor, they may indicate the development of serious disease – Trichomonas vaginitis. These dark brown discharge before menstruation are a rich and frothy, combined with pain, itching, burning strong.

This is not a complete list of factors that may indicate different yellow, brown, pink highlight before menstruation. Very important time to diagnose, to eliminate the risk of further development of the infection. Even light brown discharge before menstruation can be symptoms of cervical cancer. Smart diagnosis will consist of a pelvic examination, extended colposcopy and ultrasound.

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Concluding the article, it should again be noted: red, brown, yellow, pink highlight to one month not only brings a number of inconveniences, but are the signs of many diseases, sometimes very serious. So be careful not to treat too lightly the secretions. The body does not suffer, therefore, timely to ask the experts.

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