Scientists have found the fountain of youth

No need to go far to find the fountain of youth, because he is within us. Or to be more specific, it is in our blood. Scientists already understand how it can get off it.

It is our blood that can turn back the clock, and our bodies are forced to work in the mode of rejuvenation because in the blood are proteins that can make us younger and more beautiful. We just need to use to restore the natural resources of your body.

Natural rejuvenation

Regardless of age every woman wants to stay healthy and young. And we are very sensitive to the state of our body. His entire adult life, we are at war with their flaws that threaten our beauty and youth. And unfortunately, in this struggle, we sometimes lose. Often we wonder how Hollywood stars even in fifty years look young and attractive? Perhaps they spend a fortune on it. However, it is possible, without spending huge sums of money to always look attractive? And it is indeed possible!

Currently, there are methods that can rejuvenate our face and body. However, often in the pursuit of beauty, it violated the basic medical principle is «do no harm». But the only effective and safe health methods will be very popular.

The plasmolifting method is a direction in rehabilitation medicine, which fully meets these conditions. He is vidoizmenyalos formula PRP therapy, which enjoyed great popularity in the seventies of the last century.

This injection procedure of rejuvenation, which at the intracellular level has on our body treatment-a rejuvenating effect.

How does PRP?

Plasmolifting is autotherapeutic method. This means that in order to cure the patient, uses the natural forces of the body. This procedure is that under the skin is injected plasma, which is secreted from the blood. This helps the special equipment. Medical centrifuge the plasma of the blood with a high content of platelets-proteins, which trigger the anti-aging mechanism.

Skin rejuvenation with PRP

The most obvious signs of aging skin are wrinkles. They appear due to a lack of collagen and elastin in the papillary layer of the dermis. So deep can’t no cream to penetrate. So everyone get rid of wrinkles can refer to this procedure as PRP. Already after the first treatment can eliminate the peeling skin and smooth the complexion, and also eliminate the deficiency of oxygen and moisture and tighten oval face. After the whole course, you can significantly reduce your wrinkles. Especially effective is the PRP, to cope with these types of wrinkles, such as:

•The first wrinkles

•Wrinkles on forehead


•Wrinkles around the eyes

•Around the mouth

•On the neck

•Nasolabial wrinkles

Therefore, by using this procedure, we all have the ability to effectively and safely rejuvenate your skin, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. Moreover, after this procedure your skin will not have such negative consequences, such as rejection, Allergy or other side effects.

How is the procedure?

During PRP, the patient is taken from a vein a small amount of blood in a special tube Plasmolifting™. After that she is placed in a centrifuge, where the allocation of the platelet plasma from the blood. This plasma will have medicinal properties, and it will be put into those areas of the face that need correction.

Plasmolifting procedure is effective and safe. It is also quite comfortable because it does not require a recovery period. Of course, those women who want to rejuvenate, not afraid of sacrifice. However, after the PRP, they will not have to take leave to recover its normal appearance. This method will help to maintain the elasticity and firmness of your skin, as well as to rejuvenate after each procedure.

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