Schizophrenia — symptoms and signs

Mental disorder of this type is characterized by specific symptoms and signs. The correct understanding of the latter is the main factor in the formation surrounding the adequate perception of the peculiar behaviors of the sick person. With the help of this article you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of thinking of such people.

The first signs of schizophrenia

Early stages of the disease are different for hidden. For this reason, no special knowledge to understand the question, what is schizophrenia and how it manifests itself, sometimes it is quite difficult. Pathology arises from endogenous psychoses and does not depend on the influence of external stimuli. In the subject «Schizophrenia — symptoms and signs» it is important to emphasize that the clinic is such a mental disorder manifested only by human perception received from the outside information.

Patients are not mentally retarded people. As a result, professionals are not always able to understand how schizophrenia begins. It is also important to note that in recent time the question is raised regarding the infectious nature of this disease. So, Professor Krivonos found a direct link between mental illness and toxoplasmosis. In General, the symptoms of schizophrenia at an early stage can be expressed as follows:

  1. Speech disorders in the form of monosyllabic answers and incomplete informing the interviewee about the subject of conversation at the situation when necessary.
  2. Acedonia – loss of interest in previously enthrall patient activities.
  3. Weak intensity or complete absence of emotional reactions is reflected in the fact that the schizophrenic is indifferent to any tragedy or joyful moments, what is happening around him.
  4. The inability to perform even the simplest tasks due to a misunderstanding of the meaning of these actions.
  5. Weak concentration on any subject – patients observed scattered attention.

The man on the couch

Negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Such manifestations involve the disappearance or reduction of a previously existing human abilities. Typically, the negative symptoms of schizophrenia manifest during the acute phase of the disease. The depression will and lack of motivation may negatively affect the further destiny of the patient. Schizophrenic symptoms like that becomes an easy target for unscrupulous people. It is important to add that answering the question of how to define schizophrenia, experts recommend to observe the behaviour of a man of such oddities:

  • permanent ridiculous conclusions;
  • the sudden silence due to blockage of the thought process;
  • manifestations characteristic of autism;
  • regular monosyllabic answers;
  • apathy;
  • passivity;
  • unwillingness to communicate with other entities of society;
  • minimal emotional reaction;
  • inhibited movements;
  • unwillingness to perform normal human actions;
  • mood swings;
  • flattened affect – atypical reaction to the situation.

The girl under the blanket

Positive symptoms of schizophrenia

In the period of exacerbation of the pathology, the patient may experience positive or productive effects psychological problems. While the positive symptoms of schizophrenia do not involve the emergence of something good. The meaning of such manifestations lies in the fact that the patient acquires any skills they previously did not own. Positive symptoms are manifested in the following conditions:

  • hallucinations;
  • delirium;
  • illusions;
  • inappropriate behavior;
  • catatonia (the adoption of strange postures);
  • a state of excitement.

Symptoms of schizophrenia in women

The weaker sex because of natural emotion are more likely to develop mental disorders. The frequency of the search query «Schizophrenia, symptoms in women» fully reflects this fact. The initial stage of the disease in women is seldom accompanied with a striking clinic. Thought disorder manifested after the symptoms of the disease. On the topic of «Schizophrenia — symptoms and early signs» there are a large number of monographs Swiss psychiatrist E. Bleuler. According to his observations of splitting of consciousness in women is accompanied by:

  • autism;
  • the lack of logical thinking;
  • the presence of the opposite attitude to the same object or subject.
  • inadequate emotional reaction.

Girl istereke

Signs of schizophrenia in men

To date, among men, the cases of mental disorders. In today’s society the man as the head of the family, forced intensive use of energy and psychological potential. On the background of exhaustion of the last there are a variety of health problems. The theme of «Schizophrenia, symptoms of men» caused Bleuler special interest. The psychiatrist described the following characteristics of the splitting of consciousness in the stronger sex:

  • emotional ambivalence;
  • loss of interest in favorite activities;
  • reduction in motor activity;
  • the lack of logical thinking.

Signs of schizophrenia in children

Scientific literature on «infantile schizophrenia, symptoms» contains information about what mental disorder the child has manifested in unreasonable fears, talking to invisible entities. Plus, patients have constant mood swings, especially for teenagers. Experts, answering the question of parents, how to recognize schizophrenia in a child, it is recommended for adults to observe the reaction of the baby. Atypical sick child responds to different situations. In addition, a special child may include:

  • speech disorders;
  • colorful dreams;
  • disorders of memory.

The boy covers his ears with his hands

Sluggish schizophrenia – symptoms

Symptoms of this disorder is not characterized by striking clinical picture. The patient is not experiencing hallucinations or delusional States. For this reason, theorists of psychiatry prefer to make the theme of «Sluggish schizophrenia — symptoms and signs» in a separate section. This view is supported by some practices. Signs of sluggish schizophrenia manifestuac in the form:

  • neurosis-like syndrome;
  • depersonalization;
  • derealization;
  • asthenia.

Paranoid schizophrenia – symptoms

Such disturbances of consciousness, accompanied by positive symptoms. To answer the question, what is schizophrenia, I should say that the initial stage of the disease is distinguished by systemic delusions and hallucinations. Progression of syndrome disorder of thinking becomes straightforward. Topic «Paranoid schizophrenia symptoms» most directly echoes the question of the etiology of manic and senile senile psychoses.

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