Sage medicinal properties

It has long been in folk medicine, used natural ingredients, including plants. For centuries, physicians studied the peculiarities of herbs to use in the treatment of people. Many healing properties of sage, various types of which are common in Europe and Russia. This plant is suitable for men, women and children, depending on the nature of the disease. Below you will learn about the sage medicinal properties which contribute to comprehensive improvement of the body. Further detail on the types of plants and medical applications.

Varieties of sage

That sage has a positive effect on the body, was known by the ancient Egyptians. Mostly the drug made from plants, used women to speed up conception. Since then, much time has passed, and we have created more than nine hundred species of herbs with medicinal properties. The sage is a tall shrub with leaves simple or pinnate forms. The plant has inflorescence usually purple or lilac shade. For medical purposes use mainly three kinds of sage, discussed next.

Varieties of the herb sage

  • Lugovoi. This kind of sage almost never found in Russia, grows in the wild in Europe. The concentration of nutrients in meadow plants is much lower than in ones fellows, and Clary sage, so during the reception, respectively, to increase the dosage. It grows on rocks, stony slopes.
  • Nutmeg. The kind of sage found in Europe, Asia, and the Caucasus, but through the many therapeutic properties it is grown in other places on their own. Nutmeg grass likes clay, sandy or rocky soil, often in the form of a weed growing in home gardens. Sage is used in cooking, liqueur production, for flavoring tobacco. Widely distributed in medicine as a treatment for venous ulcers, osteomyelitis, arthritis, arthrosis. Helps to cope with problems of the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular system.
  • Medicinal. This plant was first discovered in South-Eastern Europe, and then began to spread across the Eurasian territory. Salvia officinalis is used in different cuisines of the world, using as a condiment to vegetable, fish, meat dishes or natural flavoring. Of particular importance is the herb for medicine: infusions, decoctions, pills, powders from this plant help to cope with many diseases. Useful for the respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, digestive system, effective against external damage and swelling.

Composition and useful properties of sage

The plant is widely used in traditional recipes with beneficial effects on the body. Sage medicinal properties associated with substances contained in the aerial part of the shrub. The composition of natural medicines gives people the opportunity to use it to treat a variety of diseases. What action have on the human therapeutic substance in the sage:

Decoction of sage

  • Camphor. Helps with pathology of the respiratory tract, tends to ease breathing, promotes treatment of bronchitis, sore throat.
  • Vitamin C Strengthens the immune system, helping the person to cope with colds and viral diseases.
  • Vitamin B1. Improves metabolism, normalizes the nervous system.
  • Vitamin P Helps to strengthen vascular walls.
  • Nicotinic acid. Normalizes metabolism, helps to produce energy.
  • Terpene compounds. Have antibacterial effect, eliminate inflammation, work as an antiseptic.
  • Tannins. Reduce inflammation, restores the damaged epithelium.
  • Bitterness. Have an antispasmodic effect on the gastrointestinal tract, promote the secretion of.
  • Calvin. A natural antibiotic that helps the body to cope with viral diseases.

Application in medicine

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal action of Salvia on the body made it a great remedy against many diseases. Modern physicians recommend medicinal plants with therapeutic properties to enhance well-being in a number of diseases. As a rule, preparations with extracts of sage, or the herb itself becomes part of comprehensive treatment. From what diseases helps natural medicinal plant:

  • Pathology of the respiratory system: tonsillitis, bronchitis, tuberculosis. Sage acts as an expectorant, antitussive.
  • Urinary tract disease. Helps with cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis.
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastritis, stomach cramps, peptic ulcer, inflammatory processes, impaired secretory functions, flatulence, diarrhea.

The girl is studying medicinal properties of sage

  • Diseases of the nervous system. Sage normalizes its work, helps with panic conditions, improves memory and brain activity in General relieves stress.
  • Diseases of the reproductive system: female infertility, menopause, breast.
  • External damage: purulent wounds, swellings, bruises.
  • Pathology dental: toothache, stomatitis, gingivitis.
  • Other diseases.

How to apply sage: recipes

To the nutrients in the composition of medicinal plants has acquired the highest concentration, created popular recipes. They differ depending on the disease, which will fight the sage. If you are being treated by a doctor in the clinic, the receiving plant must be agreed with the professional. The specialist will determine the required therapeutic dosage of sage to the recovery was faster, if necessary, provide counselling assistance. Traditional recipes, where there is sage, for the treatment of various diseases, read on.

Application for women

  • In gynecology for infertility. A tablespoon of leaves or seeds of the sage and pour boiling water. Warm water bath for ten minutes, not forgetting to stir. Steep the plant is not less than an hour. You need to take: four times before eating, take 50 ml of the decoction, from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. The length of treatment is ten days until you ovulate. Continue to take the decoction of sage, so long as you do not become pregnant. The maximum treatment duration is ninety days. Then need a break for two months.
  • At menopause. Teaspoon leaves of plants pour boiling water, leave for quarter of an hour. Take a Cup of infusion per day divided into three times. Drink the plant for thirty days, then take a break for two weeks. Medicinal sage will help to get rid of sweating associated with menopause, soothe nervous system, improve mood and give courage.

The doctor checks the presence of female diseases

  • In mastitis. Take one part sage leaves, nettle, plantain, two parts wormwood herb. Tablespoon of herb mixture pour two hundred milliliters of boiling water, leave for sixty minutes. Divide the infusion into three doses and drink before meals. The duration of treatment to two months, then a two-week break.
  • During pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant women to take the plant you can not, and during feeding exclusively in cases when need to stop. From lactation, you can drink the herb as tea for about a week. Even a woman can prepare an infusion: pour two tablespoons of the plant a glass of boiling water and then drink during the day. The duration of the course for week two.

When diseases of the throat and cough

  • For a sore throat. Two teaspoons of dried leaves of plants pour a glass of just boiled water, leave for at least an hour. Strain. Add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice. Drink as a tea or gargle this infusion throat.
  • Cough. Mix a quarter Cup of water, 2 tbsp honey, tbsp fresh sage leaves, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all, put on a slow fire, bring to a boil. Immediately remove from heat, leave for ten minutes. Take the syrup by the teaspoon several times a day.

Application in cosmetology

  • Lotion with the plant sage to cleanse the skin. A tablespoon of leaves, covered with boiling water, insist in a thermos night. Add a little vodka when the infusion has cooled. Wipe face decoction of sage morning and evening.
  • Sage to rejuvenate and tighten pores. Two tablespoons of plants pour boiled water, keep for half an hour in a water bath. Strain. To the sage, add a spoonful of honey, a little lemon juice. Make fifteen-minute compress. A decoction of the plant can wipe the face in the evening.

Preparation of sage to cosmetic procedures

  • Sage for dandruff. One hundred grams of the leaves of the plant pour a liter of boiling water, infuse night in a thermos. Rinse after shampooing, let hair dry naturally.

In dentistry

  • For toothache. Mix a tablespoon of oak bark, sage leaves. Pour a mixture of boiling water, let stand for 40-60 minutes. During the day, rinse infusion throat.
  • Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Mix a tablespoon of plants: St. John’s wort, sage, oak bark. The mixture pour 250 ml of boiling water. Let stand an hour, then strain. Rinse day mouth.

Video on the healing properties of herbs sage

Leading the following video, including the invited physicians, experts will in detail tell about how the use of sage impact on human health. Professionals will bypass the side effects that can cause the plant and contraindications for some patients. Sage medicinal properties is able to help many people get rid of various diseases, improve the General condition of the organism, positively affect mood. See an interesting video about what is the healing properties of the medicinal shrub:


  • Pregnancy (any time).
  • Lactation (if not used for weaning).
  • An Allergy to substances in the composition of the plant.
  • High blood pressure.
  • A pathological condition of the thyroid gland.
  • Jade.
  • The tendency of the organism to the formation of cysts.
  • Serious disorders of the nervous system.
  • Myoma of the uterus.

Where to buy and how much it cost

A drug having medicinal properties in dried form you can purchase and on-site pharmacies, and then to make sage leaves tincture, decoction, tea. There are other forms of production plants. This tincture, lozenges for sore throat, tablets, powder for oral administration, ointments with sage extract for external use the essential oil. Before taking these drugs, be sure to read the instructions. The price varies by location and method of production. Where to buy in Moscow:

Address Release form Price, RUB.
Pharmacy, 1st Kvesisskaya street, 18 «Sage Evalar», tablets, 79
«Neofarma», vul. Kosmonavta Volkova, d. 25/2 «Anti-Cept», candy canes 205
«Magic farm», Ryazansky Prospekt, 48 Essential oil Clary sage 163
«Aptekarz», vul. Krasnodar, d. 65/18 The leaves are dry 115
Piluli.EN Sage leaves, dry 50 gr. 55
Evalar.EN Lollipops, 20 pieces 98


Elena, 25 years old Krasnodar:»Saw sage, when it was necessary to stop lactation. The doctor advised me to brew a teaspoon of the plant with boiling water, and after ten minutes drink as a tea. After a few days of the milk decreased significantly. Took the infusion with sage for about a week, then every other day for seven more days. The period of weaning was easy and painless.

Inna, 27 years old, Kazan:»I was advised to wipe the face decoction of sage to improve skin condition. Time to start taking the plants looked awful, the skin is Girnius. Took photos before and after – don’t recognize myself! Now, after a month of using sage’s skin appeared even tone, pores are narrowed, black spots almost no pimples gone in a week».

Oksana, 32 years old Saint-Petersburg:»could not get pregnant. About to try medication, out of the question, I’m all for natural remedies. A good friend recommended the recipe for decoction of sage, it helps to strengthen the walls of the uterus and promotes pregnancy. Began to take course – with the fifth day until ovulation. Two months later, the miracle happened! I advise everyone to this method, only rekomenduetsya with the doctor.»

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