Remove acne on the skin

Acne is the main problem among adolescents and among adults. Some sources say that the acne after reaching 18-21 years are themselves. There is such a view among people who believe that with age, the pimples go away on their own, and to take measures for their elimination are required. Actually it is not so: of course, with age they gradually pass, but in the absence of proper care after they leave traces, get rid of that much harder.

Every day the skin gets a huge amount of bacteria, dust which irritates the skin, sometimes the mud (if you touch your face with unwashed hands). Especially in winter, the noticeable temperature drop, which brings a lot of harm to the skin not only on face but also on other not protected areas of our body; the summer heat is also not good for the skin.

Boys and girls are especially painful to tolerate the factors listed above, they created a huge amount of money to care for the skin. They represent a variety of foams and gels for washing, lotions, creams with various additives. They are aimed at reducing the activity of sebaceous glands and many of them contain active components. They often bring harm to the skin, make it dry, rough, imparts a gray tint that occurs because of impaired circulation.

The modern pace of life of young people can’t find the time to care for their skin and prefer to use the advertised resources, which often have a negative impact on the skin.

Traditional methods to care for skin

Traditional methods and means to care for the skin is often much more useful than what is advertised on television. They have a calming effect on the skin, removing irritation and scraping it is better than many modern drugs. For example, in Bulgaria for the manufacture of remedies for acne used horseradish leaves.

Face wash teenagers you can use a decoction of the leaves of black currant, which is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that have a calming effect. To eliminate pimples and remove irritation from the youth of the skin there are many recommendations, proven over the years.

For example, for washing face in the morning you can use prigotavlivaya for this recipe: one tablespoon of birch buds pour 200 ml of water, brought to boil, heat on low heat for 14-16 minutes, then cooled to room temperature and strain. Before application it is necessary to lie down for a while, dangling my head off the bed, as the increased blood-pressure to-face, when washing will promote the resorption of fat accumulations under the skin.

Also have the effect of aloe Vera juice, but apply the dot, causing the problem areas. Only biostimulirutee aloe leaves, taken from plants no younger than three years, suitable for such procedures. You need to cut off the lower leaves, then rinse in boiled water and allow to dry. In covered container place the sheets in the refrigerator for 12 days, during which time the sheets are formed of the above-mentioned biostimulants. Then you need to squeeze the juice from the leaves in a closed dark glass container and dilute it with alcohol in a ratio of 8:2 respectively.

For best effect one should not use makeup until the inflammation on the skin will not stop. Folk remedies can be used along with current medications, such as cleaning gels. Particularly effective against oily and inflamed skin to help mask svezheproshitogo plantain or chamomile mask, and various poultices. These funds can be used and before bedtime.

If you have vessels are located close to each other, the poultice should not do. Would you prefer mentioned above chamomile mask. A bit hot for this thick pasty decoction of chamomile flowers is applied the presence of insulated top and cover with a cloth and lie with such a mask for 15-20 minutes. When the inflammation ceases, it is necessary to use a nourishing cream, selected, preferably taking into account the characteristics of your skin.

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