How to bleach red and dark spots on elbows

in the photo dark elbowsOur skin, unfortunately, does not always receive due care and care. And if the condition of the face, hands, neck and feet, we watch closely enough, these areas of the body like the elbows and knees remain unattended. But they need careful care, not less, and maybe more. If you suddenly found the black elbows that do not know, do not panic. It’s possible that the problem is resolved within a few weeks.

Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, can cause cracks and dark spots on the elbows. In this case, it is very important to understand for what reason was the skin of the elbows are dark and rough, because the problem may lie not only in cosmetic care, but also in the deeper diseases of the whole organism. In this article we will help you to understand why the skin on elbows is dark and dry, how to remove dark spots on elbows.

Why blacken elbows

If a red or dark skin on the elbows causes should be likely need to look in several directions.

  1. Malfunction of the thyroid gland. This is the most dangerous and serious diagnosis, causing the appearance of dark elbows, rough and coarse skin. It is a violation, but rather a disease called hypothyroidism, can be caused by stress, some medications, poor diet, as a consequence of any chronic disease and with living in areas with bad ecology.
  2. A lack of vitamin A, and Vitamin E. it is responsible for skin pigmentation, its lack can lead to stains. Intake small amounts of vitamins A and E can lead to dryness, peeling skin of the elbows.
  3. If «messing» with antibiotics alone, without physician monitoring, may be disrupted intestinal microflora, which will lead to the cessation of production of vitamin BB.
  4. Another reason why elbows black is an infectious disease of the skin. Including ringworm, scabies, candidiasis, ulcers, fungal infections.
  5. The skin on the elbows in the abdomen and groin may darken the appearance of diabetes.
  6. Appeared dark elbows? The reason may be hiding in the dysfunction of the adrenals (called Addison’s syndrome).
  7. However, it does not always cause the elbows dark spots the reason has to do with diseases. Perhaps you just didn’t give proper skin care, and she suffered a mechanical, the influence of the sun and insufficient moisture.

Red spots on elbows

Noticing red spots on my elbows, the reasons begin to search for an answer to the question «was injured elbows lately?».

  1. Under the injury means not only a bruise or a cut, red bumps on elbows and knees may appear due to the constant friction: the awkward, stiff clothing, the lack of moisture further enhances this effect. If you constantly put your elbows on a hard surface or, for example, wash the floor on my knees, no surprise that they began to appear red elbows photo
  2. If red spots on elbows itchy, it is most likely a symptom of urticaria. The exact factors that caused redness and itching, you’ll call the allergist, but most often it is pollen, grass, animals, certain foods or dust.
  3. Dangerous reason that causes red or gray spots on the elbows, coupled with the peeling is psoriasis. This disease is characterized by thickening of the skin and the appearance of cracks in vulnerable areas. If you don’t get time to treat the psoriasis, it can spread to other parts of the body, including the head.
  4. Polymorphic exudative erythema can be easily confused with the common hives. However, after the first stage on the ground, exposed to the disease, blisters and bubbles. This disease can be due to herpes, but may appear without specific reason. Treatment in this case appoints and supervises an experienced doctor.

Causes of red spots on the elbows or knees, can have wide variation. The exact cause you will be able to call a doctor only after the inspection and necessary tests.

How to bleach elbows

Even if you are sure that cause changes in the color of the elbow, not lies in the profound diseases and vitamin deficiency, such a «decoration» can considerably spoil mood and self esteem.

If you don’t know what to do if your elbows are black and rough, and to fix this problem it is necessary quickly, use one of the following folk remedies:

  • Lemon is a great remedy for whitening. You can smear the skin it is juice or peel.
  • Potatoes – another bleach skin that there in the kitchen each hostess. Make a mask of grated potatoes and a spoon of honey at night and in the morning the effect will be noticeable.
  • The effect of any whitening packs and masks will double if before how to whiten elbows on the arms, to steam the skin and thoroughly RUB it in a gentle scrub. If you do not have at hand the beauty of a scrub, you can again take advantage of the natural: fine-grain salt, honey, sugar, coffee, or soda. After exposure to skin bleach grease it with cream or glycerin.
  • how to bleach dark spots on elbowsWhenever taking a bath or shower and massage the elbows with a soft brush with foam, and a splash of glycerin. This will help to restore the skin on the elbows.
  • Linseed oil can, how to lighten elbows, and moisturize them. Use it as a compress on the elbows for half an hour. Other folk remedies to combat dry skin on the elbows at home see here>>.
  • Can use the bath with 2 table.spoons of baking soda dissolved in 4 cups of warm, slightly hot water. Dip in a solution of the elbows for 10 minutes, rinse with clean water and soften cream or glycerin.
  • If the reason that caused the color change of the elbow and deterioration of the skin at this place, lies in the lack of vitamins, maybe you should take vitamins E, A or B separately. Dosage and necessity of such a step check with your doctor.
  • Creams with whitening effect, also help to get rid of stains.
  • If you do not have time for compresses, masks and baths for elbows, you can devote at least a few minutes of your skin during the shower, massage them with shower gel, you can gently massage your elbows hard sponge. But don’t overdo it so as not to damage the affected skin.
  • Coffee and honey scrub before the shower will get rid of the peeling. After a shower, can lubricate the skin whitening cream or lemon juice and glycerin.
  • If mild peels are not very effective, you can try to grind the cubits wide glass nail file not a rough surface. It is important to do it regularly, otherwise dark skin may return.

With regular combat spots and flaking on the elbows the result will be noticeable within a few weeks! Do not despair, having had such a small drawback. With persistent efforts and regular procedures, you will get rid of spots, of course, only if they are not caused by more serious violations.

Despite the fact that stains and flaking on the elbows are almost invisible to their host, they immediately catch the eye of everyone around. If you have black elbows, how to get rid of them can be exactly solved only after consultation with your doctor. Remember that self-medicate, you risk to worsen the situation and get complications.

Be beautiful and healthy!

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