How to cope with stress

How to cope with stressIn English the word stress means pressure, pressure. According to our psychologists, stress is a reaction to negative life situations. However, positive events can easily cause emotional distress. To cope with the stress quite difficult, so it may take a long period of time. It usually leads to mental disorders and sometimes to serious illness. To avoid this, you should try to cope with the stress of their efforts without losing time, in another case, the stress can escalate into depression. There are several options how to get rid of stress, which will help you in a short line to get to a place of harmony and peace of mind.

How to relieve stress

  • The stress at work. If you feel stress at work, then try the same with it and cope, not shelving them. Try to concentrate only on themselves and their internal state. Breathe slow belly breathing. The body immediately adjust respiratory rhythm, and you will feel like heart will stop beating. At this point, it is very important to think about the situation occurred, which led to stress. When you achieve physical rest, thought themselves to clear up and everything will fall into place.
  • Sometimes to cope with stress on the spot is impossible. And man needs in a relaxed atmosphere where you can relax your thoughts and find the right solution or a way out. Because the stress state was never a helper in the search for reasonable solutions. Go to the place where nobody will disturb you and you will alone come to the correct conclusion. So you will be able to stay calm and balanced state of to get rid of stress
  • If there is always stress on the basis of job conflicts, it’s possible to look for a more quiet work. Not want, appreciate and like my work in spite of all the assaults and accusations of colleagues, then try each day to take a soothing bath with essential oils: lavender, rose, cypress, or Jasmine.
  • It is sometimes useful after stress to throw out the negative, after talking with girlfriend or boyfriend. Once you discuss the situation that has developed, she is not going to look so terrible. Just don’t do it constantly, that you are not accepted for the faint-hearted whiner, subsequently avoiding you at all any communication.
  • At once relieve stress and tension, exercising in the gym or jog in the fresh air among green surroundings. You will notice that gone your rage and anger immediately after a good exercise. A whole bunch of negative emotions will remain somewhere behind.
  • Any stress help is a lifesaver as well. Try every day to take a cool shower, while imagine that the water washes away you all accumulated during the day negative, and it goes down the drain. This seems crazy and is not an effective way of dealing with stress, but he established himself as a win-win.
  • When the stress is life-giving energy, and our energetic fragile shell is thin, and sometimes broken. This often leads to poor health, there is fatigue, weakness, headaches. Try to fill this energy fruit, eat more oranges, apples, pears and grapes. They include solar energy, which helps you to recover energy harmony. Probably many have noticed that under stress want something or chocolate or Apple, is your body to seek himself, to recover losses.
  • Remember that in times of stress you need to listen to yourself and your body will tell you how and what he needs to recover. Everyone, as they say, his own. But in General physiological and biological system is able to recover on their own, only you can help or at least not complicate this process. On let’s to worry about, love yourself and then what you believe will get. Don’t forget that our life is just a game!

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