Why itchy face. The causes of itching

in the photo the face is red and itchySensation when scratched face familiar to many girls. Even worse when it is accompanied by itching of the face with redness, scaling, rash, or different spots. If this condition bothers you on a regular basis, it is best to consult a qualified dermatologist for help, it is not difficult to answer the question, why is the face scratched on the results of the examination or tests (if necessary) and give the right advice. If the itching is extremely rare, you can try to understand the problem yourself, perhaps the reason for discomfort is quite easily solved.

The causes of itching on the face

The condition of the skin generally is a indicator of the proper functioning of internal organs and health in General. So, various unpleasant symptoms and rash it may signal you need to dig into yourself. We offer you a list of the most probable reasons for itchy skin on the face.

  • A very common reason for itchy face and red allergies to food. If you recently indulged ourselves in delicious treats or some new and interesting dishes, it is possible that your skin reacted to the use of unfamiliar products, especially if they are allergic. Usually, after a time the face becomes red, itches and burns. Read more about allergies on the face, see the link /allergiya-na-litse/
  • Reaction to cosmetics. Redness, peeling and itching on the skin may appear after use new, untested, incorrectly selected or poor quality tools to care for the skin, as well as decorative cosmetics. You should sort out your makeup bag, and find the culprit of the appearance of unpleasant blemishes on the face. redness on the face from cosmetics
  • The sensitivity of the skin to extremely high or low temperatures. Many people have a skin hypersensitivity to heat or cold. For example, after a long stay in bath, sauna or just in direct sunlight, flushed face and itchy, there is reason to believe that your skin responds to heat treatments. Also, it is possible, when the itchy red spots on face while on the street in the freezing season or during strong cold wind. Most often, cold Allergy is common in people with low hemoglobin and suffer from gipotireozom.
  • The lack of moisture. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why itchy and scaly skin tightened and felt a very unpleasant tingling cheeks, nose and chin. And the reason may lie in the excessive dryness of the skin, her lack of hydration and nutrition. In this case, the unpleasant symptoms will help to get rid of oily creams or homemade nourishing mask with honey or almond oil. In addition, the need to limit the use of products for the face alcohol-based, because they are even more dry and hurt the skin, thinning the upper protective layer.
  • A side effect of certain drugs. After taking some medicines dramatically change the condition of the skin, edema, flaking, redness and itching of the face. This feature of the drug should be indicated in the instructions for use, if this is caught and you should repeal the medicine and contact the doctor for the selection of the same.

Cause itching of the skin can be covered and in diseases of internal organs or their pathological conditions. Incorrect operation of the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys can lead to other failures in the body. In addition, skin irritation can be associated with cancer, diabetes, blood diseases, when the immune system is very weak, the epidermis also feels bad. For some infectious diseases and fungal infections, itchy skin including on the face is also one of the symptoms, these include measles, folliculitis (a disease associated with inflammation of hair follicles), chickenpox, impetigo (disease occurs because of infection by staphylococci and characterized by the appearance on the skin small vesicular lesions).

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If a person is sick with the jaundice (hepatitis) or have severe liver problems, blood levels of bilirubin are significantly elevated, however, this component can affect the skin through the capillaries, causing irritation. Many patients with this diagnosis complain that the face is swollen, red and itchy, but after a full recovery, this unpleasant symptom completely disappears.

in the photo the face was covered with red spots
Another unpleasant skin disease is the demodectic mange, which is caused by skin lesions, sebaceous glands and hair follicles are microscopic mites. Favorite places of the parasite on the face are the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows, chin. If you notice that unbearably itchy pimples on the face, there is eye fatigue and age, appeared flakes, redness, you should not put off going to the dermatologist, after launching demodectic mange leads to severe irritation and inflammation of the skin, the formation of acne and pimples, hair loss and severe watery eyes.

Sometimes, to determine why itchy pimples on the face, there are various irritation, can sometimes be problematic. After all, to identify some diseases and inflammation, especially in the latent or chronic form, the eye is impossible to study, you may need thorough examination and various laboratory tests.

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Useful advice on what to do to eliminate itching

If red spots on face itch, skin is dry, try to start to normalize your daily lifestyle, namely:

  • eat lots of vitamins, fruits and vegetables;
  • drink plenty of water, and additionally moisturize the skin means;
  • get enough sleep sleep a day must include at least 8 hours;
  • don’t be nervous and don’t expose yourself to stress and emotions;
  • choose only high quality cosmetics for face based on your skin type;
  • screened by a dermatologist every six months to assess the condition of your skin and take advice and do the tests to determine possible allergies;
  • get more fresh air, relax, love yourself and your skin.

If same problem for a long time persists, or progresses to consult a specialist is necessary.

Be beautiful!

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