Causes of rash on buttocks

Rash on buttocksAny skin rashes, including rashes on the buttocks, require immediate visit to the dermatologist to diagnose their causes and treatment. Rashes can be caused by allergic, hormonal or infectious diseases, so it is impossible to ignore them.

Rash considered red spots, pimples, pustules, or other cutaneous manifestations in more than three in number, manifested on the area of five square centimeters.

Now consider in more detail the reasons why a rash can occur on the buttocks.

One of the most common factors is the allergens that enter the body with food, or through touching the skin allergenic substances. Among the food allergens can be treated with products containing pigments such as lycopene (for example, strawberries, red apples and tomatoes), anthocyanins (for example blueberries, plums, beets) or carotene (e.g., carrots, cherry, pumpkin). External stimuli can be chemicals and synthetic clothes. This type of irritation can be eliminated by using antihistamines.

Also provoke the appearance of a rash on the buttocks can long-term use of drugs containing steroids or hormones. Self-medication or changing doses of such drugs could aggravate the situation, so you need to carefully consider the dosage of hormonal drugs, and in case of any disorders you must consult a doctor. The metabolic disorders can also cause irritation in places of the greatest concentration of sebaceous glands and adipose tissue (face, back, chest, thighs and buttocks). In this case, you must balance the meals, and, if necessary, to fight obesity.

Skin acne may indicate the presence in the body of the infection for a long time. For the diagnosis of infectious diseases such need to do a number of tests, including bacterial seeding of intestinal flora and nose.

Also fairly common cause of a rash is skin and venereal diseases. In particular, it could be herpes (or herpes) or fungal infection (e.g. candidiasis). In this case, the rash is accompanied by itching.

In addition, the rash on the buttocks can be the consequence of psoriasis. Usually the rash appears in patches with different shape and size. This disease is often hereditary.

Also, it should be noted that the rash on buttocks can indicate improper lifestyle, excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking. Could it be causing long-term stress or depression, which manifest themselves in psychosomatic level. In this case, you need positive emotions, tranquility and spending time in nature or with family and friends. Also recommended to eat low-calorie foods.

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