Puffiness under eyes cause and treatment

Puffiness under the eyes can appear at all, regardless of age. Thus it makes Your look tired and puts You to any age. Let’s look at the causes of such problem and how it is possible and necessary to fight it.

The main causes of bags under the eyes

Causes of swelling can be varied, but the main reason remains the specificity of the membrane. It can be many people slim and thus show through, creating the unwanted effect. The membrane is also affected by stress, Smoking, poor diet, injuries associated with the eyes, which leads to disruption of blood circulation, aging from ultraviolet rays. All this is a cause for bags under the eyes. From this problem, no one is immune.

However, swelling can be an allergic reaction. For example, You slept under the duvet or on a pillow of fillings from which you have Allergy. In addition, it may be a problem of fatigue and long stay in front of the TV or computer.

Important hormonal changes, including pregnancy, menopause and heredity.

This problem is not less important to reduce consumption of salt, alcohol that can cause dehydration, which leads to swelling. When Your body without water, it tends to absorb the greatest possible amount of liquid. Due to the fact that the area around the eyes is the thinnest, it starts to swell one of the first, when the body is in this state.

In addition, the aging process takes away from our delicate skin elasticity, due to which it becomes flabby and saggy.

How to remove and prevent the appearance of puffiness under the eyes

Strange as it might sound, but the best way to relieve and prevent the appearance of puffiness under the eyes is to start drinking more water. This will allow the body to get rid of excess water that will have a positive impact not only on all Your body, but areas around the eyes. So You can easily begin to use natural duiretic or :

1. Apply under eyes, lower eyelid, every morning, a special cream that easily removes swelling, bruises, moreover it additionally saturate Your delicate skin.

2. 3-4 hours before sleep, drink plenty of fluids. This will reduce the likelihood that you will Wake up with puffiness under the eyes.

3. Sleep on a comfortable pillow. It should slightly raise Your head that will not accumulate excess water in the area around the eyes, at that time, as a low pillow helps fluid retention.

4. Eat less salt and limit alcohol. They are the cause of dehydration, a cat we wrote transport.

5. Follow good sleep.

Natural products for the treatment of swelling under the eyes

Cucumber can relieve swelling. Thanks to the two acids — ascorbic and caffeic, cucumber instantly helps to relieve swelling around the eyes. In addition, vitamin a is also contained in the cucumber, relieves swelling.

Use the ginger. Ginger has long been considered an excellent tool in the fight against edema. Especially if the swelling caused by arthritis. Therefore, gadgets made out of ginger tea , will help get rid of edema.

Pineapple. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which copes with edema, even caused by surgical incisions and injuries. Eat 400 — 500 g pineapple 3 g. per day on an empty stomach.

Turmeric is an excellent diuretic, also easily allows you to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Make a lotion of turmeric by combining the 2 : 1 salt. It is also helpful to add 1 piece of ginger. Turmeric relieves inflammation, pain and swelling in arthritis.

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