Psychological preparation for childbirth

berEach person can use your mind controls your actions. Through consciousness we vozdeistviem for all physiological processes. Including for delivery. Therefore, psychological preparation for childbirth, this is probably the main factor is the readiness of the expectant mother for childbirth. It is very important to properly adjust psychologically for childbirth, so as not to hurt their feelings and panic to the kid. Because he is still in the womb feels and hears, don’t frighten your treasure, try to experience the joy and positive emotions.

Here are some tips that will help you psychologically prepare for childbirth:

  1. To overcome fear of future childbirth, you should undergo training. Approach it responsibly, find real professionals in this business, which enjoyed a good reputation.
  2. Usually, women who have given birth have a fair idea and know what to have a baby. Socialize with these moms, you might want to know that there is nothing wrong in childbirth no. Most importantly, the feeling of happiness when the birth of your baby.
  3. Try to limit your contact with unpleasant and negative people. Otherwise it will put pressure on the psyche, thereby worsening emotional balance.
  4. Most women can’t feel connected with their baby. They think that they’ll make a bad mother, which is absolutely not cope with maternal responsibilities, why, why etc. According to psychologists, this is quite normal, as the psyche is very difficult to rebuild. In this case, chase these thoughts away, realize that it is a natural psychological process, and pretty soon this state will pass.
  5. If you are afraid of heavy labor, or any pathologies, owning for the period of carrying a child, optimistic psychologist. Of course, that’s what happens when you remember stories of difficult births or illness. Your task is to clearly know that this not apply to you. Train convince yourself in it, then your baby will be born healthy.
  6. Remember, pregnancy is not a disease, make this period the most full and positive in your life. More go for walks, listen to good music, draw, sing and smile.
  7. Specialist that will you observe should be pleasant, select in advance the hospital and the doctor, where you will give birth. And the presence at birth of a beloved and dear man, will not allow you to mentally exert yourself. The appearance of the baby is a huge, incomparable happiness. Imagine how you press it to yourself how happy you and your baby. Thoughts, as you know, and all this will happen as you imagined.

See also the article tips for pregnant women, which provides many useful recommendations.

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