Proper face care after 25 years of the Foundation of youth and beauty

While we are young, we live with the idea that beauty is not going anywhere. But, in more Mature years to look for any part of the body should be cared for. Whether it’s hair, figure or face. Special care requires the face, because it is the first thing that you notice when you see us for the first time. Appearance plays a huge role in work and in personal life.

And what would there not talking, still meet on clothes.» So cherish the beauty of the need of youth to older age just to keep the skin in good condition.

Face after 25 years

25 years is too early to talk about aging and deep wrinkles, but the upper layers and the tissue still gradually begin to break down. Now for you it’s not really noticeable, but begin to use specially intended for this age means you need now. Usually such tools are rich in vitamins a, C, E, R and fruit acids. This composition slows down aging. It neutralizes free radicals, thus there is an active production of antioxidants. The result the skin is restored much faster and as a result looks elastic, elastic and tightened, and the complexion is visibly smoother and more beautiful.

Proper face care after 25 years of the Foundation of youth and beauty

Remedies for face care after 25 years

In cosmetic stores presents variety of means to care for skin after 25 years. Each one in its own right. But let’s look at the ideal of looks skin care face.

For starters, the skin needs cleansing. After all, the whole day person is under the influence of various harmful factors, ranging from dust and makeup and ending with weather. Every day you need to use foams and gels for washing, and once a week is desirable to do a cleansing mask for the face.

Mask is better to choose those which in their composition contain natural ingredients. Then your skin will get enough nutrients, which positively affect the skin. Great masks for skin after 25 years those that contain white clay and wheat grass.

Proper face care after 25 years of the Foundation of youth and beauty

After you have cleansed the skin, it is necessary to moisturize the cream with the same effect. Moisturizers support the skin’s natural balance, which is in the body and improve blood circulation on the face.

Another important point is the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. Aging, fading and the emergence of micromolding affect her much earlier. For the skin around the eyes is desirable to use special creams that smooth wrinkles. The texture of these creams is very delicate and lightweight.

Caring for the skin around the eyes, it should also make masks. It is best if you create a» mask with their hands. For example, a mask of curd or honey (1 teaspoon) and vitamin E (a few drops). Another good homemade mask: white of an egg, beat well and mix with a few drops of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of lemon zest. This also add dry oatmeal until the consistency of sour cream. This mask keep on face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.

Face care after 25 years of this morning

When you Wake up to go to the bathroom and wash with cool water. Soap when washing do not use. After cleansing, wipe the skin with cleansing cream.

Before leaving the house, apply any protective cream. When the street is very dry or wind cream needs to be very bold. After cream, apply on face powder to the skin is not shiny. Massagage face along the massage lines. Massage stimulates the metabolism and nutrition of tissues, because you are stimulating the lymphatic and blood vessels of the skin, massage your glands and muscles.

Daily care for your face. First you are going to forget something, not make it, but when you have the action habit, you will notice and be surprised at the result. And your beauty will be preserved for a long time.

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