Probiotics for intestinal list

Sometimes the human body needs help to normalize the function of some systems. There are special preparations for treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis, normalization of its flora – probiotics. Are drugs that contain beneficial micro-organisms, which positively influence on human health.

Probiotics – what it is

External and internal factors affect the GASTROINTESTINAL tract of humans. This system is very important for life, because it is responsible for absorption of nutrients from food, removing harmful elements, cleaning. Bacterial preparations for digestive help to restore GI function, if they have been violated (for example, after taking antibiotics). Doctors often prescribe these medications, so you need to know what probiotics are.

These tools populate the intestine with beneficial bacteria, counteracting the effects of pathogenic (harmful) flora that causes constipation or diarrhea/upset, improve immunity. There are several types of probiotics:

  • kalisoderjasimi;
  • bifidobacteria;
  • lactosidase.

Depending on generation of the drug in the composition can be included aeromacchi, fungal, enterococci. The names sound scary, but the components of the drug do not bear any harm to human. Funds are available in dry and liquid form. Many of the necessary microorganisms are found in everyday food (dairy products, vegetables, fruits), but in some cases requires additional intake of probiotics, for example, when:

  • frequent colds, to strengthen the immune system;
  • irritable bowel syndrome – these drugs improve motor skills, restore the mucous membrane of the intestines;
  • food allergies, bacteria create a protective layer which prevents the penetration of the allergen into the blood;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • a deficiency of vitamins of group In, N or K;
  • during breast feeding probiotics positively affect the health of mom and baby;
  • after taking antibiotics to restore microflora.

Girl holding a pill

Best probiotics for intestinal

These drugs are widely available on the market of medications, so people interested to know about probiotics, what better to take. The variety of choices is complemented by the fact that there are several generations of drugs, which may contain one, two or many components. The best probiotics will be able to choose the doctor, given the nature of the disruption of the intestinal microflora. The best would be the option of medication, which is able to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

Probiotics for kids

Adults take great care to protect your child, so if you need always looking for the best probiotics for children. You need to consider that during breastfeeding, many bifidobacteria and lactobacilli comes along with the milk. They will be a useful material for strengthening the immune system of the child. If the baby is not breastfeeding, it is not receiving part of the necessary microorganisms that can lead to frequent colds, goiter.

Some mixtures that give kids rich in lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, the doctor may advised to add dairy products. When the need arises for a newborn can be additionally prescribed probiotics for intestinal best list of drugs:

  • Normoflorin-B;
  • Narine;
  • Normoflorin-L;
  • Livio Baby (a good option for constipation for the normalization of stool);
  • Linex;
  • Bifiform Baby.

Children older than 3 years are beginning to socialize with other children who attend kindergarten, and therefore are more at risk of infectious diseases. In severe cases can be treated with antibiotics. New child’s psychological, emotional stress can become a trigger for dysbiosis, disorders of stool, loss of appetite, flatulence. For older children who have been prescribed a course of antibiotics, it is important to carry out prevention of dysbiosis. Probiotics are suitable to mitigate the impact of these factors on intestinal flora. It is recommended to take:

  • Hilak Forte.
  • Liveo;
  • Pikovit;
  • Linex.

Hylak Forte drops packing

Probiotics during pregnancy

Beneficial bacteria live in the intestinal mucosa, but also in the woman’s vagina. The main function of these microorganisms is to protect the female body from harmful bacteria, pathogens. Lactobacilli break down milk sugar, synthesize the right environment, bifidobacteria that boost the immune system, absorption of nutrients, improve metabolism.

Pregnancy is undergoing strong changes in the microflora of the vagina. Becomes more eubacteria, cocci, reduced the number of lactobacilli, the change of the medium acidity (it becomes active). All this can lead to the growth of the Candida fungi. To maintain optimal microflora in the early stages and need the best probiotics.

  1. Vasilak. Part of this preparation consists of lactobacilli, which positively affect the microflora of the mucous membrane. Release form – candles, gel, capsule or soap. It is recommended to use the drug during the preparation for childbirth. To pranati probiotic throughout pregnancy.
  2. Lactosan. Is a drug designed specifically for newborns, pregnant women. The composition, according to the list of components includes a combination of microorganisms, which are aimed at strengthening the immune system. Probiotikov medication must be taken in order to normalize the intestinal microflora, prevent the development of allergic reactions.

Cheap probiotics for intestinal

A person can get lost in the wide list of probiotikov drugs with similar names. Some medications from the list have a high cost, others are wary of its low price. Patients also want to purchase effective and cheap probiotics. Affordable medicines from Germany and Russia. Below is a list of the medications that are proven but are low cost:

  1. Drugs of the 1st generation: Bifidobakterin, Laktobakterin (dry), Narine.
  2. 2nd generation: Aubichon, Biosporin, Enteral, Baktisubtil, Sporobacterin.
  3. 3rd generation: Atzilut, Linex, Analogues of Acipol, Bifiform.
  4. 4th generation Bifidumbacterin Forte Probifor, Florin Forte.

The drug Lactobacterin in the vial

How to choose probiotics for intestinal

There are many variants of medicines of this type, people don’t always realize they need probiotics with Lactobacillus or bifidobacteria. The use of the drug is not only in the treatment of dysbacteriosis. In some cases, are prescribed to take these medications to achieve the best results in weight loss due to the normalization of metabolism. The best option may designate a doctor, the medication solved the problem. If you are going to choose from a list of the composition independently, can be guided by the following rules:

  1. Probiotics for intestinal constipation, bacterial infection should be taken with lacto — and bifidobacteria (Linex, Bifidin, Calm).
  2. For the treatment of viral lesions of the intestine is better to stay on probiotikov medicines with Lactobacillus (Primadophilus, Lactobacterin).
  3. Fungal infections of intestines, vagina need bifidobacteria drugs (Bifidumbacterin, Biovestin, Proreform).
  4. Goiter is treated in stages: first take the medication with lactic acid bacteria then bifidus, last – colibacteria.

Pills Linex in the package

The price of probiotics for intestinal

This group of medicines without prescription at the pharmacy, you can order through the Network (to buy in the online shop from the pharmacy). The cost will be lower, so to save you can choose products from the catalog on the website. Price may vary depending on the manufacturer. Below is an indicative cost for the best probiotics to restore your intestinal flora:

  • Bifidumbacterin – price from 70 rubles;
  • The course – price from 90.
  • Narine, capsules – 150 g;
  • Biosporin – 200 p.;
  • ABICOR – from 300 RUB.;
  • Enteral – from 400 rubles.;
  • Bactisubtil – 420 p.;
  • Sporobacterin – 250 g;
  • Bifiter – from 400 rubles.;
  • Linex – 250 p.;
  • Acipol – 250 p.;
  • Allcat – from 330 p.;
  • Probifor – 1400 R.;
  • Bifidumbacterin Forte from 330 p.;
  • Florin Forte – 450 R.

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Natalia, 28 years

The child appeared bowel problems, constantly bubbling in the stomach and had gas. All this he was greatly disturbed, and that the drug, which was recommended by our pediatrician did not help the word «all». My friends in the course of the name Linex. The cost I was disappointed, but very soon the child became easier, the chair was normalized.

Sergey, 35 years

Last winter, became very ill, had to take a huge amount of antibiotics, which was simply to destroy the intestinal flora. I got a very good doctor, who immediately prescribed probiotics. I took Acipol, which perfectly coped with its task: nor gastrointestinal disorders, or problems with a chair.

Vlere, 27 years

I was a bit surprised when in the hospital I was told that with antibiotic treatment, the child needs live bacteria to the intestine. The risk of development of dysbacteriosis was very large, so I got greedy and bought a good probiotic Linex. To take the medication easily, it dissolves in the liquid and give it from the first days of the baby.

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