Where to begin pregnancy planning

how to plan pregnancyThe question of where to start planning a pregnancy a woman probably not quite accurate. Recommendations for preparing to conceive a child must touch both partners. The creation of good conditions for this is usually given for about 3 months. During this period, the couple that is going to have a baby, should reconsider their way of life, to pass the necessary medical examination, choose a time for conception and to proceed with the main action. Read more about how to start planning for the child, see below.

That can affect successful conception?

Besides the obvious diseases pregnancy can affect a number of factors:

  • The age of the woman

The optimum age for pregnancy in women ranges from 18 to 35 years. This is not to say that after 36 years, pregnancy is impossible, however, the ability of reproductive function decline and the risk of having a child with abnormalities, on the contrary, increases.

  • Weight

Excess or insufficient body weight can affect the hormonal girls, which in turn will affect ovulation and conception.

  • Hazardous industry

It is no secret that the work at the enterprise with harmful production factors: chemicals, dust, fumes, radioactive substances, etc. negatively affects the ability to have a child.

  • The use of prescription drugs

Some medications, including lengthy use of oral contraceptives affect a woman’s hormonal system. You need to report them when you visit a gynecologist before you plan pregnancy.

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Healthy lifestyle when planning a pregnancy for men is not as important as for women, but some aspects, such as nutrition and the stronger half of the pair.

The basic principles you are probably already familiar. But if you’ve ignored them when preparing for pregnancy, it becomes of particular importance.

  1. Regular walks in the fresh air. Ideally, if you have an opportunity to visit the forest or other places far from highways, for example, villages.
  2. Strengthening muscles, first, promotes physical fitness of the body to the load, and secondly, will quickly get in shape after the baby is born.
  3. Nutrition when planning a pregnancy it is better to construct in such a way that it minimized the presence of caffeine, alcohol, fried, smoked and overly salty foods and canned foods. Women who are preparing to become future mothers should eat food which has sufficient amount of folic acid, as it is extremely beneficial for pregnancy, and also accumulates in the body.
  4. Discontinuation of oral contraceptives should be built at the rate recommended by the gynecologist. This is one of the basic actions, how to start planning a pregnancy, it is not enough just to abandon contraception. Should take at least a couple, three months to stabilize hormones.

A trip to the doctor

The following paragraph, how to start preparing for pregnancy, for both partners will be the trip to a medical facility. The woman should start with a gynecologist, and the man on the spot. My husband is a very limited number of factors that may be problems with conception, so he had better be tested for pregnancy planning, then to all the attention given to the expectant mother.

So, before the attempt before conception is:

  1. pregnancy planningTo ensure the absence of any disease of internal organs, reproductive tract and other abnormalities.
  2. If the disease is still there, try to cure them. If diseases are chronic in nature, such as diabetes, you should probably change medicines to treat, as directed by your doctor. This is because some drugs have a depressing effect on pregnancy.
  3. To visit the dentist and ophthalmologist. Dental problem is inflammation, which is not completely necessary during pregnancy. But eye abnormalities, for example, myopia may worsen during pregnancy and especially during childbirth. It may make sense to strengthen the eye muscles or to replace natural childbirth caesarean section.
  4. Visit the doctor-genetics, if someone from the couples in the family has any diseases that are transmitted by heredity.
  5. To take the General and biochemical blood analysis both of the future parents.
  6. To do chest x-rays before planning your conception, because when a kid is conceived that this method of research is prohibited.
  7. To be vaccinated against rubella if the woman had this disease in their lifetime. Otherwise, the risk of Contracting rubella while carrying the baby threatens the detection of defects in the unborn child.
  8. To pass a series of tests prescribed by the doctor, and to make some vaccinations (tetanus, hepatitis B, diphtheria, influenza, etc.).
  9. Take prescribed vitamins. Read more about it below.

Vitamins for pregnancy planning for women

If a woman and man who plan to have a natural way of the child living in adverse environmental conditions or continuously exposed to stress, which often happens in our society, is assigned a complex of vitamins. But each vitamin by itself or in combination plays a role, and probably women will be interested to learn themselves, what is their action and not blindly trust the advice of a doctor about what to drink when planning a pregnancy.

  • Vitamin B9

Even if already assigned a complex of vitamins, folic acid (same as vitamin B9) is assigned additionally, because it is necessary to prevent development of abnormalities in the fetus. And since some of these pathologies evolve to the 4th week of pregnancy, it is very important that the moment of conception the organism already had a reserve stock of this valuable vitamin.

  • Vitamin E

This is one of those vitamins for women, during pregnancy which is necessary. Because the deficit reduces the likelihood of successful conception and birth of a healthy child. Normal levels of vitamin E contributes to the maintenance of hemoglobin, the cell renewal, prevent cancers, normal hormonal balance in women. If we talk about men, the lack of vitamin E affects the increase in the level of immature sperm that fail to fertilize. /vitamin-e-pri-beremennosti/

  • Vitamin A

When planning a pregnancy, vitamin a plays a dual role. In normal doses, it is extremely beneficial effect on the body: increases immunity of the respiratory system, protects the skin from hormonal disruptions, promotes deep regeneration of cells, strengthening of the teeth and gums, etc. on the other hand, if you get a «overdose» of vitamin A, there is a risk of birth defects of the fetus. Also, be aware that vitamin a can accumulate in the body, so if you’ve got it large doses, to plan the pregnancy better after 3-6 months.

  • Vitamin C

When planning a pregnancy and in other periods of life ascorbic acid has a positive effect on improving the immune system, neutralize pathogens, toxins and inflammatory foci, strengthens the tissues and stress. All of this will be essential to the pregnant girl. However, it is believed that vitamin C can increase the risk of miscarriage, according to popular recipes, ascorbic acid can even cause menstruation. So if the doctor you are not prescribed additional vitamin C, to use the tongue packs are not worth it. But at the same time we should not avoid citrus and wild rose party, afraid to get the extra dose of vitamin.

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That’s all you need to know when planning a pregnancy to start. Of course, there are numerous nuances and details associated, in particular, individual features of a specific pair of men and women that should be considered when planning for children. But dealing with them under the guidance of a doctor is usually not so difficult.

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Be healthy!

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