Causes and treatment of pimples in hair on head

pimples on head in hairPeople care about the condition of the skin on the face, neck, hands and body, often forgetting about the scalp. But it requires careful maintenance. Therefore, it is not uncommon when there are pimples on head under hair. Although under the hair they will not always be noticeable and will not spoil the appearance, but will bring you a lot of discomfort, such as pain when combing, itching and flaking. This phenomenon can happen to anyone, regardless of age category. It is easy to overcome pimples in hair on the head, treatment should begin with a clarification of the reasons for their occurrence, and the sooner you do, the more chances faster to deal with this problem.

Causes of acne in hair

The list of main reasons which may appear painful pimples on the head of hair.

  1. Obesity, overweight, poor diet. Usually any negative impact on the body has excessive consumption of sweet and fatty foods.pimples in hair on head photo
  2. The non-observance of rules of personal hygiene or wrong maintenance.
  3. The excess sebum. If the sebaceous glands are very active, what stands out the fat and sweat together with the dust clogging the pores and allow the scalp to breathe. It is a favorable sphere for the development of bacteria.
  4. The failure of the thyroid gland. This factor may determine the endocrinologist.
  5. Hormonal imbalance due to the lack of regular sexual life
  6. The transition to adulthood. Teenagers under the age of 13 years are familiar with the problem of excessive oily hair, this is connected, usually with rapid changes in hormone levels. Can appear pimples on the hairline, or the hair pimples on the temples, which likely will be closer to 18 years when it comes to normal hormones.
  7. Nervous tension and stress. In people there is a belief that all the ills of nerves. In part, this is a true statement. Therefore, the situation can worsen if you frequently worry or feel fear.
  8. Sometimes the reason may be the menstrual failure in women and acne on the back in hair.
  9. Bad habits.

So, what are pimples on head hair may appear we have considered, now it is necessary to understand how best to approach the treatment so as not to worsen the condition.

How to treat acne on head in hair

At the first signs of discomfort on the scalp should visit the dermatologist and if necessary to pass the examination, the doctor determined the stage of development of inflammation and individually picked you proper treatment. After received advice and recommendation of a specialist, you should eliminate painful pimples on the head of hair.

What you should know, getting rid of pesky pimples.

For a start, it should be noted that no rash, and especially purulent pimples in hair on head, do not push, pick or RUB, it can not only worsen the condition, but there is a risk of contamination of various infections and the appearance of new lesions.

The old proven method is taking a bath with sea salt. It can be purchased at the pharmacy and at the grocery store, it has a drying effect and reduces itching. At such regular water procedures, the condition may improve in 2-3 weeks.

There are modern effective drugs that will help you in the fight for clean scalp. For example, ointments and creams with antibacterial effect. To apply them follows strictly following the instructions, after washing and drying the head, it will be good to use them at night.

In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe you to drink a course of antibiotics. Take this seriously, to prevent recurrence.

Treatment of acne on the scalp

We should not forget about traditional recipes, time-tested. They may be the only and true Savior. Here are some recipes.

  1. in the photo pimples in baby's hairDandelion roots have to be boiled for half an hour. Then this broth take half a Cup morning and evening.
  2. Mix a Cup of water and 1/2 Apple cider vinegar. Rinse the head to the prepared solution. After 10 minutes, again rinse the hair clean with cool water.
  3. Add to shampoo the oil of tea tree, it will alleviate itching and reduce inflammation of the skin.
  4. Dries pimples by rubbing them with alcohol or vodka, but you should not use this method if the acne on the neck under the hair, For this purpose, suitable dagarna soap. Sometimes you can replace the shampoo.

In order to prevent the appearance of unwanted rashes, follow your body from the inside, to observe good personal hygiene, temper and strengthen your immune system. And you’ll always be beautiful, healthy and in a good mood!

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