Pills for kids for motion sickness in transport

Why guys often do not tolerate the trip? The cause of MS lies in the inconsistency of work of the organs of vision and the vestibular system of the growing organism. With the rapid movement, sudden braking or pitching on the waves the brain makes many contradictory signals that irritates the body’s equilibrium and causes this condition.

How are pills for nausea and motion sickness

The Drug Dramina

The objective of these funds is to effectively eliminate the unpleasant symptoms that develop when you move the transport. A very popular use of these drugs in children, although some adults often feel unpleasant moments during trips. Depending on the group used medicine, pills for motion sickness:

  • moderately affect the Central nervous system, causing a calming effect on the baby;
  • provide antiemetic effect;
  • improve metabolism and blood supply of the brain.

Effective for motion sickness in transport

Before purchasing such tools that you want to take to the road, carefully read the instructions to the drug. So you can be sure that the medicine is suitable for age your kid, and also that it will eliminate the symptoms that often occur in your child on long journeys. Here is a sample list of drugs from which you can choose your desired tool.

The name of the pills Brief characteristics
Dramina These tablets for kids from motion sickness used very often because they have a pronounced sedative (calming) effect and practically do not produce side effects. Can be used for kids older than 2 years.
Phenibut The drug affects the nervous system of the child, including the prevention of motion sickness. You cannot apply this remedy to children under 8 years.
Bonine Action similar to pills Dramina, has a strong antiemetic effect. You can apply for children aged 12 years.
Have benedryl Anti-emetic, suitable for treatment of children older than 3 years.
Kokoulin Well eliminates the nausea that occurs in motion sickness, without drowsiness. These tablets can be used from the age of 3 years.
Vertigoheel A homeopathic remedy well eliminate the symptoms of seasickness: nausea, vomiting, dizziness. The capsules this medication can be given to kids.
Air-Sea Another homeopathic medicine that copes with motion sickness, increasing the resistance of the vestibular apparatus to the effects of different speeds and motion vectors. Can be used to relieve symptoms from the age of 6 years.
Aminalon It is a stimulating tool, which improves the dynamics of nervous processes of the brain, can be applied for children from 5 years of age.

Which pills is better for the children

Tool Dramina

If your child has often identified the symptoms of kinetosis, don’t go on a long journey without special tools in a travel kit. If you ignore this advice, that the baby could be a fascinating journey, will be very unpleasant memory for him and for parents. What means from motion sickness for kids useful on the road? The choice of medications will depend on what means of transportation the child will travel.

On the plane

Airline flights, especially if it is for the first time can cause a lot of excitement in children. If baby cradles, previously taken some dramamine on the plane will help him to feel good during the passage of aircraft in turbulence. With this purpose often use the following seasickness medication:

  • Air-Sea – have a positive impact on the vestibular apparatus;
  • Bonine, Phenibut – affect the body by its calming effect on the nervous system;
  • Have benedryl – prevents the gag reflex.

In the car

Even if you are going on a long trip with children in your car, do not ignore the advice to take medicine for motion sickness. These funds will help young organisms to handle the change of speeds, possible shock and rapid change of the picture behind the Windows around. In this journey, your companions can be Dramina tablets, Phenibut, Bonine, Aminalon, Cinegrill. These drugs will have a sedative effect on the Central nervous system and will help to overcome the gag reflex.

On the ship

The Drug Air-Sea

The negative impact of trips on human health was first seen in the swaying of the ship on the waves, so came the name «sea-sickness». Because of the frequency of occurrence of kinetosis during the voyage, buy tablets for kids from motion sickness before such travel is one of the essential points of preparation for the road. While traveling across the sea used such drugs:

  • Air-Sea, Aminalon will help a child’s brain to adapt to the fast changes in the direction of motion when dusting;
  • Vertigoheel, Cinegrill after their use decreases the likelihood of urge to vomit.

In the bus


Tablets for kids from motion sickness will help with the moving bus, because the driver must follow the route and very often to stay can not. Well suited for application in this case, the same drugs and driving: Dramina, Phenibut, Bonine, Aminalon, Cinegrill. With their help, you will notify the sick child, and they will provide a slight calming effect. Well proven during long bus trips and such homeopathic powder (to help adaptation of the vestibular apparatus) and Vertigoheel.

Video: child gets carsick what to do


Masha, 25 years:I like a lot of kids tips Dr. Komarovsky, including what tools to give to kids if they ukazyvayutsya. I have two sons, ages 5 and 3 years. Before the road (in the summer go to the cottage, almost half an hour) to properly feed them – abundant and low-fat food. With him in the car to take mints and tea with ginger root, and a trip under control!

Olga, 32 years:I was «lucky»: I did not develop motion sickness, so this issue is very close to me. Early to cope with nausea in the road, took the pills Aeron, and now switched to the patch against sickness Ekstraplast. It’s easy to use, kids before long trips too, paste it behind the ears. Really like that it is not necessary to take pills.

Alexander, 38 years:my Son was 6 years old when my wife and the whole family decided to go to warmer climes on vacation. It was necessary to drive, to fly, so give Denis all right drug Dramina for prevention. Nausea small on the road was not, but complained that the head is really spinning. Well, that all happened, the day the son was again restless.

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