Phenazepam indications

In accordance with the instructions to the drug «Phenazepam», it has on the human body, antianxiety, tranquilizing effect, and the degree of exposure to the drug several times higher than other existing analogs. Welcome «Phenazepam», in addition, it has anxiolytic effect, which is manifested in the weakening of a panic condition, reduced emotional tension, anxiety and anxiety in a patient. Reviews indicate that the drug has no such side effects as hallucinations or acute delusional state of the patient.

Release form of the drug

«Fenazepam» release in the form of tablets and solution for injection. One tablet contains 2.5 mg, 1 mg or 0.5 mg of phenazepam (active substance). One pack contains fifty tablets. The solution of the preparation is produced in ampoules of glass, each with a volume of 1 ml of the Stack may contain 100, 50 or 10 glass vials of different concentrations: three percent or the 0.1% solution.

Indications «Phenazepam»

According to the instructions, the drug applicable for psychotic, neurotic, psychopathic States. Often phenazepam has indications of this kind: cenesta-hypochondriacal disorders, psychosis. The drug and its analogues are prescribed for the treatment of alcoholism, insomnia, and substance abuse. Testimonials prove the positive effect of the drug in epileptic seizures. Doctors prescribe «Fenazepam» to relieve emotional stress and prevent fear. This drug is an effective anticonvulsant.

Application instructions

To avoid development of addiction in the treatment of «Phenazepam», the course duration should not exceed two weeks. When the patient’s condition, doctors prescribe more prolonged use of the drug, the maximum period of treatment is two months. If it was decided to cancel the drug, the dose is gradually reduced. According to the instructions, «Fenazepam» can be applied intravenously, intramuscularly or orally.


Tablets Fenazepam have indications of this kind: sleep disorders, neurotic and psychotic attacks. Insomnia is assigned to a medication in a daily dose of 250-500 mg. Tablets need to drink half an hour before bedtime. During therapy psychopathic and neurotic conditions, apply the initial dose is one milligrams 2-3 times a day. During treatment, the dosage is often increased to 4-6 mg if there is a positive change. Patients with epilepsy Phenazepam is recommended to adopt daily from 2 to 10 mg.

Tablets Fenazepam


Injection «Phenazepam» is used to suppress agitation, in a state of fear or anxiety, with autonomic seizures, psychosomatic States. The initial dose of solution is 1 mg, and when expressed as fear, agitation, and fear starting the daily rate of the drug is 3 mg., the dose is continually increased until you reach a therapeutic effect. The maximum allowable daily quantity «Phenazepam» equal to 9 mg.

Ampoules with a solution of Phenazepam


As with any medication, «Phenazepam» there are a number of contraindications. To respect them and not to take pills or injections should be carried out strictly, otherwise it is likely to cause great harm to the body. The drug should not be applied in the following cases:

  • Coma.
  • Lactation or pregnancy.
  • Disease glaucoma or a predisposition to it.
  • A state of shock, severe depression with suicide attempts.
  • Individual sensitivity to its ingredients.
  • Chronic severe lung disease.
  • The age of 18.
  • Poisoning hypnotic drugs or alcohol.
  • Myasthenia gravis.

Overdose and side effects

During ingestion, the patient may receive an overdose. In these cases, a decrease in reflex activity, there comes drowsiness, ataxia, nystagmus, tremor, dysarthria long. Some patients experience shortness of breath, bradycardia. Rare cases indicate the occurrence of coma and significant decrease in blood pressure. If the symptoms of the patient talking about a possible overdose of Phenazepam, you need to repay the attack of activated charcoal and to go to the hospital, where the patient will make gastric lavage.

Possible adverse reactions after treatment:

  • Associated with CNS side effects: drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, disorientation, chronic fatigue, impairment of concentration, ataxia, confusion, headache, memory problems, feelings of euphoria, depression, asthenia.
  • Digestive system: heartburn, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation or diarrhea, jaundice, disorders of the liver, nausea.
  • Hematopoietic system: anemia, neutropenia, blood clots, leukopenia.
  • Sexual organs: increased or decreased libido, teratogenicity during pregnancy.
  • Allergic reactions: itching, skin rashes.
  • Other side effects: blurred vision, addiction, sudden weight loss, addiction, withdrawal syndrome, tachycardia.

Interaction with other drugs

It is worth considering that the simultaneous use of Phenazepam with other pharmaceuticals which inhibit the function of the nervous system (neuroleptics, sedative, anticonvulsant), increasing their effect on the body and this may worsen the patient’s condition. The following are the possible consequences and side reactions from the use of «Phenazepam» in combination with other drugs.

  • Use with Levodopa in patients with Parkinson reduced effect from those drugs.
  • Administration of inhibitors of microsomal oxidation or «Zidovudine» – increases the risk of toxic reactions «Phenazepam».
  • Reception with «Imipramine» in the patient’s blood increases the concentration of this drug.
  • Reception «Clozapinum» – a frequent consequence is respiratory depression.
  • With antihypertensive drugs increased antihypertensive effect.

Storage conditions

Storage «Phenazepam», like any other drugs, shall be based on the components included in its composition. So, the tranquilizer in tablet form should be stored away from direct sunlight, dry place inaccessible to children. Optimal temperature is considered to be 15-25 degrees. Ampoules with a solution stored in a dark, cool place such as a closet. The shelf life of pharmaceutical products (in the form of tablets and solution) is two years.


1 ml solution for injection contains 1 mg of active substance, phenazepam. Excipients of the drug to purified glycerin, tween 80, distilled water, sodium hydroxide disodium disulfite sodium, polyvinylpyrrolidone low molecular weight. The cardboard box contains ten vials with a solution for intramuscular or intravenous injection. The liquid is colorless or slaveocracy.

One tablet contains 2.5 mg, 1 mg or 0.5 mg of active substance, phenazepam. Auxiliary substances are potato starch, lactose, povidone, calcium stearate, talc. Depending on the dosage of phenazepam, a number of auxiliary substances can be increased. Tablets have a flat rectangular shape with a facet and valium, white painted. Sold in cartons and plastic jars of 50, 25, 10 pieces.

Pills Phenazepam

The cost

«Phenazepam IC» is sold in pharmacies by prescription, and the cost of the drug differs depending on the method of production (ampoules with a solution, tablet), the amount of drug in the packaging and pricing policy of each specific pharmacy. In Moscow, on average, tablets «Phenazepam» sold at a price of 80 to 165 rubles, the solution in the ampoule can cost anywhere from 160 to 200 rubles.

The reviews about the drug

Lisa, 38 years old, Moscow:

I was on the pill «Fenazepam» for about a year, the drug helped me a lot. Previously had frequent panic attacks, scared of every rustle. When I started the treatment condition improved, felt appropriate person, even managed to get a job. However, to abandon the drug is almost impossible – the longer you take, the more you become addicted and no longer able to cope with those situations which previously coped without him. It is probably the only tablet that is fully calm, but the payback for this effect is high.

Michael, 44 years old, Ryazan:

I was given a pill of «Phenazepam» in a private clinic, other doctors didn’t recommend it because the probability of addiction, and later of dependence. I got tablets Fenazepam, indications learned and tried to take the minimal dose tracking their condition. The second week began dizziness, nausea, so the course had to retire early.

Maria, 58 years old, Rostov-na-Donu:

I’m 50 years old stand on the account in the mental hospital, several years ago the doctors prescribed me a course of treatment with Phenazepam». The pills lasted 3 weeks then I had to go to the hospital not a few days to go through rehabilitation to relieve the dependence. Such courses were held 3-4 times a year, the positive effect was only during the use of pills, then irrational fear and insomnia returned again.

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