How occur monthly during menopause

period during menopauseEvery woman at a certain stage of life going through significant hormonal changes, talking about reducing the level of sex hormones and fertility. That is approaching menopause, a period which is dreaded by many women. Periods during menopause in women, usually do not stop very sharply, most likely periodic allocation reminiscent of the unbalanced mechanism.

Menopause is quite complex and unique for each woman, and to understand its features for a long time. In this article we will see how gets their period at menopause, due to fluctuations in the cycle, and when completely stopped periodic spotting.

Menstruation during menopause

If throughout adult life critical days, you have always stepped in time, and the cycle was stable, then monthly during menopause are becoming increasingly irregular and unpredictable. As climatic period includes 3 stages:

  • — Premenopausal women, in this period, the female body begins to prepare for the upcoming hormonal changes. This stage can last up to six years, at this time, the woman notices the first changes in her normal cycle, also changes the intensity and duration of bleeding.
  • Menopause is the second climatic stage when the ovaries almost do not produce female hormones. In the clinical sense, periodic selection in menopausal period completely stopped, in other words, this period is associated with a complete absence of independent monthly. When women find out how long menopausal period, it is a term for the lack of natural bleeding.
  • The menopause begins 12 months after the cessation of the menstrual cycle and last period. This time period lasts from one to two years, this period ends hormonal sabotage, the ovaries already produce hormones, and the body begins to adapt to its current state.

To sum up the above, as you approach menopause, all women menstruation come unstable, and eventually does expire. This is a normal physiological process, and that’s what should happen with the onset of climate age. How are period before menopause, also depends on the individual woman, however, if there are any changes, for example, volume, texture or duration of intermittent bleeding, consult a gynecologist, as menopausal syndrome can be confused with other serious female diseases, such as tumors.

Monthly and the climax-or should I worry?

Bleeding during menopause should at least alert the woman, and strongly recommended in the near future to schedule an appointment with the doctor to facilitate diagnosis. The doctor will recommend the following methods:

  • inspection and palpation of the chair;
  • organov ultrasound of the small pelvis;
  • procedures to assess the condition of the endometrium.

The reasons may experience irregular bleeding during the period of flowering, are quite diverse, there are several of them:

  • Inflammation of the vagina may cause minor lung bleeding. Since in this period the walls of the vagina dry and thinned, the woman may experience itching and burning, also there is a risk of damaging the tissue of the female organ during sexual intercourse.
  • Polyps or benign growths in the uterus or the endometrium can trigger recurrent and quite severe bleeding, especially immediately after sexual intimacy.
  • Uterine myoma is a benign tumor of a type that is caused by the muscular activity of the main sexual organ and the woman with the endocrine changes occurring in the body. These processes may lead to strong and abundant blood discharge.
  • The increased vulnerability of the endometrium, and also its thinning in the period of age-related rearrangements sometimes cause damage to blood vessels in the mucosa, hence the emergence of bleeding, which can be quite intense.
  • Poor hygiene or damage to the urogenital canal can cause irritation and bleeding, which greatly frightened the woman.
  • The development of cancer. We can not exclude the fact that menstruation at menopause may indicate cervical cancer or endometrial.

Bleeding in women who have reached menopausal age may also occur due to natural causes, but the observation of the expert is highly important, as if the blood from the genitals is the result of disease, effectiveness of treatment will depend in part on the early detection of the disease.

Long periods during menopause

To define normal menstruation from pathological conditions in the eligibility period can be very difficult, since irregular periods and long periods before menopause, a phenomenon quite common and is associated usually with hormonal imbalances.

Unfortunately, often women hope to go and wait out long periods during menopause, what to do — this is our destiny. However, any any deviations and violations, we need the support and expert advice.

How many days you can go monthly at menopause, the question doctors often ask women, on the grounds that menstruation was not the same as before. A definite answer to this question is no, it all depends on the individual, but if the bleeding continues for more than a week, with a sufficiently large intensity of the flow, the woman observed weakness, fainting, pallor, nausea, is a serious cause for alarm. Large blood loss can cause serious injury, and postponing the visit to the doctor in a drawer, it is possible to achieve degradation, which in the future require hospital treatment. During the consultation with the doctor, he will suggest you ways on how to stop heavy periods during menopause, with hemostatic drugs.

Therefore, a long period before menopause is not a rare phenomenon, but requires more careful attention. If in doubt, ask a qualified professional.

As month end at menopause?

For those who have to go through all the stages of menopause always wonder when to expect the onset of menopause, and how are periods during menopause forever. How long will women in the premenopausal and extinction of the female function, knows no one, even the most experienced gynecologist, because each lady is unique. One thing is for sure that the lengthening of the intervals between menstruation, the first signs of menopause. First, the cycle becomes longer for a week, then a month, and so on. The discharge becomes scanty, and then completely disappear.

It’s not uncommon for women to seek advice on how you can delay the menopause, and how to return periods in early menopause. Also return the normal functioning of the ovaries is recommended for women who have fell early menopause. So to call a month in menopause possible with the help of the following tools:

  • hormonal medication with estrogen;
  • vitamins, stimulating the function of the ovaries;
  • homeopathic and herbal preparations.

The main objective of all women in climatic period, together with your doctor to determine the best option and duration of the therapy needed, whether recovery of the reproductive system or mitigate and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Take care of yourself and meet new life-stage with joy!

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