The reasons why periods come early

month ahead of timeMany women are wondering whether to start period early? Menstruation is a normal physiological process that is accompanied by bleeding in a certain period of time. Ideal is a cycle, when there is a period of 28-35 days from the first day of menstruation until the first day following. By how promptly and regularly come monthly, it is possible to judge the proper working of the female body. However, regular delay or early start, can indicate any changes or deviations. But panic, if I got my period early by 10 days, a week or two? This is an individual peculiarity or a signal of the beginning of the disease or inflammation? Why did my period start early, find out in this article.

Causes premature menstruation

The bleeding before menstruation than you expected is not always a pathology. Maybe it’s just your physiological characteristic. But if the situation is repeated from time to time, and your menstrual cycle is 20 days, gynecologists call this phenomenon polimenorea, which may encounter young girls who cycle in which at the stage of formation, as well as women after the age of 30 years. When a stable cycle abruptly changes, we can talk about a possible female trouble. Consider some of the most likely reasons why period went early.

  1. Stress, anxiety and prolonged stress can trigger a late period. It is easy to explain. One of the functions of the Central nervous system to regulate the proper function of blood vessels. Ponervničav, Central nervous system fails, which in turn can lead to the expansion or spasm of the blood vessels, and as a consequence, the early rejection of the endometrium and the occurrence of unscheduled bleeding.
  2. The hereditary factor also plays a big role in shaping the cycle. If such problems were observed your mother or grandmother, it is possible that a similar situation will be repeated to you.
  3. The change of domicile, sharp change of climatic conditions. This can sometimes be the result of a failure in the autonomic nervous system, which coordinates many of the internal organs, including the uterus. So while on vacation, far from home do not be surprised why your period came 2 weeks earlier, I probably reacted to your body on the Cote d’azur and hot climate.
  4. Hormonal disturbances. More common hyperestrogenia is a significant hormone estrogen, usually accompanied by luteal insufficiency, the result can be disappointing — the constant violation of the cycle, lack of ovulation, the inability to conceive a child. Less common are cases where long time affects the body progesterone, can sometimes be the result of early menstruation.
  5. Pregnancy. As strange for someone as it sounds, but after the egg is fertilized and the embryo is fixed in the uterus, you may experience intermittent bleeding. Read more in the article «Why are monthly during pregnancy.»
  6. Abortion, miscarriage, usage of medical means for pregnancy termination. These factors result in massive hormonal changes, which leads to unexpected consequences. In the same category, why my period came a week ahead of time or more, include the disruption or displacement of the IUD, this fact is more mechanical in nature.
  7. Inflammatory processes in the reproductive system. Bleeding in mid-cycle are not always the critical days, it might be a manifestation of some pathological processes and diseases of the genital organs of a woman. These include: endometriosis, ovarian cancer, cancer of the cervix and the uterus itself, uterine fibroids, hypoplasia, adenomyosis and other. These diseases can cause monthly go 2 times a month.
  8. A sexually transmitted disease. Bacteria, which affected the internal sex organs may be responsible for the beginning of inflammatory processes. Most often this problem can be encountered after unprotected sex with untested partner. If my period was early 5 days or more, in addition there is a strange pain in the lower abdomen, groin, appeared itching and other unpleasant symptoms, you need to visit a doctor for tests.
  9. Poor nutrition (obesity or exhausting diets), the bad habit, the high physical exertion.

Many women begin to worry, when menstruation appears not «on schedule.» But before you sound the alarm, try to analyze the possible reasons why my period went for 2 weeks before. If lately you have been through a lot or was under stress (depression), such a circumstance is the place to be. Also you should focus your attention on your everyday lifestyle, excessive stress at work or overwork can affect the cycle and it is not surprising that my period was early 5 days or 7, because the female body is very sensitive to psycho — emotional component.

If the situation is not unique, the loop is not restored from time to time, and you do not know the reasons why my period came early a week or even more, need to be mandatory to make an appointment to the gynecologist and to hand over analyses, including on hormones. Finding out the cause early on, you reduce the risk of various infectious diseases and inflammation that may threaten the woman with infertility.

Take care of yourself, be healthy!

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